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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Putin and trump start the game against Hillary Clinton

Only in recent days rivals Donald trump called him a jerk, a recruiter for ISIL, a fascist, an admirer of the dictator Putin – hoping thereby to block his path to the White house. But Donald trump, after suddenly received in the person of Vladimir Putin’s peculiar ally in the presidential campaign, instead of making excuses, continues to praise the Russian President is hoping to earn extra points.

Never before the surname of the leader of our country never sounded so often during the election campaign in the United States. Stalin remembered in the last election of Roosevelt in 1944, but then, our countries were allies in the war, and the main Bolshevik was no longer frightened children, Khrushchev was discussed during the debate, Kennedy and Nixon in 1960 – but at the finish of the campaign and only in the context of relations with the USSR.

“How Putin works for trump, and trump is working for Putin”

American elections are generally absolutely an internal affair – the outside world is seen as an object but foreign leaders are not considered worthy of personal attention. Moreover, it is impossible to imagine that the candidate has compared themselves to someone from overseas leaders or defy his support. And even more just couldn’t be the situation when the attitude of the master of the Kremlin has become an important element of positioning of the candidates. But the current campaign breaks many of the stereotypes – including and this.

Of course, the question “How do you assess the position of the candidate in respect of the President of Russia?” is still not included in the polls, but to keep silent about Putin not any one applicant. And, importantly, it is not even on the assessment policy of Russia and its course, and the attitude to Putin per se, that is, a certain image of a strong leader that has developed in the United States. The Putin brand is becoming a significant factor in the election campaign – and now we can watch his casts is the most promising and tenacious candidate, Donald trump.

From the beginning of the campaign trump was the only one who mostly spoke positively about Vladimir Putin – even one of the candidates from influential movement “dummies”, of course antielite Republican, Senator Rand Paul, characterized the most reasonable among all the applicants approach to foreign policy, and we decided to pay tribute to anti-Russian rhetoric.

Trump as deliberately made a notion that he will be able to build relationship with Putin, a key in his campaign. Putin does not respect Obama, in a penny does not put it, because the current President is a weakling, and here I will be able to find a common language with the Russians. First, these words trump was seen as its next folly – yeah, the clown berates Makana and Hispanics, wants to negotiate with Putin, buries itself, that it take.

But moderate compliments Putin does not interfere with the triumphant growth of the rating of the trump – on the contrary, while most other candidates competed in the invention of methods of curbing Russia and Putin, the billionaire continued to repeat its “we agree”. And at some point he may even with the numbers of sociologists have become convinced that this line not only takes away his supporters, but also adds.

Already in the middle of autumn, when the Russian campaign in Syria, trump clearly acted in its support, saying that Putin is doing the right thing is at war with ISIL. And now, after Washington was forced to put aside its demand for Assad to step down, to meet Putin and in fact disavow its policy of isolation of Russia, trump got more and bonuses – well let’s see, Obama is doing what I said, however, it still does not work, because he’s weak.

Since the beginning of December, the trump again began to increase its lead over competitors – he’s now in half ahead of his competitors – and for him it is time to solidify their “base”. And at this moment he got an unexpected ally – Vladimir Putin is neat, but certainly supported trump. After chetvergova press conference the President of Russia finally reacted to the question the answer to which from it wanted to hear at least the last three months, since then, when many had already became clear that trump is serious.

Putin called trump’s talented and the undisputed leader of the race, that trump immediately responded by saying that he was honored to receive a compliment from such a leader, from a person enjoying great respect both at home and abroad. That is, trump and Putin responded in the most irritable for the American establishment tone. “Dear leader” is about who the real American policy is called at best a bully and at worst a dictator? How dare he!” – so had to react to the words of trump, and reacted. And then trump went even further – in response to criticism, he stated that the other candidates are just jealous to him:

“Putin’s attitude to me. I honestly do care for him. I think we can work together with Russia in our favor. For everyone’s benefit. And they are fucking jealous because these people he mentions and not to mention going. So a couple of them made statements like: “Oh no, you don’t want to be friends, Oh no, we don’t want to be friends”. No, we want to spend another five trillion dollars, while continuing to fight”.

Trump ridicules his opponents, mocks them, and says that with Russia is beneficial to cooperate: “I have always felt that Russia and the US must jointly fight terrorism and restore peace, not to mention the trade and other benefits derived from mutual respect”. Even worse, in an interview last weekend trump began to argue with a presenter who was to talk about what is almost taken for granted to the world great American policy. That Putin a “dictator and murderer”.

During the interview with MSNBC leading the Trump expressed his surprise at the addressed to the Russian President’s compliments.

“– What? When they call you brilliant, it is always good. Especially when this man ruled Russia.

Is also the man who kills journalists and political opponents and invade other countries. This is clearly a cause for concern, isn’t it?

He governed his country. And he, at least, the leader. Not what we have in the country.

– But then again, he kills journalists who disagree with him

– I believe that our country, too many kills, you understand, Joe? In the world now is a lot of stupidity, Joe. A lot of murders, a lot of nonsense.

– I do not understand something. But you obviously condemn Vladimir Putin for what he kills journalists and political opponents, right?

– Of course, of course…”

I think trump has made the same condemnation of Putin? No, in another interview on the same day, on the TV channel ABC, he tried to continue this theme, again offering him “to condemn Putin”:

“If he killed the reporters, that’s terrible. But there is no evidence that he was standing with a gun, and, you know, he never took responsibility and was not admitted to the murders. He always denied it. You have said that Putin kills people. I haven’t seen it. Well, tell me the government murdered Russian journalist.”

After the presenter said “Putin, of course, killed journalist, investigative reporter Anna Politkovskaya in 2006” (silent, of course, that this happened on Putin’s birthday), trump replied:

“It was never proven that he killed. You are supposed to be presumed innocent until your guilt is proven? At least in our country.”

And after all that, trump even had the nerve to prove to the host and the audience that Putin is a popular leader, not because he killed all the opposition and destroyed a “free press”:

“I always belonged to Putin is fine. I consider him a strong leader. He is a powerful leader. He is really popular in my country. There respect him as a leader…. It seems to me that we are rated highly for 80 percent…. See, while Obama’s 30-something or 40 and change. And I don’t know who conducts these polls, but I think they actually hold American company”.

This in itself is a scandal in American politics – not only that, trump breaks down all the scenarios of the campaign, he questioned the basic postulates of the foreign policy doctrine that Russia groaning under the yoke of the chekist regime, and only the nuclear triad prevents America to come to the aid of the enslaved Russian people with his fighters for democracy Kasyanov and Navalny. Trump leads subversive activities, much more dangerous than the broadcasting of ten of the “Russia Today” – because he is now the most popular politician in the USA, and watching and listening to tens of millions of people (which is becoming more and more of his supporters), and those who would never watch the English-language Russian news channel.

And the most offensive to the American elite is that you can say to that trump has nothing, nothing to object to his political conviction of corrupt and senseless politicians, so is it impossible to oppose something meaningful words trump about Putin. Only flat joke, as did Senator McCain, who called the Alliance of Putin and trump’s “happy marriage”, or to launch a satirical site trump-putin2016.com how did one of the contestants trump John Kasich, amused by the alteration of the slogan of a billionaire in “let’s Make again the great tyranny!” and “press releases” about the trump choice of Putin as the candidate for Vice-President.

It turns out that Putin works for trump is allowing him to be in foreign Affairs the main antisystem candidate, and at the same time and passing it your rating in the U.S., and trump is on Russia – throughout the session the revelations of anti-Putin propaganda and even advocate normal relations between the two countries.

By the way, this is one of the reasons that Putin decided to support the trump so early – not becoming to wait for his nomination to the Republican presidential nomination.

In all the years – and this is the fifth election in the USA during the years of his rule Putin only once made it clear about his sympathies during the American presidential campaign.

The election of 2000 between Gore and Bush – a view Russia no one was interested. We had the Second Chechen war, and both parties were determined to put pressure on Russia in order to keep her full of themselves too much. In autumn 2004, Putin said that if George Bush loses the election, then the terrorists will celebrate a victory – then towards the re-election of Bush was a Democrat, John Kerry. But it was less than a month before the election – and it is clear that largely due to the fact that acting President Putin has established a human contact that he didn’t want to change the building of relationships with little-known Senator.

But after two and a half years, in February 2007, in Munich Putin, finally reached the determination that U.S. policy defines rather Vice President dick Cheney than President Bush, expressed almost all what he thinks about American exceptionalism.

Then, in 2008, fought the senators McCain and Obama – and with all their antipathy to Soviet anti-aircraft gunners downed pilot Putin had no illusions and in regard to the mulatto standing behind Biden and Clinton.

Four years later, MITT Romney called Russia the main geopolitical enemy of the United States – but in November 2012 Putin by and large was already absolutely indifferent, whether there will be another four years of Obama – Biden, or will the Republicans. It is clear that Obama was the lesser evil – but very conditionally: if the return of Putin to the Kremlin, which occurred a few months before the American elections, it was clear that in Washington in relation to Russia there is a bipartisan consensus at least in two things. The need to contain Russia and Putin to block where possible. Yes, Obama has managed to reach an agreement on the prevention of attack on Syria in the autumn of 2013 – but after a couple months started Ukraine, and the confrontation between Moscow and Washington reached a historical maximum.

To the election of 2016 was prepared, the choice is between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton – in which, for Russia, of course, both are worse, but the third Bush would be preferable mainly in purely human terms. Under Clinton, by the way, Putin already called, was held last year – but with the current level of confrontation between Russia and the U.S. what’s the difference who you’re gonna see him a couple of times a year at the multilateral summits like the “big twenty”.

The real elite in the States is above party politics – and the geopolitics of distinction and all are situational in nature. Of course, with Bush it would be easier to talk – not to agree, and simply say – but there were serious doubts about his ability to beat the former first lady. And they were confirmed ahead of time, and how 2015 a former Governor of Florida ends with a three-percentage rating, averting a public soul-calling moron trump.

Trump – from whom Bush already behind on the order. Behind so that to stop trump becomes malorazlichimyh task not just for the Bush clan, but for the entire Republican establishment. And democratic too – so what Putin has until next November will be a number of opportunities to transmit “hi hot” Hillary Clinton. And no doubt he will use them, through non-systemic and therefore so valuable to us Donald trump.

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