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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Iraqi army launched an offensive on the “oil room” – LIH

The Iraqi army supported by the militias began their assault on the captured “Islamic state” is the second largest city in the country – Mosul. The source of the newspaper VIEW in the North of Iraq notes: the armed forces have managed to repel several Arab villages South of the city, 60 km, however, the offensive stopped. What are the real motives of the onslaught on Mosul?

The Iraqi army with the support of the militia started a massive offensive on the two-millionth city of Mosul in the North, one of the main pillars of the “Islamic state”.

“In Mosul live in a mostly Sunni. And who will liberate Mosul? The Shiite army of Iraq? The Kurds, who massacred the insurgents of DAYS?”

According to the Iraqi government, the province of Ninawa – oil storeroom of Iraq, the center of which is Mosul became the main source of “oil brand ISIS” terrorists smuggling deliver across the border. Because of the oil business of Iraq ISIS loses 300 to 400 thousand barrels per day and monthly suffers billions in losses. Recall that in December 2015 the Russian defense Ministry released evidence that oil shipments from ISIS-controlled territory in Turkey.

Fighting in the oil coast

The source of the newspaper VIEW in Northern Iraq, notes that during the offensive, the armed forces have managed to repel several Arab villages in the South of the city, 60 kilometers, but the offensive stopped. The Lebanese TV channel “al-Mayadin” notes that the Iraqi army is also trying to release from the ISIS militants other villages in Nineveh province.

According to Reuters, the starting point for the onset was the district Mahmur about 70 km from Mosul, where earlier were massed several thousand Iraqi military. This area is located in the strategically important triangle between the “core” area of IG on the North-West of Iraq and the region Hawija bridgehead from which the is militants attacked the oil fields in the Kirkuk area (another major city in Northern Iraq under Kurdish control). “The Iraqi security forces in Mahmure began to make advanced units”, – said the American Colonel Steve Warren, a spokesman for the Baghdad headquarters of the US-led coalition.

According to the Agency, the attack is conducted with the support of American aviation and with the participation of the Kurdish militia, the Peshmerga – the main fighting force of Iraqi Kurdistan. Earlier, leaders of the Shiite militia met with the commanders of Peshmerga, to agree on plans for joint operations with the government army.

The Reuters sources confirmed that government forces and their allies managed to move West, freeing several villages. The Iraqi military urge civilians to stay away from buildings occupied by the militants since these buildings in the coming days will become targets of attack. Troops advance to located on the banks of the Tigris river “oil” the city of Kyara, control of which would help to isolate the bridgehead militants from Hawija occupied by the Islamists of Mosul.

The official name of the Iraqi offensive – “Fatah” in Arabic means “conquest”. In the words of an Iraqi General, the representative of the United command of Yahya Rasoul, “the surgery not only Mosul, but takfirist (followers of a radical ideology based on accusing other Muslims of unbelief – approx. OPINION) in the province Ninawa. Our goal is to raise the flag of Iraq over the entire province and over the city of Mosul by the end of 2016”.

“But many wonder whether it is possible to make it in time this army, which partially collapsed when the militants of Islamic state overran a third of the country?” – notes Reuters.

“Complex city”

The source of the newspaper VIEW in Iraq also doubts that the Iraqi army will be able in the coming months to release such a complex religious and ethnic city like Mosul, which before its fall in the hands of ISIS lived up to two million people.

According to the source, we are not talking about a purely military issue. “The fact that we live in Mosul mostly Sunni. And who will liberate Mosul? The Shiite army of Iraq? Shiite militias of Iraq, which was created with the support of Iran? The Kurds, who massacred the insurgents of DAISH (Arabic name of ISIS – approx. LOOK)? This all lead to unpredictable consequences. Will start another massacre, only in reverse. The Shiites and the Kurds will take revenge for their brothers the Sunnis. This will lead to the destabilization of Iraq. Mosul is a very complex city, however, as all of Iraq,” said an emotional manner in the source.

For coordination and planning of the liberation of Mosul, the Iraqi army opened two focal point. In Erbil – the center of the Autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan – was opened joint center, composed of officers of the Iraqi army, as well as representatives of the international coalition led by the United States. His task will be to coordinate counter terrorism and coordination in Ninawa after the start of the operation. Near the border of the provinces of Erbil and Ninawa opened a command center for the release of Ninawa.

“The main centre for ISIL”

Who’s friends with who and fighting in Syria and Iraq, the second largest city in Iraq Mosul in the Northern Nineveh province remains the main center of concentration of militants IG in Iraq.

Baghdad authorities promise that the battle for the city will take place in 2016 and will be crucial in the fight against terrorists. This is, in particular, in January said the country’s defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi. In turn, Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi said that the attack on Mosul will involve all ethnic and religious groups of Iraq, and U.S. aircraft will support the attack from the air.

In early March this information was confirmed by the Americans. The special representative of the President of the USA for an international coalition to combat “Islamic state” Brett Makers stated that the coalition is beginning the active phase for the liberation of Mosul.

However in February, the Director of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense, Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart said that the liberation of the Iraqi city of Mosul from the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” is unlikely to occur before the end of the year.

“Liberation of Mosul will be a difficult surgery… I’m not so optimistic about what we will be able to implement it in the near future. In my opinion, definitely not this year”, – quotes Reuters the words of Stewart, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“Who will take Mosul, and he shall rule in Iraq”

President of the Institute of religion and politics, orientalist Alexander Ignatenko believes that the attack on Mosul late and at the moment is not prepared, and the main cause of the current offensive on Mosul to look for it in the internal political squabbles of the Iraqi elite.

“The attack on Mosul is caused not so much real military necessity to free Mosul from ISIL, but a political crisis in Iraq. I mean a peaceful uprising, which is implemented kudritskiy the movement of al-Sadr, and contradictions that are exacerbated between the three parts of Iraq. It is about the Shiites, who, incidentally, are not one sunnaah and the Kurds. Those who started the attack on Mosul, pursued primarily political objectives,” – said Ignatenko.

It is noted that today in Iraq, a new political reality, and from the attack on Mosul. “The political force that will be able to capture Mosul, and she shall rule in Iraq”, – the expert summed up.

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