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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Kolomoisky is forced to close a propaganda mouthpiece of Ukraine

Owned by Kolomoisky of Ukraine Today TV channel, conceived as a counterweight to Russia Today to influence the Western audience, was closed. The reason for the liquidation of the project, it seems, were financial problems Kolomoisky and hopelessly low ratings of the channel, worked in the style of “poor, stupid and cheap” propaganda.

From 1 April, the international service of TV channel Ukraine Today (Ukraine today) will cease broadcasting and will focus on support and development of the site, warned Tuesday the General producer Tetiana pushnova

“True English audience in old Europe in a chair, turns on the TV or YouTube, and show him girls who are jumping in embroidered shirts and wreaths”

“During work on the project, we very well understand your target audience, its tastes and sources of information. It is clear to us that the Internet is now the priority and more effective, this is where we will continue to work on existing projects and will be implementing new” – quoted by UNIAN Pushnova.

“The launch of the channel Ukraine Today has a social component. We understood the need to support the state in the most difficult period for him – aggression neighbor, especially when there was no state of the channel that could take on this function, – said General Director of “1+1 media” Alexander Tkachenko. – Today we are convinced that the channel has completed its mission. Began working public broadcaster, and we are ready to help him and support”.

How reminds RIA of “news Ukraine”, the international news channel Ukraine Today lights including the events in the East of Ukraine and is included into the group “1+1 media” oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. He began satellite broadcasting in August 2014. The channel became the world’s first resource of the English language, in which the focus was on the events in Ukraine and in Central Europe. The main task for Ukraine Today is believed “to convey the position of our country to the international community, as well as to unite the liberal-minded circles of the former Soviet Union”.

“Squeezed” the money is in the Ferroalloy business”

According to experts, “Ukraine today” essentially closed the London court, in which Igor Kolomoysky recently lost a very important battle.

“I understand that he wanted to compete with Russia Today, but he’s in serious financial problems, – said the newspaper LOOK Director of the Kiev center for political studies and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky. In particular, Kolomoisky lost court Pinchuk, which he now has, as far as we know, from 600 to 800 million dollars. I think this is the main reason. Although he is an oligarch, and its assets will be in the amount of more expensive, but free these he had no money. He therefore constrained the ability to Finance non-core assets. This, incidentally, will impact on its ability to Fund political activities. As for the channel, then God himself commanded him to come and say to the government: well, like, Finance on themselves. However, the details of his conversation with Yatsenyuk not known to me”.

Recall that the Ukrainian businessmen Igor Kolomoisky and Victor Pinchuk entered into a settlement agreement as recorded by the judge of the London court of arbitration, reported in the October edition of “mirror of the week. Ukraine”. “Kolomoysky pledged to give Pinchuk part of the money, “clamped” them in General Ferroalloy business. The conditions of the settlement agreement and even the very fact of its conclusion the parties were not disclosed,” – said the publication.

Political projects Kolomoisky also experiencing difficulties. As he wrote in November to the newspaper VIEW, Gennady Korban, one of the closest associates Kolomoisky, was re-arrested a few minutes after his release after his first arrest. It now appears that he will be released and be arrested regularly. Corban leads party DILL, which has a reputation as a political project Kolomoisky.

Pogrebinsky thinks that financing of the TV channel somehow Kolomoisky helped to improve its reputation within the country after resigning as Governor last year. “For those who are a fan of the “ideals of Maidan”, it is still a figure of importance to the revolution, the man who has done a lot to intimidate Dnipropetrovsk frames that could be some opposition to the course of the Maidan. For these people it is still if not a hero, the ally, and they to him, grateful. Those who did not support Maidan, and it’s about half the population, believe it is simply criminal”, – said Pogrebinsky.

“Today” is closed and “tomorrow” has not come yet

The state broadcaster, which says General Director of “1+1 media” Alexander Tkachenko, is a channel with a similar name Tomorrow Ukraine (“Ukraine tomorrow”), which, however, broadcasts only in the Network.

As the newspaper VIEW, in may 2014, the national security Council and defense of Ukraine took the initiative of creating a TV channel designed for an audience of other States. In the beginning of last year created a Ministry of information policy, dubbed by journalists the “Ministry of truth” – by analogy with the novel of George Orwell’s “1984”. On a new Ministry tasked with shaping the image of Ukraine and “prevent external influences on internal information space of the country.” It was headed by Yuriy stets.

A year ago the government decided to transfer the TV channel BTB from the National Bank to the Ministry for creation on its basis of Ukraine Tomorrow. Kiev hopes that the channel will also be a “counterweight” to Russia Today and other Russian channels. On October 1, the program TSN announced the release of Ukraine Tomorrow on the air, but that still is broadcasting in the Network. On the channel, where 250 journalists, allocated 40 million hryvnia from the budget, which amounts to 0.04 percent of the budget of the whole country.

In December, the Verkhovna Rada and the President Petro Poroshenko approved the law “On the establishment of a system of international service of Ukraine”, which envisages the creation of a channel. Poroshenko said that he will help the country to survive “in the conditions of hybrid war”. Ukraine Tomorrow, according to his editors will be “Ukrainian Euronews”, prophetic in a neutral manner. Stets already predicted channel million viewers.

“I remember how it all started, as did the stories that Europe will be watching us, – said the newspaper VIEW Ukrainian media expert Anatoly Shary. – Moreover, not enough brains even to call it something else and not forge under the “Russia today”. I now look at it and think: so perish the ideas in a big way. They are aggressively pouring their propaganda in the hope that such consumer goods in the West will be watching. In Ukraine it rolls, in Ukraine, for example, the TV channel “1+1″, TSN program are for people with IQ level of minus three laminates. In the Studio appeared leading in clothing with tridents, were aggressive. Thought that can someone in the West to catch. Within a month it became clear that their rating is not specified”.

“In the EU, where I live now, nobody cares. Here, of course, sold packages Russian channels, and there is, of course, all the major Ukrainian television channels, but this “Ukrain today” no. Hotels in old Europe reigns everywhere “zrada” (betrayal) – and everywhere there are “Russia today” and “Russia 24″, but there is no Ukrainian channel you will find”, said the media expert.

As expressed by Shary, products channel Kolomoisky – “this poor, cheap and stupid”. “As they imagined it? Sits English-speaking audience in old Europe in a chair, turns on the TV or YouTube, and show him girls who are jumping in embroidered shirts and wreaths. Insanity and nonsense. I think no one was looking, except the head. So that all ended naturally. Now the information Minister stets talks about “Ukraine tomorrow”, but I’m sure they will suffer the same fate,” predicts Shari.

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