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Friday, March 16, 2018

Bernie Sanders surpassed Clinton in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii

Saturday, March 26, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders is quite easily defeated Hillary Clinton in the States of Washington and Alaska, where the Caucuses were held, as well as in Hawaii. In his speeches he highlighted the fact that despite the leadership Clinton, the outcome of the race for the nomination for President from the Democrats is far from a foregone conclusion.

photo: AP

Sanders found support among the mostly white and liberal electorate of the Pacific Northwest. Let me remind the reader that prior to this, Sanders literally defeated Mrs. Clinton in pre-election battles in the state of Idaho. He will likely repeat the same thing in Washington state. Now, when only a few polling stations still open, he leads the race ahead of 40%. While in Alaska he showed an even better result — 82% of voters.

Washington, which gives 101 delegate, was a very important state to Senator Sanders, whose prospects got somewhat difficult after Ms. Clinton inflicted a painful defeat in the South. In addition, Sanders was very weak and had no strong opposition in the States of Ohio, Florida and North Carolina.

At a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, Sanders assured more than 8 thousands of his supporters that his victory opened his way to the nomination. “We knew from day one that politically we will have difficulties on the deep West, said Sanders. But we knew that the situation will improve when we move to the East”.

He stressed that in Washington state more than 200 thousand participated in the elections. And it is close to the record set in 2008. “We apply strong blows to the leadership of Ms. Clinton,” said he.

Victory in the States of Washington and Alaska, which has 16 delegates, have reduced the difference in the votes already received Hillary Clinton and Sanders. They both are trying to dial 2382 delegates needed for the nomination from the democratic party. On Saturday evening, Hillary Clinton had about 280 or more more of delegates obtained in the course of voting and on 440 superdelegates more. Super delegates — party leaders and elected officials. Having won in Washington and in Alaska, the company Sanders received new funding that will be needed on an expensive media market of new York and Pennsylvania. In these States, the primaries will be held next month.

The victories won by Sanders on Saturday, would further strengthen the desire of Sanders to stay on the course and to challenge Hillary Clinton.

Hawaiian Democrats who also voted on Saturday, with 25 delegates, also acknowledged the victory of Sanders.

The Republicans have not conducted any elections on Saturday — neither Caucuses nor primaries. The following nomination battles in both parties, played out in the primaries on April 5 in Wisconsin. This will be followed by the Caucus, Democrats in Wyoming. These pre-election skirmishes very favorable Sanders, for play to his strengths.

Victory Sanders won Saturday, were not unexpected. And Washington, and Alaska have a relatively low percentage of voters — African Americans and Latinos. This fact played into the hands of Sanders especially in the States held Caucuses, which usually end in victory Vermont Senator.

The results of the voting in the States of Washington and Alaska once again demonstrates how difficult it will be Hillary Clinton to win and to attract young and liberal voters leaning more toward Vermont Senator.

On Saturday, March 26, in the morning in the high school auditorium, Ekstein in North Seattle gathered 1400 voting in the Caucuses. All of them were holding paper cups of coffee latte. Some of cups adorned with the letter “X,” and the other the word “Bernie”. Moreover the word of Bernie can be seen on the badges of those voters who came to vote in the Caucuses. “Here is democracy,” said Janet Miller, the organizer of the Caucus, speaking from the rostrum of the audience.

In this section, the win also got Sanders and many others. “I commend the honesty and passion of Bernie,” said one of those who voted Iain Forrester. He is 25 and a musician. Naturally, his voice was given for Sanders.

According to Forrester: “we’ve All seen the suffering of the poor and members of the middle class in a period of economic decline. And we all need someone who will talk about their lives, not the corporations.”

Ms. Clinton, who lost the initiative and delegates hoped that in the state of new York, where elections will be held on 19 April, she can win. It has now opened its national headquarters in Brooklyn. As for Sanders, he opened his office in the County in Gowanus few miles from where he grew up. MS Clinton stating that it suffered some damage in the States where there are Caucuses, some angrily reacted to the comments of those political opponents who support a company of Sanders. “I highly respect my opponents, — said Mrs. Clinton, campaigning in Washington state. But I want you to know one thing: I now have more votes than anyone else, including trump. I have 2.6 million more votes than Bernie Sanders. And I strongly advance by the number of delegates who vowed to vote for me. By the way, I got more votes than Barack Obama in 2008”. At the time, like Sanders, focuses his attention on income inequality and links wall Street with Mrs. Clinton, she’s trying to agitate among the working class, such as members of trade unions of machinists and aerospace industry.

“I am, incidentally, honorary engineer, promoted me to honorary machinists a few years ago and I feel connected to my brothers and sisters in the machinists Union,” said Clinton to the voters. “I’m the person for whom the struggle for the interests of the working class is not absent. I work day and night for years in order to protect the interests of drivers”.

In addition, Clinton had criticized Sanders for what he does not support the Export-import Bank — an Agency, enjoying government support and outstanding on the basis of a small percentage of aid to companies engaged in international business, for example – “the Boeing”. As for Sanders, as well as some Republicans, including Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, then they are against these handouts, calling them “corporate feed”.

When Mrs. Clinton decided to demonstrate their toughness and preparedness for the post of the Supreme commander and tied to the issue of terrorist attack in Brussels, she probably didn’t calculate. The fact that its “hardness” for many voters is that it in 2002 voted for the war in Iraq. A few days ago, Clinton said in response to Brussels, the attacks of terrorists, leading Republican candidates trump and Cruz declared it simply “conductor of senseless actions” that only encourage U.S. allies, demonize Muslims and encourage Russia. Senator Sanders in his emotional advertising, which lasted 90 minutes and was passed in Hawaii, raised the issue of “price war”. In this advertisement was made by the Congressman from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard, a veteran from Hawaii, which reminded listeners and readers that Senator Sanders opposed the war in Iraq. “Bern Sanders will defend our country,” excitedly told the Congressman on the background of beautiful Hawaiian scenery.

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