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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ufologists found on Mars big fish

Looking through the images of the surface of the red planet taken by the Curiosity Rover, ufologist Scott Waring saw an unusual shape, resembling the fossilized remains of ancient fish. Anyway, myself Waring claims that the photo you can see the tail and fins of Martian inhabitant.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The self-proclaimed expert in the field of extraterrestrial life published made the observation in his blog. He States that the size of the fish has reached half a meter. The ufologist recalls NASA scientists dubbed version of that in the past on Mars there were oceans, much like earth. “This is a petrified fish can serve as proof of that,” notes Waring.

Interestingly, astronomers specializing in the study of Mars, really believe that the oceans on the red planet, and recently experts found there the clearest river channel found to date. However, the probability that the Martian ocean was inhabited by fish, tends to zero — for example, according to a recent study conducted by experts at the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA, the water evaporated too fast from the planet in order to come in for even the simplest life forms.

Discovery by Scott Waring — not the first “aquamaniles”, discovered on the red planet for the last time. Earlier this month, other ufologists told that the Martian pictures they saw a skull of a tyrannosaur. And in January in the Internet appeared the information about a giant gorilla and camel on this planet. However, in all these cases, serious experts did not deign sensational news comments, and even ordinary Internet users, the majority agreed in opinion that actually finds represent nothing more than unusual stones.

The phenomenon behind the majority of such discoveries, is called “pareidolia” is an illusion that causes people to see familiar images in a mysterious and unusual shapes.

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