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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Named the main reason of aging and seven ways to slow it down

If the person looks younger than their years, this does not mean that his biological age is less. It is not excluded that quite the opposite: youthful-looking person on the inside can prove to be a real man.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Jeanne Calment

Or this: some people smoke and drink, but live a long time, while others lead a healthy lifestyle, don’t allow myself anything extra, but fade away in the Prime of life. Many scientists engaged in studies of centenarians, notes that almost all of them were bad habits.

— Unfortunately, even Jeanne calment, who holds the record for longevity — died at 122 years, only quit Smoking at 117 years old. However, who knows what would have happened if she never smoked? If she would have lived to one hundred and thirty? says Professor of the University named after Martin Luther, Andreas SIMM.

And yet between biological age and healthy lifestyle there is a direct link. It was shown in a study Mr. Simma, which in recent years is busy studying one of the markers of aging. He believes that biological age can be managed, and tried to assure in this browser “MK”.

Professor SIMM, today many scientists study biomarkers of aging, which can determine the biological age of a person. To begin, explain that this is all about?

Everyone knows about the existence of markers, which can determine certain diseases such as cancer. But there are markers that indicate age-related changes and the functional state of the human body. Thus the data indicate age rather than date of birth.

The full range of such parameters has not been determined. And universal biomarker does not exist, since ageing is a complex biological process. But today scientists have identified many candidates for the role of biomarker of aging. For example, the growth hormone, the length of cell telomeres, accumulation of free radicals, glycation of proteins.

Today it is obvious that, using a system of biomarkers that can be targeted to reduce biological age.

— You are learning the token associated with glicirama proteins. What are its prospects?

It is known that the older a person becomes, the more it hurts. There are many age-related diseases: cancer, cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s, etc.

A lot of scientific data shows that the trigger of all these diseases is the glycation of proteins of the organism — that is, the connection of glucose molecules with proteins. During aging accumulate in tissues advanced glycation end products, called AGE. They are formed in cells during age-related diseases and even diabetes. However they enter the body and some foods: fried, baked, smoked, sweet, flour.

It is proved that AGE damage cells in various ways. In the end, they blame the emergence of many diseases: cataracts, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s disease…

The higher the AGE levels in the body, the higher the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Our research has shown that patients with a large number of glycosylated proteins do not tolerate surgery and with difficulty restored. AGE is a constant, this amino acid is found in all organs: heart, liver, brain, etc. And it is easily measured in a sample of skin. On this marker today, we calculated the biological age of a person.

— What determines the level of this marker?

— 15-20% from genetics. Someone with aging AGE is accumulated earlier, someone later. But 80% of its level depends on the lifestyle.

In the labs we investigated the contribution of AGE to the development of pathological States of the person, and the relationship between this marker and the way of life. First of all AGE is accumulated not only in patients but also in healthy but aging people.

In addition, our research has shown that AGE depends on what you eat, what you drink, how active you are from a physical point of view.

We conducted research among volunteers aged from 5 to 100 years in our University. They found that those who smoke a lot, the biological age of the elderly. For those who regularly play sports, biological age is less than actual.

However, it is of interest that the biological age of smokers who regularly spend time physical exercise, often corresponds to real — sport negates the effects of Smoking.

Those who eat a lot of sweet, biologically older than it actually is. But in people older than 95 years, the AGE is higher, they have more diseases.

— How to reduce your biological age? To quit Smoking?

Our research has shown that biological age can be changed by changing the lifestyle. For example, avoid fried and baked, as in food, subjected to heat treatment at temperatures above 120 degrees, see advanced glycation end products.

You should limit or eliminate foods with a high glycemic index: sweets, pastries, cakes, fizzy drinks, pasta, potatoes etc. and Remember that eating sugar in large quantities leads to the accumulation of inflammatory processes in the body, arthritis, dementia, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure…

Once a person begins to eat right and exercise, the amount of AGE in the tissues decreases, which means that ageing is slowed down. And Vice versa: people Smoking, abusing alcohol, biological age is almost always higher than the actual.

On level AGE to predict lifespan?

Until study on this account, we conducted only among patients with diabetes mellitus. In patients with high AGE levels among this group can be predicted 95% risk of fatality in the next five years.

However, the ultimate goal of our research is to learn how to manage this biomarker and to fight with aging, thereby increasing not just the length of life, and active life. Today the world’s scientists recognized the aging disease and now I think, how to treat it. By the way, the majority of centenarians do not get sick until the last day. They die like albatrosses — all of a sudden, with full health.

— Is it possible to reduce the level of AGE medical methods?

Today, scientists are thinking of how to break such linkage in glycosylated proteins and restore tissue elasticity. Found substances, which showed good results in experiments with older dogs. Those recovered form the heart, which changes with age. In humans such studies have not been carried out, but the question requires thorough study.

— From the point of view of the evolution of aging — blessing or punishment?

— Aging is actually a growing inability to adapt to changes. For example, imagine: in the tram ride, two young women and two elderly. They are talking about. The tram pulls up to the corner, slows down. Young people continue to speak, while the elderly fall silent. They need it to keep from falling. They have poor sitting balance and can’t talk at the moment concentrating on body position.

Each organ has its own function and its margin of safety. With age, the function is saved and strength is the ability to overcome stress is reduced.

In fact, we are aging to live. Every year accumulate damage in the genome. Every failure can lead to disease. Aging slows down these processes and helps us not get cancer. The debut of the disease in humans depends on the speed with which the body accumulates violations. Someone sooner, someone later.

I see you drink water. How about other drinks?

— I drink more tea and coffee in the morning. Water to drink not less than one and a half liters daily. You probably want to know more about alcohol?

— Want.

— It is proved that it is useful — but only in small doses. And this is one glass of wine a day. Not every day, but only 3-4 times a week. However, if you are under 25 years of age, alcohol is to not drink at all.

I know that in Russia people drink a lot more. And if you compare the charts of alcohol consumption and mortality from various diseases, there is a direct link.

— Today there are a lot of recommendations for extending life. Can you give our readers your advice?

— I have compiled a few Golden rules of longevity, based on evidence-based medicine. The first and most important — physical activity. But it is not a harsh sport!

People should be active an hour a day in the gym — during the day. Trained to move people better absorb oxygen, and the oxygen reduces glycation of proteins. The ideal kinds of classes — dancing, brisk walking (10K steps a day), stretching. Physical activities change the level of AGE at any age, even in the group older than 85 years!

For example, the reduction of blood pressure in this age group, this effect does not — the HELL you need to follow to 85 years, further reducing downright dangerous.

Weight reduction is also only useful at a young age. Elderly in it reduces muscle mass. Therefore, older useful protein supplements and protein food.

The second important rule is that food. Eat as many vegetables, colorful. But not fruit! Recommendations to eat five different fruits a day acknowledged to be wrong — the fruit increases the glycemic index and trigger the process of glycation of proteins, they are quickly gaining weight. In addition, it is important to eat enough fish to drink a lot of water.

The third rule — train your brain. For this fit, crosswords, and best of all learning a foreign language or learning to play a musical instrument.

Fourth — socialize, have some class work, especially if you are over fifty.

Fifth — be optimistic, all centenarians are optimists. Those who like to live live longer. For example, my glass is always half full

The sixth to cope with stress.

Seventh — sleep at least seven hours a day, only in a dream produced a number of important the body’s hormones and substances. And eighth — do not smoke. Jeanne calment smoked though, was an optimist, ate a lot of vegetables until the last days biked.


Scientists have long been studying rodent named naked mole rat: he doesn’t age, never get cancer, cardiovascular diseases and living a very long time. Researchers at the Department of physiology of the Center of health Sciences of the University of Texas proved that the digger does not increase with age the formation of glycated hemoglobin.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org


Scientists have shown that glycation of proteins, not fatty foods, cause atherosclerosis (the main cause of heart attack) and diabetes mellitus of the second type. Glycation can damage not only proteins but also lipids, and DNA, which promotes mutations, leading to the formation of cancerous tumors.

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