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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Scientists saw in the old Testament names the secret of longevity

Black Americans with traditional African-American names (e.g., Elijah or Moses) to live on average one year longer than the other. Popular modern names (such as Jamal or Lakisha) lead to discrimination. This is the conclusion of researchers from the U.S., examined three million death certificates issued from 1802 to 1970. Their research they presented in the journal Explorations in Economic History, and briefly about the study reported in a press release of the University of Michigan.

Having considered an array of death certificates issued in four States (Alabama, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina), scientists have deduced specific to black names. This is primarily a biblical anthroponyms Abe (Abraham), and Elijah (Elijah), Moses (Moses), Isaiah, Israel (Israel), and king, Prince and Freeman (“free”). It was found that the carriers of these names live on average a year more than other African-American males regardless of education level, family type and employment.

Scientists explain this phenomenon biblical origin of names and their connotations of power and authority. Probably ot anthroponyms was respected by teachers, preachers and other persons in authority positions that helped their bearers to establish valuable connections within their community.

Strong social ties in General contribute to a more healthy and safe life, the researchers note. “Imagine a Sunday school class in a small room. The teachers there, I think, implicitly high expectations for students with such characteristic names. And it gave them a status to which they otherwise would not be able to count on,” says co-author Lisa cook (Lisa D. Cook).

Previously, researchers from the UK and USA found that trendy names (e.g., Tremayne or Tanisha) discriminate against blacks when hiring, when submitting grant applications and the choice of the supervisor. It is associated with prejudice against the poor and alien to the establishment persons, and discrimination in Britain is first class, and in the USA on racial grounds.

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