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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

At the meeting with Putin ordered the oligarchs to sit in diapers

“The best defense is a good offense” – Vladimir Putin had to remember this truism at the Congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP), held in the capital. When the business mentioned the reduction in the tax burden, the President was asked to stand up and say exactly what social obligation you need to do this, cut: pensions, allowances or maybe defense spending? Oligarchs and officials silently looked downcast eyes.

photo: kremlin.ru

Before the arrival of the President of the Congress delegates had the opportunity to listen to pre-prepared reports and to discuss with government officials who were present at the morning meeting.

The head of the MAYOR Alexei Ulyukayev habit shared favorable predictions, promising that inflation by the end of the year will not exceed 8%, and the ruble “will strengthen rather than weaken”.

Russia’s chief storyteller (by the way, on the occasion of the birthday of the RSPP gave Ulyukayev adding machine “Felix” for a more accurate calculation of predictions) continued to insist that the country is already 9 months have stabilized, and the situation in the economy were asked to assess “the name of the book is a well-known author of “Around zero”. (Actually the novel, published in 2009 in the journal “pioneer” under the pseudonym Nathan Dubovitskii, called “Okolonolya”, and its real author is Vladislav Surkov. The work tells the story of total corruption in law enforcement agencies, Parliament and the media, so if the speaker was referring to him, not about some unknown book, the comparison is, frankly, quite bold).

Meanwhile, Anton Siluanov called on the oligarchs do not rely on the reduction of fiscal burden in the short term. “We need to do something, – shrug Minister of Finance – We can not infinitely reduce costs, there is a limit to our abilities”.

The head of RSPP Alexander Shokhin tried to find out from the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, what other issues should not be discuss in the presence of the President:

Here our colleagues from the chamber of Commerce raised was for the recapitalization of the industrial development Foundation as much as 400 billion rubles, and were immediately accused the President of conspiring. You say: we can claim something similar or not?

Healthy ambitions never hurts – encouraged by the government.

When government officials temporarily left Congress (to have time to visit the White House, Dmitry Medvedev, and return to the speech of Vladimir Putin), the delegates began to slowly crawl from the hall “in need”. When g-n Shokhin has noticed that recognizable people in a hall practically does not remain, he decided on repressive measures.

– I look, everyone rushed to take their turn in the toilet. Ask your employees to go and who kicks and who persuasion to drive them back, not hesitating journalists, said the head of RSPP, the next time I’m going to demand that adults wore diapers. At the same time it will increase the demand for our pharmaceutical products…

But since the delegates did not react, had to appeal to the President.

– Him from the Kremlin to go three minutes, – was frightened Shokhin, Who will not have time to enter the hall, hanging in the dressing room, as you know that and you know where.

But, thank God, all has managed. (And how not to catch, when to order plugs FSO?). For the arrival of Putin not only all seated in their places, but also prepared gadgets: the audience did not appear the President, a selfie on the background – this is an indispensable must-have. Even for the most wealthy and established people of the country.

Alexander Shokhin presented GDP with the results of the morning survey of Industrialists and entrepreneurs. First in the list of the most urgent business problems they set out a predictable government policy (“the decision of the authorities not always clear”, – said the head of RSPP), the second – a reduction of checks and other administrative burdens, the third is a reduction of the key rate, the fourth – excessive fiscal burden.

Putin caught a glance at the last item and asked, whereby it is possible to lower taxes. “Let the government tell you that you need to reduce obligations – pensions, benefits, defence spending? What will you do?” – asked a provocative question of GDP. He admitted that the authorities all the time thinking of how to reduce the load, but the solutions don’t have – “it’s really hard.”

In search of a compromise oligarchs have asked the authorities not to increase at least non-tax payments (Talking about it consistently goes at all meetings of the President with the business, but who, apparently, still there).

“This is a game of each Agency in separate sport – complained to the owner of the NLC Vladimir Lisin, – it is Necessary to have someone monitor this story and was cut off trying to add payments.”

Alexander Shokhin after a closed meeting of Putin with members of the Board of RSPP (it is traditionally held on the sidelines of the Congress) told reporters that the business avoided a direct answer to the question of what social responsibilities should the government cut to reduce taxes. “We think we should be talking about how, reducing the burden, broaden the tax base, which will allow you to perform all obligations”, – he explained.

In addition, at a closed meeting, according to Shokhin, discussed specific issues, which were not heard at the Congress. In particular, members of the RSPP Board was asked to introduce the business with draft laws prepared for the second reading. “For years we agree on the provisions of the original document, and second reading are accepted such amendments which change the law beyond recognition. And the author does not find” – said Shokhin.

He added that traditionally the head of state familiarized the participants with the details of the current geopolitical situation – said the development of Russia’s relations with the EU and the U.S. and what changes are possible.

– What grades did you hear? Optimistic or pessimistic? – asked journalists.

Restrained, ‘ said also present at the meeting, Andrey Kostin.

It is noteworthy that neither in Congress nor, apparently, after him not was the issue of Amnesty of capital and their return under Russian jurisdiction. But only said the President, oligarchs and Ministers a year ago.

“What’s to discuss? Such topics on the agenda no,” reluctantly commented one delegate. Alexander Shokhin has recently reported that the Amnesty in Russia did not take place. For 2015 was submitted 150-170 statements, the vast majority of officials who want to legalize their overseas property. As a result, the deadline had to be extended for six months until July 1, and officials struggling to think how to make the agreement more attractive to big business.

The head of the RSPP said that the entrepreneurs agreed with the President to summarize all made at the Congress proposals and to pass them in administration of the Kremlin to receive his orders. “Although this method of control is called hand, he as practice shows, the most effective,” explained the truism Shokhin.

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