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Saturday, August 12, 2017

In another… as if to say

Mr. President, let us this time no names. And not because we’re afraid of someone to call. On the contrary: we’re afraid someone miss. In addition, the names sometimes just take up space. For example, many mentioning you, they say: “Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, showing statesmanship and concern for the people of Russia, in his may decrees…” And we write briefly: “the President promised”; the people anyway — may this decree or March (not April fool).

So, without names. Russia’s investigative Committee has stated that YUKOS was privatized illegally. That sounds like their beautiful wording: “the Investigative Committee of Russia close to proving illegal privatization of Yukos…” and added: “not paid for the privatization of Yukos penny”.

photo: Alexei Merinov

You, Mr. President (as well as all the people), it’s presented as sensational result today’s investigators. Lying a little. Everything was known from the beginning. We are in the “MK” wrote about it immediately — in those days when the auction has just begun…

And now, Mr. President, two questions:

1. What do the investigators, prosecutors, judges?

2. And what are they not doing?

The answer to the first is known. Since 2003, we have already 12 years old, they are stubbornly engaged in Yukos. Again and again. Although Yukos is long gone, absorbed by your friends.

The answer to the second question is famous, but not so obvious. Investigators and others stubbornly do not do those other winners of mortgaging auctions.

Have to say (though sure that you and without us know it): Deposit auction of Yukos was no different from others.

Here is a brief list of losses (from the point of view of the winners — a list of acquisitions):

— Norilsk Nickel;

— North-Western shipping company;

— Mechel;


— Sidanco (now TNK-BP);

— Novolipetsk steel;

— The Murmansk shipping company;


— The Novorossiysk shipping company;

— Sibneft;

— Surgutneftegas;

— Nafta-Moscow.

This is the list in chronological order. From the auction for Norilsk Nickel 17.11.95 to Naphtha 28.12.95. As you can see, YUKOS was not the first and not the last. Such pieces were snapped up over a month.

This carve was in full swing when we printed the article “State cannibalism” (“MK”, 26.12.95). Yeltsin then was no, so we appealed to the Prime Minister, the author of the best Russian aphorisms (“never was, and there it is again” — remember?). The article “State cannibalism” (on the website it is applied) has ended so:

“Mr Prime Minister! 28 December there will be a sale of “Sibneft”. We are uncertain how to formulate the question:

— if you know the methods of this trade, as you have enough conscience to remain silent?

if you know and be silent, is because of fear?

— if not, where do you fit?”

You see, Mr. President? Remember?

Who has not enjoyed then this article. The accounting chamber in 2004 (nine years after the auction) issued a report where it is said: “the Competition had a feigned character… in fact the Banks “lend” the state the state the same money”…

The chamber then talked about all. And now — after twenty years! — Investigative Committee mentioned only about one. You know? Pushkin (our everything) this prose has formulated in the verses:

Shut up well, Kuma: and you, like me, sinful,

And any words will ratutichi;

In another —– the straw you see

But do not see and the logs.

(If it is a letter addressed to the President, accidentally reading dumb man, who, unable to understand the location of straws, asks “where, where?” — let’s remember the classic call it Cockney rhyming polite answer: “In Karaganda!”)

…Mr. President, we are trying, but could never figure out that you respond, if at any press conference you will be asked: “Why, of all shares auctions you slave Investigation Committee found the illegality only one?” You hardly dare to say: “They do it solely to please me personally, knowing who my own worst enemy”. But any other response is unlikely to be honest.

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