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Monday, February 19, 2018

Reaction to the murder of Grabowski shows the decomposition of Ukraine

A new tragedy in Ukraine: the murder of lawyer Yury Grabovsky, protecting the arrested in the Donbass Russian military Alexander Alexandrov – revealed all of the deep Ukrainian crisis. This particularly applies to reactions to the murder of the Ukrainian society and, in particular, representatives of the Kiev authorities.

Five days ago, when vengeance went the search for the missing lawyer, the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoliy Matios said that the suspect arrested in the organisation of abduction and murder. Now in the Kiev region was found and the body of Grabowski.

“It is terrible even to imagine the intensity of accusations against Putin in the event that if in Russia there was a similar story”

Matios on Monday accused of ordering the abduction “of former Ukrainian” and “Russian secret services” – “it was necessary to create the image at the final stage of consideration of the case of Alexandrov”. Logic Matios is not surprising – the last two years the Ukrainian authorities accuse Russia in all imaginable and unimaginable crimes. But still the story Grabowski very revealing – both the murder itself and the reaction to it. This freeze-frame, rapid analysis of the status of the Ukrainian society and the state.

The murder of the defender of the “Russian garesnica” concerned Ukrainian mass media for one reason only – it is bad that Russia will get an opportunity to denounce Ukraine. This is the main idea – that killing lawyers is impossible. But in respect of customers of murder of the press no doubt – here is a typical quote:

“In General, in this story may be two versions of who killed the lawyer. Or killed our domestic fools-patriots, which “blindly” used by the FSB, or it tried directly to our neighbors, to conduct a provocation, but it failed.”

We have two versions, but in any case killed Putin. And so consider and authority – according to the statement of the military Prosecutor and the press, at least its main part. After public accusations from the lips of Ukrainian officials to Russia that it is indirectly involved in the Brussels terrorist attacks, all psychiatric assessments have been given Ivanov and Medvedev – and in the history of Grabovski again we see exactly the same desire of Kiev put the blame on Russia all possible crimes.

And, this is not only to convince the West of the existence of Mordor, which is opposed making the European choice of Ukraine, but also due to genuine conviction in the correctness. They really believe that Russia killed the lawyer of their citizens – and this confidence is a clear sign of decay of the Ukrainian state.

It was built first as not Russia, and then as anti-Russia – and to give meaning to existence on the Western part of the Russian world as individual States had to give Russia all the signs of hell. After Crimea and Donbass old, post-Soviet Ukraine died – and the new education came under external control, but also contracted the virus of rabid hatred of Russia.

Moscow and Putin became for the Kyiv elites a symbol of evil and the source of all troubles of Ukraine, and the Ukrainians – victims of Russian perfidy. To assemble the nation around the idea of resistance to “Russian aggression” seemed like the right move, it was allowed to divert attention from the process of decay of the Ukrainian state. Having lost the Crimea and Donbas, being under the rule of the openly colonial elite, the country embarked on the path of self-destruction – but she continue to talk about European prospects and a hostile Russia.

With Ukraine no European future. Or it will inevitably return to the Union with Russia, or disintegrate – but the current elite cannot and does not want to admit it. Just like to see what is actually happening in Ukraine.

And there is a constant struggle for power and property between multiple political-oligarchic clans, the collapse of the economy and society, persecution and killings of supporters of Russia and just disagree with the rule of an oligarchic elite. Ukrainian political clans totally corrupt, they lack strategic thinking, each of them is interested only in increasing their share of the pie by any means, including force. Society is divided, and the inevitability of a new Maidan sword of Damocles hanging over the Ukrainian elite.

Relative temporary truce between the various groups of the elite and counter-elite in only a few months. The collapse of the last hopes for help from the West will start a new, active phase of distemper. Weakens its distracting effect and the “Putin factor”, i.e. the intimidation of the Eastern threat. And when the action anti-drug subsides and coincides with the awareness of “betrayal of the West” – an explosion will occur.

And each story, like a murder Grabowski, itjust makes this point is because the constant increase of the scale of the deception leads to the need to resort to an even bigger dose of this “medicine”. And at some point it will simply cease to operate – you can say what you want to accuse Russia in that it had stolen the moon, but no soothing effect on the population of Ukraine is not expected.

Besides, Kiev is getting further detached from reality – and that means, less becomes his ability to somehow lead the country. Turchynov and Matios believe that all the evil of Putin and the belief gradually kills them, making it difficult to see the real Ukrainian domestic processes.

Reaction to the murder of Grabowski with the utmost clarity, and demonstrated the difference in the attitude of the West towards Russia and Ukraine – the most banal of double standards. Scary to even imagine the intensity of accusations against Putin in the event that if in Russia there was a similar story.

For example, God forbid, for example, first lost and then was found murdered the lawyer Savchenko mark Feigin. Anyone from Western leaders or media will accuse Poroshenko in the murder Grabowski? Or at least that it is not good to be accused of murder Russia? No, it will not. Moreover, the same Feigin actually joins Kiev “version” about the Russian trace in the murder and pathetically asks: “Should we interpret the murder of the lawyer Grabowski as a warning to me personally?”

It is a theatre of lies and absurd – which are doing all they can to delay the Ukrainian tragedy. With real, not fake blood – which is still trying to smear Russia. Russia, which is waiting for the end of this drama – just wanting it to come faster and cost a little blood.

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