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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Markin explained why in the media “heroes brawlers or louts”

TFR spokesman, posted a column at home, in the “Evening Chelyabinsk”. His countrymen Markin explained that the West has already unleashed against Russia information war, but deliberately did not respond to provocations, enabling “outright scoundrels sitting and shitting in our information space”. All this, in his opinion, it was necessary to develop the young generation “immune to mental infections”.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

Vladimir Markin

In essence the performance of Markina is the address to inhabitants of regions, which, as he suggests, puzzled, “looking at the TV screen: why and what for showing all this to us? Why Frank Russophobes marching in the streets of Moscow, and in heroes media go glamorous brawlers or just louts… who else, but not people of high culture and true professionals? And most importantly — does Russia have a “cunning plan”, which takes into account these oddities?”

His answer is: “this plan really is… All the details are not yet known to us, but in some part I had to participate.”

“After the collapse and failure of the 90s, many wondered why it happened? How managed all of us to break, to plant and throw? Maybe because in the Soviet school, the press, the films selected books everything was too sterile? All the examples or positive, or the other way round. And when, thanks to the success of the MIC we removed the external threat and the condition of the besieged fortress, opened to the world, then this window immediately poured streams of yellow press, manipulation, temptations, mental infections, weakened the overall a healthy body” – analyzes the author.

And comes to the conclusion that it had to accept because “In the world of advertising oligopoly dictates the TV set formats. And without advertising, only for budget money the country has failed to develop this tool of influence”.

But the situation is much played into the hands of those who have decided to start informojn against Russia. “…one of the main tasks of information war against Russia is the same as in the days of perestroika: I want to weaken us, and for this purpose to sow discord, to the inhabitants of the region believed that in the capital bossed Russophobes and loafers, and the youth of the capital to impose this fashion.”

But this, according to Markin, no way: “In fact and in Moscow, too, for the most part are run by immigrants from all Russian regions, as my colleagues and I, or our children. And we all suffer not because of the dollar exchange rate to travel abroad, and for the stability of the ruble for economic development of the country, including their homeland, for the fate of his countrymen”.

That is, to chance the situation, according to Markin, was not fired. But, on the contrary, “grant eaters” and “Russophobia” is deliberately lured into a trap, allowing “to mourn for “the sacred victim” Nemtsov” or to stand up for “psychopathic killer” Savchenko, showing a “Nazi”.

“No shame for the eaters it can’t, it’s their bread and butter within the Western information war in the former Ukraine. But by supporting each of them “had painted himself in the colors” brown. To pretend that defending “rights and freedoms”, did not come out. “Freedom killers” is quite another story, not a liberal, a Nazi,” he writes.

Now, according to the representative of the RCDS, you can “put a barrier” and “tighten the screws”, to “prohibit outright scoundrels sitting and shitting in our information space. But it is more important that everyone, the younger generation also has some kind of immunity. Moreover, this mental infection has already weakened us strictly according to Plan.”

However, radical measures, such as Markin thinks, no longer needed: “the Most important Mystery of our Plan, why no enemies will never defeat us, is the inability to infect our people dislike to people, to neighbours, to foment war psychosis or nationalist frenzy. Even if not I hope that informojn we will respond symmetrically, we’ll start to lie and manipulate, to be rude, to degrade,” he said.

These revelations of Vladimir Markin, where incidentally, he did not hesitate in expressions, referring to the Western politicians, representatives of the opposition and some media, many caused bewilderment. Even more questions appeared when in the middle of the day column has disappeared from the website of “Evening Chelyabinsk”. However, after some time she was recovered, and the author himself in his Twitter commented on the incident: “What harsh Chelyabinsk guys who passed the test of a meteorite, some kind of abstract pressure… in the Article “RF” in its proper place”.

The fact that this column has not at some other day, namely the first of April, perhaps explains a lot. In any case, telling so much about a “Secret plan”, Markin at the end of his letter writes: “And another about the Plan. Only culturally underdeveloped people, as Kiev sacalici or their “brothers in mind”, you can assume that all is always to blame Putin or his “cunning plan”. Actually it is something else — the thousand-year Secret Plan, which is otherwise called the Fate of Russia”.

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