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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The USA put the bailout deal “a corrupt swamp”

The promised tranche of the US $ 1 billion, Ukraine will receive only after the formation of the new Cabinet, announced Barack Obama Petro Poroshenko in Washington. On the eve of the meeting, the American press has already nicknamed Ukraine’s “corrupt swamp” that must stop “throwing” money in the absence of effective reforms. Similarly, the US could force Kiev to fulfill the conditions of the “Minsk-2”, has commented the official representative of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova.

“Obama has confirmed a willingness to provide Kiev third tranche of credit guarantees in the amount of 1 billion US dollars on completion of the process of government formation in Ukraine. Here is the answer to the question about when will be implemented the Minsk agreement. Then, when Washington will begin to link the issuance of billions of dollars of tranches with the performance by Kiev of its obligations under this document,” – said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on the result of the voyage of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Washington.

“What says trump: give Ukraine to Europe is an option, to which more will be bow down to Washington”

Note that when in November last year the US promised Ukraine a billion to allocate this tranche, any conditions to Kiev was not raised. Now, after another conversation Vice President Joe Biden with a “ward” Poroshenko, the transfer of money resulted from Kyiv demanded to end the long-running “series” with the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the formation of a new government, willing to work with the International monetary Fund.

Revealing the purpose for which it was planned to allocate the third tranche, is the fight against corruption. However, along with the visit Poroshenko in Washington, The New York Times published an article, which explicitly States: Poroshenko is not able to fight corruption in the country.

Maidan “the swamp” not an obstacle

“Poroshenko is himself a product of the old system, his hands are occupied by separatists in the East and continued political chaos in Kiev. In these circumstances, Poroshenko, apparently, accepted the corruption as the price for the extra space,” – said the publication. It reminded that corruption is widely spread in Ukraine since independence in 1991 due to weak judicial system and the close connections between politicians and oligarchs. And the last “Maidan” coup in the highest echelons of power did not bring any changes in this area, emphasizes the American edition. Meanwhile, the IMF and donor countries, including the United States, can no longer continue to “throw” money in “corrupt swamp” in the absence of effective reforms, warned The New York Times.

“The New York Times called Ukraine a “corrupt swamp”. Remember Chukovsky: “Oh, and difficult this work – from a bog to drag a hippopotamus!” – wrote Friday in his Twitter head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov.

Interestingly, the Ukrainian media, quoting New York Times, “turned” harsh criticism from the American edition almost a compliment. In the statement of the UNIAN reports, the headline was: “The New York Times: Poroshenko will have to openly choose a new Prosecutor General, aimed at deep reform.” Similarly, in the statement of Barack Obama the focus was solely on the promise to finally give the third installment, and not on the demand to finally create a capable Executive.

Organic defect

“It’s obvious – no one except Washington, upon which depends the payment of the money, will not be able to induce Kyiv to any change,” in an interview with the newspaper OPINION commented on the statement by Maria Zakharova, political scientist, editor of the portal Terra America Boris Mezhuev. “Another thing, is it possible for any changes. I think there is some organic defect in the existing Kyiv authorities”, – he added.

According to Mezhuev, in Washington, in particular, will take into account data from Forbes, yesterday released a fresh “top ten” of the Ukrainian oligarchs. From the publication that President Poroshenko has increased his personal wealth at $ 100 million. This is despite the fact that Ukraine de facto – the country is bankrupt, teetering on the verge of default (the state external debt at end-2015 increased to a historical high of 43 billion dollars).

“Ultimately what Donald trump says: throw Ukraine to Europe, give it the “Normandy four” (and including Russia), may they understand, is the one to which more and more will be bow down to Washington – said the’. – Statements of trump meet a harsh rebuke, but he says what many think. I believe that the us administration is unlikely to have any real plans to transform Ukraine into something more or less competent”. According to the interlocutor, the only thing that could raise and mobilize Ukraine is a real war with Russia, but the price, as suggested by the ‘ not ready to pay neither Barack Obama nor any of his possible successors.

Not Caesar

As Ukrainian oligarchs reach Ukraine In Ukraine, in fact, has not developed a national consensus – which can serve as complete dependence of the authorities from the interests of local oligarchs, said Mezhuev. “Deoligarchization of the Ukrainian economy, like what happened in Russia is the only tool for moving toward a real political stabilization. Otherwise, the extraction of private interest from public policy becomes unmanaged in nature, – said the expert. – It’s not just the political system (which is probably even optimal for Ukraine), but the fact that the economic interests behind political forces make it impossible for any political reform”.

By the way, according to the analyst, “could be the emergence of Staritskogo mode, similar to what exists in some of the Eurasian States of the mode with a strong political leader.” “This option could arrange any external force, concerned that the money invested in the country, did not disappear, says the’. – But this requires a strong figure, even at the level of Leonid Kuchma, not to mention the figure of Alexander Lukashenko. Need moderator interests, which equally would have listened to all the political players”. However, Poroshenko does not meet these requirements, the expert notes.

“Another option is completely dependent on external capital and external influences, the discovery of the country; what was the name of the Russian ultracapacity like Yegor Gaidar,” says the’. But, he notes, in Ukraine and strong shapes of this kind. “Earlier, said the former head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko about how direct American protégé. Last year, judging from articles in the American press, it was assigned the constant hope, but now he had disappeared – and this kind of “dictatorship of the SBU” unlikely,” says the’.

Failed “Wonderland”

The main result of the visit Poroshenko in Washington – rather, the evaluation policy of the American administration towards Ukraine, said in comments the newspaper VIEW political scientist and Director of the Center of political marketing Vasily Stoyakin.

“Even with a completely unrealistic level of external control the Americans failed to carry out the tasks they set for themselves in Ukraine. As I understand it, there was a conventionally positive scenario for Ukraine, involving turning it into a copy of the “Georgian miracle” during the reign there of Mikhail Saakashvili,” says the source. According to Stoyakin, political and economic model “of Ukraine after the Maidan” was planned to present Ukraine and Belarus as a positive example. However, notes the source, in Washington misjudged and what happened in Georgia – and all the flaws built Saakashvili models appeared in Ukraine in an inflated form (considering the time difference of Ukraine and Georgia).

According to Stoyakin, a statement by the American media corrupt Kiev regime – “this is not a claim, and the signal” – if Kiev will not behave entirely predictably, the American curators can play the card of corruption, for the effective pressure and “bring to justice those” who are now in power.

“The current government formed by Americans, based on U.S. political interests, and of what was available. Of course, some overestimation occurred, but it is unlikely Washington hoped that these people will be substantially different than expected, – said Vasily Stoyakin. Though for me the behavior of Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko was largely unexpected. Under the previous government they behaved more sanity”.

Americans use corruption to political pressure, in order to obtain a certain result, re-said Stoyakin. However, he believes, it is not necessarily about designing “showcase of democracy” for post-Soviet space. “The second strategy for American policy – “strategy of scorched earth,” – said Stoyakin. Is, in particular, direct text stems from a recent interview Barack Obama edition of the Atlantic, where he actually outright says that Ukraine is a priority area of Russia’s interests, while for the United States Ukraine no does not matter”. The Americans are still trying to control, you receive the idea of creating an “agricultural superpower,” says Stoyakin.

“To understand – if now the population of Ukraine has 40 million people, an agricultural superpower can support 10 million, therefore 30 million people have somewhere to be disposed of”, – the expert believes.


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