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Friday, February 16, 2018

Scientists measured the temperature of super-earths

NASA researchers published in the scientific journal Nature report that communicate the results of observations of the planet Cancer 55 e. In it scientists tried to investigate in detail atmospheric phenomena on the surface of an unusual celestial body that will help to understand what may be the number of planets suitable for life.

55 Cancer e revolves around the star, which is at a distance of 40 light years from Earth. The amount exceeds the earth’s about two times, and the weight is about eight Earth masses. It is located close to its sun, making one year on 55 Cancer e is 18 hours.

“In fact, planets like this are not found anywhere else”, — quotes the Los Angeles Times the words of study co-author Stephen Kane, of the University of San Francisco.
Scientists observed the planet using the infrared telescope Spitzer about 75 hours during the month. 55 Cancer e is removed from its star almost two million kilometers, and the star rotates synchronously, meaning that the same side of the planet always facing its sun.

The researchers identified a single region in one of the pixels of the image, and used the obtained data to avoid possible mistakes, according to the newspaper.
“It’s not an easy measurement. It was conducted several times to verify that the received data correspond to reality”, — told the LA Times study co-author, astronomer Jessica Scream.

The temperature on the selected portion of the planet was 2426,85 º, which is not much less than the surface temperature of the star itself. On the other side the temperature was almost twice less. Previously, scientists believed that the heat from the Sunny side and will be distributed to the “dark side”. Astronomers believe that such a large difference in temperature can provide sources of volcanic activity on the Sunny side of Cancer 55 E.

“The most interesting here is the fact that we cannot understand exactly how these processes happen,” added Creek.

Mystery, astronomers reported the newspaper, can be solved when will be completed the construction and launch of the NASA James Webb telescope. While astrophysicists can only make theories, concludes the LA Times.

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