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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Poroshenko found adherents in the person of the Bulgarians

Saturday will be a meeting of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev in Kiev. The Bulgarian leader was awarded “for contribution to the unity of the Ukrainian nation”. The meeting of the two presidents is not an ordinary event: Sofia takes a big role in anti-Russian foreign policy of Kiev.

On Saturday in Kiev to meet the President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev. The Bulgarian leader was welcomed with fanfare: Plevneliev was awarded the “personality of the year -2015” in Ukraine. The administration Poroshenko took care that the news of the new award of the Bulgarian President had spread before his arrival.

“Bulgarian political elite, grown on American and European grants and is completely dependent on the West”

“Bulgarian President receives award for contributions to the affirmation of the unity of the Ukrainian nation, its consistent position in defence of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, defending European values. The prestigious distinction will be awarded to the Rosen Plevneliev the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk”, – stated in the message of the Ukrainian administration. It is noteworthy that the meeting with the Bulgarian leader precedes the visit of Poroshenko in the United States.

Anti-Russian Bulgarians

The current President of Bulgaria is known for his Russophobic statements. So, in November 2015, Plevneliev gave an interview to The Independent in which he said that Russia allegedly intends to deploy a hybrid war in the Balkans to destabilize the situation in the whole of Europe. In an interview with British gas, the Bulgarian leader only talked about Russia’s policy. Plevneliev also said his country since the spring of 2014 allegedly recorded 10 times more violations of military aircraft of Russia.

Interview was done in such a rabid anti-Russian manner, the Russian foreign Ministry had to make a statement. According to the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, Moscow hopes that Sofia will continue to refrain from such accusations against Russia. At this, Zakharov stressed that the Russian aircraft did not violate the airspace of Bulgaria. “Officially, the cases of violation of the Bulgarian air Bulgarian borders by means of objective control have not been recorded,” said she.

In March of the same year, the Bulgarian President has officially refused to attend the Victory Parade in Moscow, although received an official invitation of the Russian foreign Ministry. A year earlier, in 2014, in an interview with German media Plevneliev described Russia as “a nationalist and aggressive state”.

“Defies the age-old traditions of friendship”

Russia’s reaction has not kept itself waiting. “We have such statements raise the most serious concerns. And for the sake of momentary Western environment, which ignores reality and violates the centuries-old traditions of friendship and cooperation between the fraternal peoples of Russia and Bulgaria”, – said the Russian diplomat Alexander Lukashevich. He added that “Bulgarian politician does not want to notice a persistent and consistent diplomatic efforts of Russia and personally President Vladimir Putin to unblock the crisis situation in Ukraine.”

Another element of anti-Russian policy of Bulgaria became history. In the country every year is celebrated as “liberation Day of Bulgaria from Ottoman yoke”. It is a national holiday which is celebrated on 3 March. It is known that the Russian Empire played a key role in the independence of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire. Russia supported the Slavic peoples and on 24 April 1877 entered the war, went down in history as the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878. In Bulgaria this war is called war of Liberation.

However, Sofia has not invited Russia to the celebration of this day. “Of course, we want our Bulgarian partners were indeed free from any yoke and were sovereign in their decisions and actions so that they do not harm the interests of the country”, – said the Kremlin press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

The Shadow Of McCain

Previously, the newspaper VIEW looked in detail at the evolution of the foreign policy of Bulgaria. It is under pressure from the West – including the infamous Senator McCain – in Sofia announced a “frozen” gas of Russia project “South stream”, which was previously negotiated.

According to the newspaper VIEW, in the program, which is designed until 2020, Bulgaria at the same time considered the possibility of procurement of multi-role fighters produced in the countries of NATO instead of the Russian MiG-21, MiG-29 and su-25 standing army of this country now. But the other day the Minister of defence of the government of Bulgaria Velizar shalamanov the expressed intention to abandon the Russian aircraft, saying that the authorities would like less dependent on Russia. The media also leaked information about a joint Scam Ukraine and Bulgaria for the sale of Russian MiG-21.

Moreover, Bulgaria has an important role in the transit of Ukrainian gas to Europe. So, Kiev is negotiating with the Bulgarian colleagues and hopes to reach agreement. After deterioration of relations with Russia, Kiev in a convulsive manner trying to “zoloft gas hole”.

“Bulgarians and Turks is ready to buy gas in Europe through the territory of Ukraine, there are serious negotiations. In early April we will hold the negotiations with the Slovaks, that earned the route Slovakia – Ukraine – Moldavia – Romania – Bulgaria to Turkey with the possibility to store gas in Ukraine, which will be purchased in Europe”, – said the head of “Ukrtransgaz” (operator of the Ukrainian gas transportation system) Igor Prokopiev.

Since the beginning of the year Ukraine unilaterally raised the rate of transit of gas for Gazprom more than one and a half times – up to USD 4.5 for transportation of 1 thousand cubic meters of blue fuel per 100 kilometers. Demchyshyn said that the new tariff had already been approved.

Note that the current contract on gas transit cannot be increased unilaterally. But, despite this, Kiev has gone on a disastrous first pitch for yourself. Now Ukraine is trying to find new ways of exporting gas to Europe to close holes in the budget.

“The main thing is to do stuff Moslem”

Leading researcher of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe RAS, political scientist Alexander Kamkin said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that Poroshenko has found a convenient other for himself. Anti-Russian propaganda and policies of leaders of Ukraine and Bulgaria befriended them.

“Ukraine and Bulgaria binds anti-Russian policy. Kiev is trying to bring together an Alliance of the offended to Russia countries. We are talking about Turkey, Georgia, the Baltic States. They are willing to be friends with everyone, if only this friendship was against Russia. This is a distinctive feature of the Ukrainian nationalist movement. If you remember 1990, the members of UNA-UNSO* fought for Chechen extremists. What do the Ukrainian nationalists with Islam or with the Chechens? Nothing. Simply this friendship was directed against Russia. The main thing is to do stuff “mostly,” – said the expert.

It is noted that it is very sad to see how historically close Bulgaria breaks away from Russia. “Bulgarian political elite, grown on American and European grants and is completely dependent on the West. American foundations are active in educational and propaganda work with the elite Eastern Europe, grow your own clientele. The visits of Senator McCain in Bulgaria is not accidental. Now in the government in Bulgaria is anti-Russian and Pro-American elite. Sofia leads a frenzied anti-Russian propaganda and policy,” the analyst said.

Bulgarian elite tightly buried joint Russian-Bulgarian energy projects, including South stream, says Kamkin. “Why? What are the benefits of Bulgaria? And that could give Ukraine? Nothing. In parallel, the rewriting of history. Forgotten the Russian Empire Bulgaria against the Ottoman Empire, demolished almost all monuments to Russian leaders. It’s a gift for Kiev. Poroshenko has found a convenient other for yourself,” concluded a social security

* Organization, in respect of which the court accepted inured decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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