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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

ISIL has found a way to destroy half a million people

40 kilometres Northwest of Mosul is located the “Saddam dam”, which urgently need repair. If this does not happen, Mesopotamia will be covered by the catastrophe of unknown dimensions, and the number of victims will go to millions. At the time, the Kurds recaptured the dam from the ISIL, whose militants were coming from her realize the danger. But now the Islamists have nothing to lose.

The Iraqi government ordered emergency evacuation of the villages located in the immediate vicinity of the “dam Saddam” is the biggest dam of the country. The order given in connection with the danger of its destruction, which will lead to catastrophic consequences for the entire population of Mesopotamia.

“This tragedy may be the most ambitious in the history of mankind – from those that are associated with water. Virtual assessments, it beats direct physical loss of the human race from the flood”

In recent months the dam several times passed from hand to hand, including from the ISIS to the Kurds, and its physical condition can be judged as monstrous. And this, among other things, a large hydroelectric power plant is the most important source of electricity for Iraq. It was built on the basis of the Selenite – gypsum, which in itself is strange for the water facility, but it is a question to build its European engineers. Selenite is gradually being eroded, and water seeps under it. So fifty-meter structure collapsed due to uplyvshih from the soil, it is necessary to conduct regular preventive work, for example, be injected into the base concrete. If this is not done, then 12 and a half billion tons of water will flood all life for hundreds of kilometers along the Tigris river. Two hours after the disaster the crest of a wave with a height of 110 meters suited to half a million Mosul. According to the estimates of engineers, Mosul will be at the bottom of the lake with a depth of 18 meters, and the level of flooding in Bagdad will average 4.5 metres. The death toll in the first stage of the disaster may reach half a million people.

It’s possible that this tragedy may be the most ambitious in the history of mankind – from those that are associated with water. Virtual assessments, it beats direct physical loss of the human race from the flood, as he was called in the myths and legends of the peoples of the world, including the myth of Gilgamesh.

Back in November last year, the Iraqi Director of the dam argued that it was severely damaged during the hostilities. He calls the critical damage, but his words should be treated as what he calls damage. Coming from the dam are aware of all the danger, and because control over it has always been one of the priorities of warring parties. The ISIL militants were able to maintain control over the dam in just 10 days, and then were knocked out by the Kurds with the support of the Americans. In theory, ISIS could blow the dam for the day, but the grouping was not interested in the cannibalism of this magnitude. In August last year for the quasi-and who joined him fighters all went quite well, and they seriously expected to get control of the Iraq people, rather than tap sea.

Who’s friends with who and fighting in Syria and Iraq Now the situation is quite different, but it seems that the environment around the dam is not connected with the machinations of ISIS. It is rather a question of the image of the United States and their public responsibility for the regime that exists now in Iraq.

Previously, injection of the solution into the base of the dam was conducted around the clock. For several years the engineers threw in more than 50 000 tons of a mixture of bentonite, cement, water and air. In the Washington Post it was reported that “twenty-four clanging machines work 24 hours a day, but as the structure is the dissolution of gypsum in dam periodically arise sinkholes”. That is, the technology used by the U.S. army Corps of engineers, was drawn rather cosmetic repairs.

The Americans tinkered with the dam in the tenure of President Bush, because then really thought himself responsible for her condition – and as for what happened in occupied Iraq. Was developed by even a concept, tentatively called “war as work in sphere of social problems”. She has been criticized even in the States themselves, as represented as assisting the vanquished enemy, rather than work on US interests. Overthrew Hussein, held “democratic elections” – and okay, well done, “after us the deluge”. It’s not “shuravi” in Afghanistan, building schools, kindergartens and irrigation ditches that are still working. If the Soviet Union was perceived as such of course – how “international duty” in the U.S. even professional engineers have proposed to shift the responsibility for the content of a dam on the Iraqi government. Victory is good, but the social and technological problems caused by the war harmed the image of the superpower. So the propaganda went ahead again practice life.

In 2003 a report was published that substantiated the need to remove the US concern about the internal Affairs of Iraq, including the “Saddam dam”. “The Americans find themselves under the burden of unwanted and unnecessary loss of life, financial obligations and political problems. As for the people of Iraq, the Mosul dam example shows that what encourages irresponsibility with potentially devastating consequences,” said educated people. That is, the Iraqis are irresponsible, and those who bombed them, is very responsible. Of course, the Arabs there are certain flaws in the national character, but they still want to live and not drown with all of his civilization.

In particular, it was suggested to shift responsibility for the dam on those who built it. It has been built by a German-Italian consortium headed by Hochtief-Aktiengesellschaft (West Germany) in the years 1981-1984 1.5 billion U.S. dollars. Pursued mainly political objective to assist the regime of Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war. During the period of this massacre has been enriched not only lazy – it was a “Golden age” of arms traders, adventurers and builders of all stripes and nationalities. Now the USA come from the fact that they were not involved in the construction of the dam either financially or organizationally or politically, they even did not pass (they do Tehran supported under the scheme “Iran-contra”), but because – to them what matters?

Partly responsible for the dam really managed to take on the Europeans. On 16 December last year 450 Italian soldiers from an elite corps of the Bersaglieri and mountain Riflemen landed on the dam and took her under protection, expelling the Kurds, who drove out ISIL in August. Perhaps argument was the contract for 2 billion dollars, which received an Italian company Trevi for repairs. Now the dam formally continues to be administered by the Kurds and protected by the Italian battalion. But the Kurds are negotiating for her salvation with the Iraqi government, requiring 250-500 million dollars to prevent the destruction of dams and large-scale disaster. This figure they took not quite to the ceiling – simply multiply by ten the costs incurred by the United States during the injection of the concrete during the occupation of Iraq. Normal East market option trading then begins. During the occupation there was a position: special inspector General for Iraq reconstruction (Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction), which argued that the reconstruction of the dam were not conducted properly, and the money stolen by the usual scheme: the concrete is not the same brand, contractor-workers – love the packaging. Then there is the price issue on Kurdish East really is subject to discussion.

The Kurds, as independent experts earlier, I suggest not to fight the destruction cosmetic measures, and to eliminate the problem altogether. Their variant is based on the construction of the second dam – on the contrary, which will assume a portion of the hydraulic pressure and thus will eliminate the risk of flooding of all Rivers. But the government in Baghdad, set much more firmly. It proposes to construct a so-called “dam dam” – a new wall in the ground with a length of 3.2 kilometer (the dam – 3.5 km). The project cost $ 3 billion.

Another project, also invented in Baghdad, provides for the complete draining of the artificial lake and subsequent dismantling of the dam. It costs even more, and long-lasting consequences of such a solution is generally difficult to calculate, since Iraq would lose its primary source of energy, and how to compensate for the loss is not clear. Baghdad plunged into darkness, but, surprisingly, the project has been a lobbyist for Turkey. It is assumed that while in Iraq re-establish its own production of electricity (by the way, how?), Turkey barter will be there to deliver electricity in exchange for crude oil. Still sitting in Ankara amazingly clever guys.

“Dam Saddam” is a real civilizational threat. Only around here it was wound so many conflicting financial and political interests that the chances of a quick and effective solution of the issue are very small. The ISIS troops constantly, and recently – on a daily basis, penetrate into the surroundings of the dam and is clearly plotting something evil. Time accelerated, and after six months, the terrorists are quite willing to immerse Mesopotamia in the water chaos by putting the whole world on ears.

This is the problem that needs to be solved together, since there are politically motivated coalition assails those forces which are inherently prone to cannibalism. Just for starters have something to do with Turkey. There is the word “together” I don’t understand. In any language.VIDEO 

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