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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The US wants from Russia is impossible

The visit of John Kerry marks an attempt to test the waters to mitigate the conflict with Russia. States ready to admit the failure of “the blockade of Russia” and looking for waste. Without abandoning deterrence of our country, they want to make it, as before, less geeky, counting in response to the return of Moscow’s cooperation on key global issues.

Secretary Kerry takes the American official in the hierarchy of power in fifth place – that is, he is fourth in line to occupy the chair in the White house in case something happens to the President (following Vice-President and the leaders of the two houses of Congress). But in the current real hierarchy of power in the U.S., 71-year-old John Kerry, a former presidential candidate, owned by the mother of one of the most influential American oligarchic families Forbes (and wife to a billionaires ketchup “Heinz”), is actually even more serious position.

“Kerry’s visit symbolizes the recognition: we were unable to do, although very trying”

Kerry – this is precisely the hereditary Anglo-Saxon elite that rules the USA (no wonder he’s in a relationship with another dynasty – Bush), in the current administration weak similarity it is Vice President Biden. With initially weak President Obama’s foreign policy practiced by experienced and specially trained people – Biden, Hillary Clinton, Kerry. Biden and Kerry worked for many years in key Senate’s Committee on foreign policy (and led), and Clinton, although worse than they are versed in world Affairs, still eight years in the White house and the same number worked in the composition of the Senate Commission on security and cooperation in Europe.

Of course, if Obama unexpectedly strong President (although not for its promoting), if not having its own geopolitical strategy, then tactics, its impact on U.S. foreign policy would be crucial. And so it was only the first among equals, in fact, dependent on their more experienced colleagues.

In relations with Russia it manifested itself in full. First game were Clinton and Biden. One initially became famous Freudian error of “overload”, and the second – is frankly silly attempt to intervene openly in the internal Affairs of Russia: the game on the split in the government and Medvedev’s second term. As a result, by the beginning of the second term of Obama in 2013 the country was on the brink of the cold war.

Kerry becoming Secretary of state, managed only once to visit Moscow and talk to Putin in may 2013, after which events began to move with kaleidoscopic speed: flight Snowden and grant him asylum by Russia, the Syrian adventure in the USA (where Obama has spoken, stopping the invasion – largely thanks to Putin’s firm position), the reversal of Yanukovych from European integration.

By the beginning of 2014 the confrontation between Russia and the US over Ukraine reached seemed the highest point, but that was just the beginning. After the mission of three European foreign Ministers to Kiev, Obama asked Putin to persuade Yanukovych to make concessions to the opposition. Putin agreed, but the next day, after the coup, the Americans have forgotten about the arrangement.

The attitude of the leaders of the two countries virtually collapsed. Putin no longer trust Obama, and the subsequent Crimea demonstrated that Russia is not going to watch silently as the States Atlanticist Ukraine. Moreover, Russia has actually challenged the whole concept of the world-American, transitioning from defence to work on coordination of efforts of all countries and forces who want to change the global rules of the game, from China to Latin America. The attempt to declare Russia an aggressor and to organize the blockade was a natural reaction of the United States – those who oppose the right of America to determine what is good and what is evil, must be punished severely.

Did in the spring of 2014 in Washington, that they will fail to isolate Russia? No, and to prove this, it took a year.

The visit of Kerry which symbolizes the recognition – we were unable to do, although very trying. Now, let’s work something out that we don’t organize global confrontation on the whole range of problems, and isolate Ukraine from the equation and try to find common interests in other regions and topics. Brazenly? Of course, but the elite of the nation that considers itself exceptional and carrier global mission, and unable to think and act differently. With one hand we’ll strangle you and the other let’s cooperate – or so it seems, has described last year, the American approach Vladimir Putin. What changed after the visit of Secretary of state?

Kerry to make it clear to the President of Russia – we are ready to pretend that we’re not killing our, and even a little to loosen his grip, and in exchange, I want to talk about Syria, Iran, the Caliphate, North Korea and other important for us things. And, of course, about Ukraine – we guarantee that you will not to grab it, and we will forget about Crimea and pledge not to accept it into NATO.

It is clear that Kerry did not literally say these words, but it was important to understand that Russia is seriously committed to combating American hegemony on a global scale (from Finance to ideology, from China to the Middle East), or she’s just bluffing, trying to scare US and they have to negotiate concessions on Ukraine, forcing to withdraw from the Square. This is typical American logic, but that’s the way the US and imagine international relations: a weak Russia may not be so uppity. After all, the defending us national interests and is, from the point of view of Washington’s blatant indiscretion.

You are weak, you lost the cold war, can’t you understand that we will not allow you to reintegrate the post-Soviet space – what are you doing with your Russian world, the Eurasian Union and anti-globalist ambitions? And Kerry, and Clinton, and Obama exactly belonged to Russia a year ago, and this year forced them to reconsider their views. But forced at least to think – it was too bad things are going.

For the year “isolation” of Russia’s geopolitical positions of the U.S. have not improved – they continue to deteriorate for objective and subjective, i.e. related to the attack on Russia, reasons.

First, the situation in the greater middle East is becoming more confusing and anti-American. By their actions the US unknowingly has created an utter chaos and can’t get out of it, nor to solve problems. The expansion of the Caliphate, tensions with almost all its closest allies in the region, the Afghan boiling pot, the Iranian labyrinth. Russia supports Syria, rapprochement with Iran and Egypt, Pakistan probes, conducting preparatory works on Afghanistan.

Secondly, the compulsion of Europe to maintain anti-Russian sanctions, on the one hand, has led to the construction of the Atlantic elites of the Old world, and with another – strengthened antiatlanticheskih mood on the continent, and for a long time to save Atlantic solidarity will fail. In the near future discussions on the extension of the sanctions could lead to a split in the EU – Europe frankly wants to stop the confrontation with Russia. The fall of the single European front will be a strong blow to the reputation of the USA, so, anticipating a possible easing of sanctions, the Washington lips, Kerry and in a hurry to sell this as his initiative (of course, it will be filed as “sanctions has played its part by forcing Russia to abandon the escalation of the war in Ukraine”).

Thirdly, the rapprochement between Russia and China is rapidly causing the utmost concern to the Anglo-Saxon strategists. Washington and Beijing so loses the competition for the Pacific, and the tandem of Putin and XI can lead not only to the formation of the Russian-Chinese Alliance, but also to become the base platform for building a battering RAM that will destroy one of the essential foundations of the Anglo-Saxon power – the global financial system with the dollar as a reserve currency. The US can still block the reform of the IMF, but that only increases the risk to discover later that she has no interest because of the parallel formation of a new global financial architecture.

A separate “bonus” year “isolate Russia” was the fact that already for the whole world (including even Western indiatlantic) Putin has finally turned into a symbol of resistance to American dictates. It started with the story with Snowden, but it was after the sanctions and blockades has become a fait accompli. And this, incidentally, is of great psychological importance in the geopolitical war – the presence of this symbol attaches to the fight against hegemonism additional features.

Kerry flew in to try to unravel Putin’s strategic intentions. Not just in Ukraine (take – took), but in General, the maximum, on a global scale. And to assess whether there are at least some indications that this “mysterious Russian” in the depths of his soul has no claims to globalization, and just wants to secure a place in the “Golden billion club of governors”, and their country – a place of honor in several countries of the West? And all this is turning Russia to the East – this is only a game for the West, the desire to raise the stakes.

Don’t know what Kerry saw in Putin’s eyes (he still is, unlike Clinton, didn’t say “karabelnik by definition has no soul”), but something tells that the Colonel acted so as to conciliate a graduate of Yale University. Then, along with Biden and Obama (and Clinton when she was to take the watch) they’re trying to solve a non-existent for the Russians “the mystery of Putin”, puzzled, and waste time (working against US) to find options of what to change to make and with the Russians to agree on “local cooperation”, and Ukraine for a save.

The fact that it is impossible in principle, and Putin will not deviate from its course to the sunset of a unipolar world even after the return of Ukraine into Russia’s orbit, none of them will come to mind. Exceptional Anglo-Saxon head.

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