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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Scientists have uncovered the secret to a perfect shopping experience

The study, which was attended by over 700 people, enabled the group of American psychologists to answer the question how to make shopping more efficient and delivers less of a concern. Specialists, including, found, as to the quality of the shopping experience affects pre-compilation of a shopping list, and when you purchase goods what kind of person often faces difficulties.

photo: morguefile.com

In the center of attention of researchers was the episodes when buyers forget to purchase some of the goods with intent to buy that they were heading to the store. Such, according to psychologists, occurs very often — in particular, buying gifts for the holidays, many people forget to buy them batteries, wrapping paper or card, even if initially it was planned.

In the first part of the study the volunteers were asked to buy some products, and some people asked psychologists to become more common for U.S. goods (e.g. apples), while the other more “exotic” (for example, coconuts). As it turned out, people more often forget about the more unusual purchases. The researchers do not see anything surprising — the memory is designed so that more common concepts prove it better.

However, the second experiment showed that it is impossible to share purchases on “catchy” and “memorable hard” more carefully to remember the second. When customers asked for during the shopping to make a ten-minute break to read, they usually forget some of the goods, and to predict in advance that they will forget the people could not.

Analyzing the results, the psychologists concluded that people often overestimate the capabilities of your own memory. According to scientists, only half of buyers (at least in the US) before going to the store is a list, although in varying degrees, to practice like, according to the results of the study should be for everyone, experts say.

Experts have published their work in the scientific publication Journal of Consumer Psychology.

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