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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bosko Obradovic, Every win Russia gives us hope

“The majority of the Serbian people against NATO, and the power is more and more is bringing the country to this Alliance of villains and criminals,” – said the newspaper VIEW Bosko Obradovic, co – Chairman of party “the Doors”, organized in Belgrade rally against cooperation with NATO. According to Obradovic, Moscow should not trust in this question the current Serbian authorities.

For a long time in Russia it was believed that good relations with countries such as Serbia and Montenegro, predetermined by history itself. Why work with political and social forces in these countries was conducted almost as a residual, and the desire of Belgrade and Podgorica to join the EU, Moscow looked favorably.

“Cruelty is necessary when the people are rioting, and when the people doesn’t speak the necessary softness. Today in Serbia the people are mainly silent”

Woke up in Moscow quite late – when Montenegro declared about the imminent NATO membership, which, according to analysts, will turn this country in another regional area of global confrontation between Russia and NATO. Worse, talk of NATO membership appeared in Serbia that were previously considered simply unthinkable. In parallel, the European Union, and the United States have strengthened the final policy to oust Russia from the Balkans. But the unprecedented pressure they exerted on Belgrade was reflected in several statements of the Serbian leadership, which could be considered anti-Russian.

Given that the authorities in Serbia are now people who previously were unambiguously attributed to anti-NATO, and Pro-Patriotic forces, such tendencies could not fail to affect the internal political situation in the country began to appear new anti-Western and Pro-Russian forces are disappointed in the “conciliatory policy” of the Serbian leadership. One of these new parties – “Door” – a day organized in Belgrade rally against integration into NATO and pledged in the coalition with the Democratic party of ex-Premier Vojislav Kostunica to compete for the second place in upcoming April 24 elections to the Assembly (Parliament).

Why “Doors” do not trust the authorities of Serbia, on the prospects of the struggle with the country’s integration into NATO and whether Belgrade could eventually join the sanctions against Russia, the newspaper LOOK told the party’s co-Bosko Obradovic.

OPINION: What, according to you, the number of participants of rally in Belgrade? What other political parties andpublic movements, in addition to “Doors”, have supported this rally? Amtsya now negotiations on a broader political coalition against the integration of Serbia into NATO?

Co-Chairman of the party “Door” Bosko Obradovic (photo: from personal archive)

Bosko Obradovic: In the latest protest rally was attended by several thousand people. Protest against NATO, in addition to the party “Door”, was supported by the Democratic party of Serbia. But I think to broaden the coalition against NATO will be easier after the upcoming parliamentary elections than it is now, when the election campaign.

OPINION: At the time of the meeting almost coincided with the pronouncement of the verdict against former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic. As ins do you assess the reaction of the Serbian society for this event?

B. O.: since protivogistaminnoe Brussels agreement of 2013 (about “normalization” of relations between Belgrade and Pristina – approx. OPINION) the media in Serbia daily use the tactics of silence. Serbian press reports on other, more important topics, thus distracting the attention of the public. This was repeated and now. The vast majority of the Serbian people in Republika Srpska and in Serbia proper sentence Radovan Karadzic considers purely political and unjust, made for the purpose of additional pressure on the Serbian people in the Balkans. But you cannot be surprised and the fact that the Serbian people in large numbers came on streets and protested. In our history, remember the thought of Prince Milos Obrenovic that the cruelty is necessary when the people are rioting, and when the people doesn’t speak the necessary softness. Today in Serbia the people are mostly silent.

OPINION: Mogut whether the protests against NATO influence on the number of voters in the elections and thus ensureü more votes to the parties, active vibrationaoshima the cooperation of Serbia with NATO and especially to join it?

B. O.: the Subject of rapprochement with NATO and possible membership in this bloc, of course, very important, but it does not significantly affect the number voting in elections. Need to consider broader aspects of election issues and to find answers to the many questions that worry and torment the citizens of Serbia. In addition, I believe that the protests against NATO cannot be used in the election campaign, because this reduces the possibility of political consensus of several political organizations in Serbia. However, “Door” supported the recent protest, because we are categorically against cooperation with NATO.

OPINION: what issues are most relevant? What “Door” you go on elections?

B. O.: Social and economic policy, new jobs and work for our citizens, the revival of the domestic industry and economy, the solution to the problems of citizens who have loans with high interest rates, family policy support for families and childbearing, foreign policy aimed at rapprochement with Russia and strengthening cooperation in the sphere of economy and security. All these are the issues motivating citizens to vote.

OPINION: whethers bring the most, in your opinion, credible sociological forecasts on the resultsof the tats Iing election, onincluding and results “Theher”?

B. O.: Under existing unequal conditions of access to the media of the Serbian progressive party (SNS) would receive less than 40%. Socialist party of Serbia (SPS) and the coalition “Door” – the Democratic party of Serbia (DSS) are fighting for second place. The radicals and the Democratic party (DS) will enter the Parliament, and all the rest of the party will not enter. But an equal position in the media rating of the SNA would have quickly dropped below 30%.

OPINION: Some time ago, you expressed your readiness to collect 100 thousand signatures for carrying out in Serbia for a national referendum on the issue of cooperation with NATO. As ins evaluate prospectss of this project?

B. O.: unfortunately, the referendum in Serbia are rare. The last time a referendum was conducted in the country in 2006, when we confirmed the Constitution. In my opinion, they should be conducted more often, because the referendum is one of the most important characteristics of a democratic society. If there was a referendum on the Brussels agreement and possible accession to NATO, then I’m sure the citizens would have voted against. It is because referendums are not held for the authority and its employees from the West are afraid of this truth and the will of the citizens of Serbia.

OPINION: Whatyou think about the consequences already held the extension of NATO’s relations with Montenegro, which is expected soon will make Podgorica a full member of the Alliance? Sudoes exist in this country political forcesstos ready to resist the current course of the government?

B. O.: Yes, in Montenegro there are political movements and organizations that oppose cooperation with NATO. It is primarily the political parties centred around the Democratic front, one of the leaders of which is Andrija Mandic. Against this cooperation and the majority of the people of Montenegro. There similar to our situation in Serbia: the majority of the people against NATO, and the power is more and more is bringing the country to this Alliance of villains and criminals.

OPINION: the Current authorities in Serbia have repeatedly claimed that the country will never join SanctiYam imposed against Russia. Is it possible, in your opinionYu, to believe such claims, especially if after the election the current configuration of power does not change?

B. O.: I’m afraid not. It seems to me that if the government does not change, she will have to solve two tasks. First, the imposition of sanctions against Russia and further approximation to Euro-Atlantic coalition (EU – NATO). And secondly, securing a two-thirds majority votes in Parliament to change the Constitution. This task put them to Brussels and Washington, and I think they go in this direction. Of course, the “Door” oppose such a policy.

OPINION: NaskolKo in the upcoming elections in Serbia will be important topics related to Russia, including the fight against ISIS, the anti-Russian sanctions and the conflict with Turkey?

B. O.: These themes are, albeit indirectly, would have a positive impact on tired and disillusioned citizens of Serbia who for the last twenty-five years tried to save his people and the foundations of the Orthodox civilization in the territory of the Balkans. Every victory of Russia in the Crimea, Syria, Turkey or in any other corner of the world – gives us hope that our great brothers now not so far and not as weak as in 1999, when NATO’s 78 days of bombing Serbia, and help from no one.

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