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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Blacklist SBU is similar to the threat

The security service of Ukraine has published a list of former employees who “changed the oath” and are considered to be in the country “traitors”. In the black list includes not only previously served in the Ukraine military, but also ordinary people: the doctors and staff of health centers. The current list of SBU is reminiscent of the list of the site “Peacemaker”, after the publication of the killed journalist Oles Buzina.

The security service of Ukraine has published a list of former employees that are considered to be in the country “traitors”. “The list of former employees of the SBU, who changed the oath and defected to the enemy. Remember the traitors”, – stated in the message Department.

“The SBU today collected the supporters of the Bandera approach. They believe the transition of employees of the SBU on the side of Russia – the betrayal”

In a statement released on the official website of the SBU, nearly 1.4 thousand points, which contain the names, personal details and titles of ex-employees. Basically we are talking about employees of Ukrainian special services, who worked in the Crimea and Sevastopol. These people recognized the results of referendum in Crimea, when 96 % of the population supported the reunification of the Crimean Peninsula with Russia.

“Traitors” in their ranks

Meanwhile, in the “list of traitors” were not only former employees of Ukrainian special services and military. Many so-called “traitors” are not even military rank, some of them are older women. Workers of resorts and sanatoriums, former subordinate service.

Recall that in early February, the representative of security service of Ukraine Sergiy Pashinskiy said that in the period of the reunification of Crimea with Russia in March 2014 on the Peninsula worked 2 thousand 300 full-time employees of the security service of Ukraine, Ukraine were only 215 people. Later, the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies began the investigation in respect of other employees of the SBU.

So, back in August it was reported that the military Prosecutor of the Kiev garrison conducts pre-trial investigation on the fact of desertion 1 372 thousand servicemen of the security service of Ukraine. Before that, the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine stated that his Department had a list of 5 thousand employees of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and about 3 million military, which took the side of DND and LNR.

Note that after the coup in Ukraine a large number of Ukrainian military and employees of the security service of Ukraine voluntarily moved to the side of the self-proclaimed DND and LNR. So, in August 2015 main military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoliy Matios said that against the “traitors” are being investigated. “We have a full list of those who had sided with the separatists. Collected evidence concerning the five thousand militiamen and about three thousand of the military. They will be held accountable. Will be the sentence of the Ukrainian court”, – said Matios.

It is noteworthy that recent high-profile case of transition a senior Ukrainian security officers on Donbass in June, when Kiev reported that two officers of service of external intelligence of Ukraine took the side of militia. Criminal case under article “Treason”.

Peacemaker – 2?

Recall that this is the publication of lists of “traitors”, has already happened in Ukraine. And it ended very tragically. So, 31 January 2015 Arsen Avakov Advisor Anton Gerashchenko announced in Facedook the appearance of the list of “spies” on site “Peacemaker”. “With 30.01 database of terrorists, separatists and bandits, posted on the website of the “Peacemaker”, put into service, he wrote. – This is a very useful trend. The ultimate goal is to make the site “Peacemaker” chief open Internet reference to terrorists and separatists in aid of our soldiers and intelligence services”, – wrote Gerashchenko.

When the site was launched, the same Gerashchenko expressed his joy on this occasion: “Christmas Gifts, or every creature deserves.” Then followed the address of the website in the Internet.

Among the list of so-called “traitors” and “agents of Russia” was the well-known Ukrainian writer Oles Buzina. Before the murder of the Elder, which occurred near his home, information about it was published on the website of the “Peacemaker”.

Oles Buzina has been described as “separatist, supporter of federalization of Ukraine, writer, journalist, broadcaster, homophobe”. Information about him were his personal information, including home address and phone number. A list of persons who, in the opinion of the creators of the site, are separatists and traitors of the Motherland, is huge: it’s several tens of thousands of people. “A separatist, a provocateur, an accomplice of fighters, maintains links with terrorists and militants, organizer of the “anti-Maidan”, supplier “aunts,” wrote the website, “the Peacemaker,” about a Ukrainian writer.

“The Elder have a file on the website “Peacemaker”, and today happily thank those who have committed this murder. What is there to say? Who is going to investigate the murder or to stop it, if Gerashchenko called for the punishment of “the abomination”, or, as he put it, on this site in the database,” he said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Ukrainian political analyst Vladimir Kornilov.

The security service of Ukraine has not invented anything better than to go the way of the site “Peacemaker” and to publish a list of their “traitors”.

“The SBU today collected the supporters of the Bandera approach”

Director of the Center for Ukrainian studies and Belorussii Moscow state University, specialist on Ukraine, the political analyst Bogdan Bezpalko said in comments the newspaper VIEW that the list of the SBU said about the deep divisions in Ukrainian society.

“Such a list is first and foremost a violation of the rights of all people, it was. Now Ukraine is experiencing the deepest divisions in its history. Speaking conditionally, the population of Ukraine is divided into Ukrainians and Bandera. Kiev is trying all imaginable and unimaginable ways to reduce the number of Ruthenians and focuses on the anti-Russian policy. Kiev and the SBU in particular focus on a unitary model of Ukraine. The Russians – the people who are present in these lists, the same Ukrainians, but they consider themselves a part of greater Russia”, – said the analyst.

And of course, that some people serving in the Ukrainian special services in the Crimea and Sevastopol in other places before the referendum, was from the Russians, the expert notes. “The SBU today collected the supporters of the Bandera approach. They believe the transition of employees of security service of Ukraine to side with Russia a betrayal. But it’s their choice. As Kiev will explain to its citizens the presence of such a large number of people who supported the annexation of Crimea to Russia? No way. It remains only to create pointless lists”, – the expert added.

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