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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ella Pamfilova is able to change the image of the CEC

If the election of Ella Pamfilova as head of the Central electoral Commission confirmed, in the work of the CEC will have a very important and new aspects related to the protection of electoral rights. The CEC will not only find a new leader, but also updates the composition of, enlarged by representatives of the system, including non-parliamentary, opposition.

On Friday the subject of attention of the state Duma became the staffing issues associated with the renewal of the composition of the Central election Commission. First of all, the deputies adopted the decision on early resignation of the Federal Ombudsman Ella Pamfilova, who was appointed to the CEC by the presidential decree.

“Many aspects of work that Pamfilova was doing now, and will be transferred to CEC”

As reported TASS, at the same time the lower chamber intends to prematurely withdraw parliamentary powers with Valery Galchenko (United Russia), Sergey Sirotkin (LDPR), Vasily Likhachev (Communist party) and Nikolay Levicheva (“Fair Russia”). They also became members of the Central election Commission. In addition, in the “human unit” chamber plans to elect a new Vice-speaker of the state Duma under the quota of “Fair Russia” Nicholas Levicheva instead. The faction has put forward on this post of Alexander Romanovich.

The Central election Commission in its new composition will hold its first meeting on 28 March.

On Friday, Pamfilova intends to make a report on its activities in 2015 on a post of the Russian Ombudsman. Faction of the state Duma are already offering their candidates for the post of Commissioner for human rights. It is noted that among the candidates as there are representatives of parties, and an unexpected identity, including the “old camp”.

The decision to nominate possible successors Pamfilova should be accepted until April 11. Candidates under the current legislation offer the deputies of the parliamentary faction, the Federation Council and the President.

Update 60%

We will remind, on March 3, President Vladimir Putin has formed a five members of the CEC, it did not include the current head of the CEC Vladimir Churov, but there Commissioner for human rights in Russia Ella Pamfilova. Also members of the CEC appointed a current member of the CEC Boris Ebzeev and the Deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly service Alexander Kinev. It is noted that Ella Pamfilova included in the new CEC on “presidential quota”. Pamfilova and Ebzeev – non-partisan, Valery Kryukov, Nikolai Bulaev Anton Lopatin, member of United Russia, Valery Galchenko nominated by a group of deputies with the support of United Russia.

In addition, observers indicate that the updated CEC increased representation of the opposition, including extra-parliamentary, parties. Among the permanent members of the Central electoral Committee state Duma Deputy from the CPRF Vasily Likhachev and the representative “Patriots of Russia” in the CEC Evgeny Shevchenko. It is significant that the Communist Deputy, doctor of legal Sciences Likhachev is one of the most reputable Russian lawyers – experts in constitutional law.

In the new convocation of the CEC – nine freshmen; thus, the Commission was renewed by 60%. Experts believe that this major update is a sign that the composition of the deputies will be significantly updated after the September elections to the state Duma.

According to observers, it is the renewal of the CEC, with the inclusion of representatives of different parties, is one of the manifestations of realization of the program of President Putin, with whom he participated in the elections in 2012. The programme involves the development of political competition, the culture of dialogue between different political forces, the support of a multiparty system.

Thus preserve the continuity with the previous composition of the CEC is reassigned six members of the Commission. The new lineup moved from former professionals such as Boris Ebzeev by the “President’s quota”, and part of the CEC members by the parliamentary quota: Maya Grishina and Siyabshah Sapiev from the Federation Council Yevgeny Kolyushin and Valery Kryukov quota of the state Duma.

Churov who is?

It is unknown who will be the new head of the CEC. However, at the moment, the probability that this position is the Commissioner for human rights Ella Pamfilova, very high, says the head of the Duma Committee on Affairs of public associations Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR). “Knowing her principled stance, the straightness of her well – all this should give some impetus, a signal, a moment of control over the activities of the Commission in the regions, because all violations begin there – in areas”, – said Nilov journalists. “This is one of the most worthy candidates in order to professionally lead the CEC of the Russian Federation”, – he stressed, adding that “Pamfilova has the experience of going through election campaigns, have experience as a Deputy.”

First Vice-speaker of the state Duma, first Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Ivan Melnikov said that the Communists pay tribute to the sincere involvement of the Ombudsman Ella Pamfilova, appointed by the President of the CEC, in the trusted case. “Ella Aleksandrovna has worked in his current position, not so much, but was a prominent figure and in a few cases effectively intervened in high-profile issues, – said Melnikov. – Our party, of course, long been with her ideological opponents. But from the point of view of a genuine engagement with his work, attitude to duties, willingness to dialogue and work style of us are impressed,” he said, reports TASS.

“Essentially, many aspects of the work which she was doing now, and will be transferred to the CEC, as a matter of protecting and promoting human rights – voters, parties, candidates and backbone in this area”, – the parliamentarian considers.

“We have to do it by the woman”

The head of “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev also believes that Pamfilova will improve the image of the electoral Commission and will help to increase the trust of Russians to the election. He also expressed the opinion that it “probably will be headed by the CEC”, reports TASS.

“This is a serious image acquisition for the CEC, which befits its commitment to competitiveness, openness and legitimacy (election),” – said Kalachev. Pamfilova, according to him, a man with a good background, known for his integrity and great political experience. “As shown by opinion polls, the level of confidence in the elections we still not high enough. I think the credibility of the CEC is the increased confidence in elections in General, which is very important for the sustainability of the whole system,” says Kalachev.

In his view, “men worked already, as leaders of the CEC, let’s trust a woman”.

The main challenge for the new CEC members will be rapid integration into the organization of the elections to the state Duma, which will be held on 18 September, the expert reminded. “Much will depend on the configuration that will develop in the composition of the CEC,” he said, referring to the allocation of senior posts. Among the “old-timers” of the Commission has allocated Kalachev Maya Grishin. “She has the most experience in the Central electoral Commission and, I think, will become Secretary of the CEC,” he suggested. Grishina savvy in matters of electoral law, electoral is a respected lawyer and a man of impeccable reputation.

In the role of Deputy Chairman of the CEC sees Kalachev Nikolay bulayeva. “He was the Senator from the Ryazan region, head of the Federal Agency for education, has a wide experience of work with regions,” said Kalachev.

“The disappearance of intrigue”

As for the head, “we can talk about the practical disappearance of intrigues, most of the assumptions indicates Ella Pamfilova, and they are highly justified, since from all the possible candidates Ella Pamfilova has the greatest political resources: competence, credibility, and reputation,” – said the newspaper VIEW political scientist, member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Alexei Zudin.

He added that “if the election of Ella Pamfilova as head of the Central electoral Commission confirmed, in the work of the CEC will have a very important and new aspects related to the protection of electoral rights of participants of the electoral process in the face of parties and candidates, but also Russian citizens.”

Speaking about the post of the Deputy, the expert noted: “It would be logical to assume that her Deputy will be a representative of the ruling party”. He recalled that in addition to the representative of the ruling party in the CEC and representatives of the opposition parties, in particular Nikolai Levichev (“Fair Russia”). About him also know that he claims the post of the head of the CEC. “But on the totality of positions and resources possessed by Ella Pamfilova, the chances Levicheva to take the post of the head of the CEC explicitly concede”, – stated the interlocutor.

The expert also recalled that the CEC have a representative from other opposition parties, Communist Vasily Likhachev. “Given his experience, you can assume that it would be the responsibility of the international activities and contacts of the CEC,” – said the analyst.

“As for the crucial post of Secretary of the CEC, have the right candidate someone who is very reputable and experienced employee and who represents the continuity with the old team of the CEC, Maya Grishina,” said Zudin. “The new CEC fits very well into the main trends of Russian policy, which line up in recent times: the competitiveness, transparency and legitimacy”, – the expert said.

“The CEC Chairperson to be sharpened partisan”

“To be nominated for the position of Chairman of the new composition can present the Commissioner for human rights Ella Pamfilova and the ex-the head of fraction “Fair Russia” Nikolay Levichev, said the newspaper VIEW political scientist and Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov – From the point of view of the established trends in relation to expectations of the forthcoming election campaign and those signals that go from the top leadership of the country in terms of what elections should be more transparent, legitimate, and also with a special emphasis on the implementation of voters ‘ rights, Ella Pamfilova here is more priority.” He recalled that it is non-partisan person, experienced, with an impeccable reputation, and equally respected in all institutions, both civil and state, including in the opposition camp. “So it will be in its place”, – said the expert.

Levichev and his party members actively speak about what he claims the post of the head of the CEC, recognized interlocutor: “But when it starts to get hard party tone, this all looks very doubtful. How can the CEC Chairperson to be from any particular party? The CEC Chairman to be sharpened partisan person,” he said.

According to him, the CEC Chairman one, but the quality of Deputy. “In this case Nikolay Bulaev would fit.

He is also an experienced man, was the head of the Federal Agency for education and imagine all the details of this work in the regional aspect. After all, the main component of the elections in the regions. So he could fully substitute the Chairman in his absence, and at other times to share the whole a fairly extensive amount of work as a Deputy,” – says Martynov. He recalled that Bulaev sent to the CEC under the quota of “United Russia”. “But it plays a role not so much his party affiliation, but his vast experience at the head of the Federal Agency for education. This is very high level, such a serious regional administrator”, – the expert added.

On a post of the Secretary of the Commission “would be ideal Maya Grishina,” – said Martynov. “She also experienced many years working with the CEC in the system and not just well versed in election law but is one of the creators of the national electoral law. This is a very valuable experience,” said the source. In addition, the political scientist recalled that the Deputy Vasily Likhachev Communists worked in the Communist party international cooperation, “he is very good at it”. “I think that his experience in this sense will be in demand”, – concluded Martynov.

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