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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Found blind the miracle fish who could walk and climb

Unique fish, able to confidently move on land on four flippers and even to climb waterfalls, found a group of scientists from the Technological Institute of new Jersey. Manner of movement unusual creatures in the past were considered as characteristic only for reptiles and mammals.

photo: youtube.com

Blind fish can move on land, was found in cave waters of Thailand. Its body length does not exceed a few centimeters. To resist gravity in the absence of water, helping her over a strong spine and pelvic bones than its aquatic counterparts, as well as more powerful muscles responsible for the fins. Unusual and the location of the fins — they are around at such points relatively to the body, in which amphibians are four-legged paws.

Interestingly, during the move, the detected entity is not required to squirm as some fish, climbing along the bottom. Previously, these creatures who so confidently walking on four legs, scientists have not seen. New look is expected to help them find answers to many questions about the evolution of human limbs — experts suggest that the gradual transformation of fins into feet began about 420 million years ago, in the Devonian period. However, not previously discovered modern creatures with “intermediate” forms of the limbs.

Scientific work on the results of their research experts presented in the journal Scientific Reports.

This is not the first in this year a curious discovery, for fish. Recently a group of scientists from the research Institute “of the Zoological state collection of Munich” for the first time recorded a case where a spotted cat shark resorted to “virgin reproduction” in the second generation, that is, the female is born from a fertilized male egg, brought the same offspring.

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