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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Fund ISAPI and MSU was awarded the prize “the Legacy of Russian thought” in the name.

In the MSU hosted the ceremony of awarding five Russian philosophers prize named after Nikolai Berdyaev. This award is intended for promoters of the ideas of Russian thinkers-conservatives. “Respect my past and respect for tradition is the only thing that can move forward the reform”, – said at the ceremony, one of the members of the jury, the political scientist Vyacheslav Nikonov.

On Wednesday, the Foundation Institute of socio-economic and political studies (ISAPI) and MSU presented the award “the Legacy of Russian thought. N. And. Berdyaev”. The winners by the end of 2015 were the authors of the studies carried out in sociology, political Sciences and Humanities, heritage and development of ideas of Russian philosophers. The ceremony was held in the Shuvalov building of MSU.

“Conservatism emphasizes such important human qualities as dignity, faith, honor, loyalty, truth has always been strong our country is.

The other five scholars have been awarded the prize and two representatives of the faculty of Philology of Moscow state University, both doctors of philosophy: the first at the ceremony was named Professor, head of chair of history of Russian philosophy Mikhail Maslin – General for the published version of the encyclopedia “Russian philosophy. Encyclopedia”.

It was she who devoted her speech at the awards ceremony one of the members of the jury, Dean of the faculty of public administration of Moscow state University, head of the Duma Committee on education Vyacheslav Nikonov.

“The collection, which is presented here, this anthology of conservative thought… Honestly, I didn’t think conservative thought will go so far. Because the first piece in the anthology is “the sermon on law and grace” by Metropolitan Hilarion, are well known. I really didn’t think that it can be viewed in the context of conservative thought, although, of course, conservatism is respect for tradition, and tradition is what was put in Russian literature, Russian philosophy, from the early works of Russian literature, of which unfortunately we know very little,” said Nikonov from the podium.

“As a historian I can tell you that, maybe a tenth of a percent of old Russian literature has reached us and we really don’t know the formation, which was the basis of the pre-Mongol culture. We know only fragments, and these fragments testify to great civilization, which rose and then a great country. Our country”, – said the speaker.

“I am sure that Russian conservatism is not only a good past and good future. We, after many perturbations has reached certain heights, not the shining. But, anyway, you already have something to preserve. There is an understanding that respect for its past and respect for tradition is the only thing that can move forward the reforms and that conservatism is not the enemy of liberty, not an enemy of justice and opposite. And he emphasizes such important human qualities as dignity, faith, honor, loyalty, truth has always been strong, our country, and I am sure, will be always strong”, – said Nikonov.

Biography of Archimandrite – “for a mass audience”

The second winner was Professor Vasily Vanchugov – for already published book “the First historian of Russian philosophy. Archimandrite Gabriel and his time”.

Attending the ceremony writer, chief editor of the website “Russian idea” Kirill Benediktov noted that the development of conservative thought – the case itself is a slow process, however, over the past year, conservatism continued to grow, and bagaevskaya the award notes his achievements.

“In particular, one of the achievements is the book of Vasily Vanchugov on the Archimandrite Gabriel, the first historian of Russian philosophy, – he said the newspaper VIEW. – This is a really monumental work, which not only contains an extensive factual material, but in addition also very well written. It is interesting to read even for a mass audience. Reads like a historical novel. It is possible to allocate and the second book of Andrew Tesla, more academically written, but too monumental”.

The third representative of the MSU were much younger assistant at Department of history of socio-political doctrines, political science Department, candidate of political Sciences Andrey Gorokhov – protected the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of political Sciences “Conservatism in Russia and the formation of conservative values in the Russian socio-political thought of the first half of the nineteenth century.”

In addition to the three Muscovites, the award was received and Anton Chemakin, who graduated from graduate school at the Department of Russian history, faculty of social Sciences, Herzen state pedagogical University. A. I. Herzen (St.-Petersburg), prepared for publication a monograph “Russian national Democrats in the first quarter of the XX century: structural, leaders, ideology”.

“Arranger” Slavophile heritage

Another winner was a young Professor of philosophy and Culturology, Pacific state University (Khabarovsk, Russia) Andrey Teslya – published book “the Last of the “fathers”: a biography of Ivan Aksakov”.

The book is biographical, but primarily aimed at understanding one of the leaders of the Slavophiles of the 19th-century writer Ivan Aksakov in the context of his time, explained the newspaper VIEW.

“On the one hand, the scale of the figure Aksakov recognized, on the other hand works about him in the biographical plan, not so much, but over the past decade has accumulated a new material that allows a new perspective to look at it. In addition, there is growing interest in the late Slavophiles. Traditionally that is written in the first plan were the classics: Khomyakov, Kireyevsky, Konstantin Leont’ev. The impression arose that their departure, in the early 60-ies of the history of Slavophilism and ends. But the figure Aksakov argues that Slavophilism has continued to grow”, – said Andrey Teslya.

“First of all, I wanted to show that Ivan Sergeyevich Aksakov is not only a “repeater”, not only the Keeper of the heritage. He was actively trying to continue the Slavophil legacy, tried to respond to evolving challenges. He deliberately held back his own role. The Keeper is the one who decides what to keep and what not to keep, something to remember in the moment, and that relegated to the background. Accordingly, his role in this arrangement, if anything, the Slavophile heritage. He defined the appearance of Slavophilism, in many ways, is the one that becomes memorable for us” – summed up the young scientist.

Conservative wave – from the sea and from the sea

As you know, the award “the Legacy of Russian thought. N. And. Berdyaev” was established in 2014 in honor of the 140th anniversary from the birthday of philosopher and writer Nicholas Berdyaev. It is designed to promote the ideological heritage of Russian thinkers-conservatives among modern Russian and Western society, initiate further discussion on the issues of modern philosophy and to encourage the conduct of modern research on the political thought and philosophy.

Its first winners of a year ago, became the authors of books about Russian thinkers of the 19th century, about the education system in Imperial Russia, as well as researchers of Western Russophobia of the same period.

In the first year of establishment of the premium, the Fund conducted “berdyanskie reading”. First held in Moscow in may 14 and has since become a permanent platform for discussions about modern philosophy and values aspects of world politics.

Second readings began in August of the same year in the Crimea. According to the newspaper VIEW, the participants discussed the problems of the heritage of Russian conservative thought, the trend in Russians ‘ return to traditional values, the ideological Foundation of the new “Putin majority”, the growth of conservative sentiment in Russia and the world, the prospects of a conservative worldview as the mobilization potential in Russian politics.

The second phase of the same readings took place a month later in Moscow. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund, ISAPI, member of Public chamber Dmitry Badovsky noted that reading become a tradition. In the first readings of ISAPI released two volumes of notebooks on conservatism, which included a number of particularly significant reports.

Bugaevskii third readings were held in April in Kaliningrad. Its participants – Russian and Western philosophers have confirmed that Russia is becoming the informal leader of a conservative Europe.

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