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Monday, February 19, 2018

Why are motorcycles more expensive weekend

Start of quadrantone-2016 was marked by trouble, due to which the prices of the already expensive equipment’s soar to the heavens. “Present” outdoor enthusiasts presented the Russian authorities, entering in the early years of the so-called utilization fee for self-propelled machines in the amount of 105 000 rubles per unit! But does this mean that ATV’s and snowmobiles will soon disappear in Russia as a class?

photo: Dmitry Zlenko

Fans of motorized recreation are shocked, because the technique that they are sick in the head, expensive. So much so that even a little bit- and owner of some mediocre quadric or snowmobile will be associated if not with the oligarch, then at least with a wealthy farmer. The most desperate quads even started to collect signatures under the petition in which tearfully implore President Vladimir Putin, if not to cancel the utilization fee, then at least to revise the tariffs. Recall that an ATV or a snowmobile (as well as any other self-propelled machine) produced outside of our country, shall be “rents” in the amount of 60 000 roubles in case of engine capacity not exceeding 300 cubic centimeters. If the device has a motor more specified cubing, would you be kind enough to bring to the Treasury 105 000 “wooden”!

Meanwhile, exchange rate fluctuations of the currencies of the already twice inflated the price of equipment of the rest of the weekend. If before a decent Quad bike cost about $ 500,000, under the current circumstances for the same device out of the pocket need to get 1 000 000. And there you are, with absolutely nothing more than 105,000 “Rubashov” stick! If you look at the Analytics of the sales of ATVs and snowmobiles in Russia in 2013 and 2015, according to conservative estimates, the volume of equipment dropped 6 times! Many dealerships have closed down, some, realizing the futility of his further existence, living out of a suitcase. It’s going to be just a few months, and we simply will not remain shops where you can buy a new ATV or snowmobile.

Adopt Asian experience

However, not everyone shares such a pessimistic mood. Instead, most experts say that a “car recycling fee” will give a powerful impetus to the development of this sector. And I must admit, their arguments are not without meaning. As one of the arguments lead China at metproizvodstva! Now, China supplies the mountains, scooters, motorcycles and snowmobiles half the world. It all started with the fact that at the time the government imposed a duty of 300% on the import of finished products… … world’s leading monocompany opened their factories on the Chinese mainland, providing jobs in this industry over a million people. But soon, as we know, began the expansion of cheap technology to other countries.

Moreover, the Chinese METAPROM rose to unprecedented heights thanks largely to the consumers from Russia. No joke, if in our country, 97% of the operated scooter made in China? And the Chinese ATVs (this includes all-terrain vehicles, assembled in Russia from Chinese components) comprise about 80-85% of the total. This state of Affairs is contributed to primarily the absence of customs barriers: customs duty is only 5% of the declared value of the equipment. If we talk about it on live money, at the price quadric, say, 200 000 rubles to the budget of our country “drips” are only 10 000 “wooden”.

Tricks with custom

But even these crumbs the state often does not receive, since some savvy importers (and sufficiently large), by mutual agreement with the Chinese producers several times in the documents understate the value of goods. That is, do, in fact, contraband.

For example, when the real price quadric factory in China in 4500 dollars our customs authorities of the importing company shall present useless scrap of paper, where is indicated a price of 1000.e. If you calculate the number of years of imported equipment thus, it becomes clear that the crooks in your pocket donkey the budget of a large Russian city.

photo: Dmitry Zlenko

A rascal with government importers not only ATVs, but also the owners of vehicles. According to statistics, only 30% of ATV owners put off his “horses” on the account and add taxes to regional budgets. The fiscal encumbrance on quadrics is relatively small, less than 1,000 rubles a year, but when the budget of the country the wind is on the account, without false pathos, every ruble. Looking ahead, we say that including the unwillingness of 70% of the owners of ATV’s to pay to the Treasury bills had prompted the government to overcome the arrears, entering the notorious “car recycling fee”. In a sense, the quads themselves provoked what curse now.

However, the withholding of money from the budget by understating the value of imported ATVs and nepostanovku thereof is only one slice of the problem. Business in the style of “buy in China and sell in Russia” gives jobs to millions of people. However, living in China, while in our own country we are seeing the growth of unemployment. Somehow not very Patriotic, isn’t it?

It is obvious that the time has come to revive domestic METAPROM. But how to make a business deal not a screwdriver Assembly, and to establish full production from Russian components? Of course, only by creating the appropriate conditions. And the introduction of utilization fee is one of them.

The idea of a “car recycling fee” on imported us ATVs and snowmobiles born in the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation long before the current crisis, but emerged in the country’s economy problems have become a kind of catalyst for its early realization. At the moment in Russia there are only 4 plants, one way or another involved in the production of motor vehicles. And these enterprises to their regions are town. More than 250,000 people are employed in the industry, and not sign it at the beginning of the year the President of the country the law on utilization, with high probability, these companies would be forced, if not to disappear, at least three times to reduce the number of its employees. And this social tension in the regions, rallies and growing discontent of the population, which is particularly inappropriate on the eve of the forthcoming elections to the state Duma.

National quadratures

That is, from whatever side you look at the consequences of the adoption of the law on utilization fee for self-propelled machinery — out solid pros. First, developing its own production. Secondly, there are jobs. Thirdly, the country are not funneling the money before the powerful river flowed in the foreign quadromania. Fourthly, due to the action taken increases the size of the Treasury. Fifth, the “car recycling fee” has created all conditions for foreign companies whose business involves the manufacture and sale of motor vehicles, for investment into our economy and build factories in Russia. And these obvious advantages it is foolish to deny, especially if we take the example of the automobile industry.

So why are some members of the professional community are against? Oddly enough, it’s not expensive Japanese, canadian or American motobrendy who are more worried about the ruble against the dollar. For their wealthy clients, the additional overhead is 105 000 roubles a trifle. For bags that 1.2 million rubles for the device that 1.3 million — are one and the same.

Most of the recycling initiatives of the affected producers from China, which more than half its output being driven to the Russian market, and we are talking about billions of dollars of turnover. To lose such a big chunk of the Chinese, of course, do not want and go to all sorts of tricks, if only our government had appealed the judgment. Meanwhile the Chinese will not be banned nor prohibited to invest in the construction of plants in Russia (a number of automobile companies, China has already started construction). But to do that they don’t want to, preferring to put pressure on the government of Russia through its Russian representatives, spreading the idea that “car recycling fee” will bury the Russian market of ATVs. However, again, the example of the automotive industry this position categorically denies.

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