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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Argentine tango Obama divides Latin America

Barack Obama is going to strengthen the Pro-American course of Argentina. During a visit to a Latin American country, he assured the new President, Macri the full support of Washington during the “historic transition” and even danced to a new partner Argentine tango. Offers States a tempting for Argentina, but further rapprochement with the United States poses a threat to MERCOSUR.

U.S. President Barack Obama during a tour of Latin America looked on an official visit to Argentina. Like the preceding visit to Cuba, the arrival of Obama in Argentina also claims the record books, since this is the first visit of the U.S. President in a Latin American country for the last 19 years.

“Obama, a supporter of soft power, is destroying Latin America, as it cuts along the meridional principle – on the Atlantic and the countries that will be included in the Pacific community”

“Historical transition”

During the visit, Obama seemed to be trying to emphasize: if earlier, the presidency Cristina fernández de Kirchner, Argentina has sought to develop cooperation with Russia, the now vector needs to be radically changed.

At a joint press conference with his Argentinean counterpart, Obama said that both parties were interested in developing partnerships. “The work between the delegations already underway and identifies areas for potential cooperation,” said the American President, which is quoted by RIA “Novosti”. Recently elected Argentinian leader Mauricio Macri in the answer also announced the beginning of a new phase of relations with the United States: “This is the stage of a Mature relationship, intelligent and constructive,” he said. According to Makri, the one-on-one meeting with Obama he discussed social issues, including the efforts needed to reach the zero level of poverty in Argentina, improve education, growth of science and technology.

Makri also took the opportunity to praise the States for the desire to restore cooperation with Cuba. Obama’s visit to the Republic “opens doors and speeds up the discussion, I welcome (progress) relations between the U.S. and Cuba, Obama brought to Cuba the banner of freedom, and every Cuban should be able to choose what to do with my future,” said Makri.

Obama did not stay in complimenta debt and stated that “under the leadership of Macri Argentina returned to a leading position in the region and the rest of the world”. “We see that many entrepreneurs are beginning to invest in Argentina a significant amount. This may be part of a larger investment programs that will create new jobs and will secure economic growth in the country. The President, Macri and his team managed over a very short period of time to achieve this. And not only the business community noticed (changes) taking place in Buenos Aires. Did the whole world”, – said the President of the United States, which quoted TASS. Obama added that Argentine colleague was struck by his speed with which he implements promised reforms aimed at economic growth and “connecting Argentina to the world community”.

In conclusion, the American President assured him of the readiness of States to give full support to the new government of Argentina and directly say a special “transition” countries: “the United States stands ready to work with the government of Argentina in this historic transitional period in any forms that are presented to us – and you – useful”, – stressed the President of the United States.

Agreement on cooperation and Argentine tango Obama

Following the meeting, the two heads of state, the U.S. and Argentina signed a cooperation agreement in the field of trade and investment. “The agreement promotes the role of trade, private investment, internal and external, contributes to the creation of jobs,” – said the press service of the White house. There has also specified that the agreement deals with intellectual property, market access and cooperation in the field of agriculture. The expansion of trade between the U.S. and the Republic, as well as attracting investment from American companies is one of the most important areas of bilateral cooperation, said Macri, adding a very low trade turnover between the two countries at the present time.

American companies intend to invest $13.8 billion in the Argentine economy over the next four years, said the head of the Ministry of industry of the country, Francisco Cabrera. “Argentina has great potential in natural resources and has very good prospects in the development of industry and services with high added value,” said he, pointing to the special importance of the investment of American companies in Argentina to “ensure real change in the production sphere” of the Republic.

Another bonus to Argentina was the promise of Obama to declassify the documents of American intelligence and armed forces with information about the U.S. role in the military coup in Argentina that happened 40 years ago, said bi-Bi-si.

In addition to agreements, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle had celebrated the fact that during the reception at Mauricio Macri danced the Argentine tango. The American leader was reluctant at first to join in the dance with the girl who invited him during a dinner party, but after persuasion of neighbors on the table and insistent invitations radiantly smiling dancers he had no choice but to agree. Despite the stiffness of the American leader, his partner managed to make him passionate few turns on the dance floor. His wife at that time was invited to another dance partner, both dance recorded on video that is now floating around the Net. Earlier this week, Obama’s “famous” yet another video from Cuba, where at a press conference after a handshake the President of the United States to try to Pat on the shoulder Cuban leader Raul Castro, but he did not allow him to do.

The main still the question remains, how will Argentina vector on Washington or continue to develop relations with Russia. Earlier, the newspaper VIEW noted that by the end of the second term of the presidency of Kirchner, the relationship between Russia and Argentina reached unprecedented in their history – and it’s not just grown several times turnover, and many promising projects – from energy to military cooperation. Argentina to stand United with Venezuela against U.S. pressure on Latin America, creating a common Latin American market, fought off the attacks of supranational capital (trying to bankrupt the country) and increasingly closer to Russia and China. Last year during Putin’s visit to Buenos Aires, Kirchner said the desire of the country to join the BRICS.

When came to power Makri, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov expressed hope that the relations of Argentina with Russia will not worsen. “In recent years, we have achieved a lot in developing relations with Argentina. There are large reserves for the future”, – he noted.

“Makri needs a special relationship with the U.S.”

Experts, however, say that these hopes are in poor agreement with reality. The Argentine government is forced to focus on Washington, said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Deputy Director of Institute of Latin America of Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Sudarev. “What she (Argentina) to navigate? Let’s see what happens with Brazil. She had long ago lost not only its leadership in the region, but dropped cost three or four down”, – said the expert.

He recalled that during a previous Obama visit in Brazil it was about a strategic partnership with that country the USA, but now Brazil to the United States as a strategic partner is not necessary, instead, to the forefront Argentina that can play this role, the expert noted.

However, Argentina is in no hurry to break off relations with Russia and China. Yes, Makri, once ran for President, said that he was going to revise the relationship and agreement that Cristina Kirchner signed with these countries, reminded Sudarev. “But it’s been more than two months, and while no specific information, for example, that Rosatom is out and will not build a nuclear power plant or Russia will not participate in field development, no,” – said the expert. According to him, the main task of the Makri is to pull the country out of the isolation she was 12 years old. “It is important to maximally diversify their foreign economic relations. Why to abandon China? The more China buys 70% of soybeans in Argentina and is likely to buy,” he added.

“On the other hand, Argentina is interested, of course, the TRANS-Pacific partnership. Makri is already claimed. But as soon as Argentina in some form attached, it will be the end of the MERCOSUR (southern common market – approx. OPINION), the collapse of the most powerful in the last 20 years of the integration process in South America. And in this respect Obama, a supporter of soft power, is destroying Latin America, as it cuts along the meridional principle – on the Atlantic and the countries that will be included in the Pacific community”, – said the interlocutor. He noted that Brazil, which is now “in a very sad situation”, in this case “turns out”, and it will need urgently to conclude not concluded for 20 years, the agreement with the European community.

However, Makri claimed that “needs a special relationship with the U.S.” and the main vector of Argentina will be the conclusion “of a free trade agreement between Argentina and the USA against Argentina with Brazil fought so hard, when I stepped on this American zone by 2005, and in General were against it”, the source said. However, “this agreement will destroy MERCOSUR finally and irrevocably”, he concluded.

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