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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Installed three of the perpetrators of the attacks at Brussels airport, one arrested

The Belgian police announced the names of the likely perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in Brussels. This brothers Khalid and Brahim Batrawi who was suspected of the November terrorist attacks in Paris. They are identified as bombers at the airport. Also arrested the third suspect – Najim, Sahrawi. All three are caught in the lens of the camera in a time when carried on trucks bombs in suitcases.

The suspects

“I don’t think after Friday you can use two or three days to organize this kind of action, like yesterday. This could speed up the action (the terrorists)”

Belgian police on the second day after the terrorist attacks have established suspected of committing crimes. The name of one of them – Najim, Laarabi (Sahrawi), the newspaper Derniere Heure. He was arrested in the commune of Anderlecht, reports the portal DH.be citing an unnamed source.

According to media reports, Sahrawi was one of three people with carts at Brussels airport in photos released by police and posted the Belgian media (far right).

Brothers Khaled (Kalid) and Brahim (Ibrahim), Basrawi identified as suicide at Brussels airport, TV channel RTBF. It is believed their accomplices Abdeslam – the alleged organizer of the November terrorist attacks in Paris.

Nevertheless in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belgium, while the claim about the lack of communication of the terrorist attacks in Brussels with the arrest of Abdeslam: “I don’t think after Friday you can use two or three days to organize this kind of action, like yesterday. This could speed up the action (terrorists). It is now possible to put forward many hypotheses, but it is incumbent on investigators to conduct the investigation,” – said the head of the Ministry Jan Jambon.

On the eve of the source in the Belgian police also said that while early to speak about the relationship of explosions at Brussels airport with the arrest of Abdeslam.

One of the brothers Bachraoui – Khalid – rented under a false name an apartment in the commune fauré on the street Drys in Brussels, where there was a skirmish with police on March 15. In the same apartment were found the traces of the presence of Abdeslam, whereby he was found, and then arrested on 18 March during large-scale special operation, along with four other suspects.

On March 21 the Minister of internal Affairs of Belgium Jan Jambon stated that the elimination of this cell may encourage other terrorists to act. According to him, the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) still has an extensive network in Europe, particularly in Belgium and France. He explained the maintenance in Belgium of the third (penultimate) level of terrorist threat.

The taxi driver and bomb trolley

According to the newspaper Derniere Heure, Podosinki terrorists the taxi driver helped police find new bombs and to calculate the expected participants of the terrorist attack. Thanks to him, the guards were able to find a new bomb at the airport and then the apartment in the Brussels municipality of Skærbæk.

The taxi driver contacted police a few hours after the attack, when compared the transmitted media information about terrorists with clients, which gave a lift to the airport. The driver recalled that the passengers brought three bags, as shown on surveillance at the airport of entry, and more. Part of the bags didn’t fit in his car. The taxi driver reported the address of the house, near which he was taking customers.

According to the recording surveillance cameras, terrorists at the airport of Brussels transferred the bombs in suitcases, according to Agence France-Presse with reference to the mayor of the Belgian municipality of Zaventem Francis Vermeiren. “They put bags on the truck, the first two bombs exploded. The third (the terrorist) also put a suitcase bomb on a cart, but he must be panicked and it did not explode,” said the mayor.

On the eve of the Belgian police published photos of the suspect in the terrorist attack at the airport. In the picture was a picture of part of a photo previously posted of the Belgian media, were filmed three men with trolleys for Luggage. According to media reports, two of these three could be suicide bombers, blew himself up in the departure hall of the terminal. Photo published in the official Twitter of the police.

VIDEOAlso released video of the first seconds after the attack at the airport of Brussels.

According to the latest information, the attack in Brussels, the responsibility for which has taken the group “Islamic state, in the Belgian capital killed 31 people, and about 260 were injured of varying severity.

Measures, version, investigation

A state of emergency in connection with the terrorist attacks in Brussels will not be introduced, said the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belgium Jan Jambon: “It is not in the practice of our democracy,” he said on the RTBF TV and radio company, RIA “Novosti”.

At the same time, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has advocated the strengthening of controls at external borders of the EU. According to him, “never have we had the threat of terrorism at this level”, and the threat now, perhaps even stronger than before the November terrorist attacks in Paris.

Investigation under article “Murder in the attack” in the capital of Belgium has already started the Paris Prosecutor’s office, reports TASS.

This is a standard procedure by the Paris Prosecutor’s office, as in the attacks injured eight citizens of France. Three of them are in serious condition.

German guards near the border with Austria detained three people in the car with a Belgian license plate, running investigating a possible planning their terrorist attack, Reuters reports citing a police spokesman.

Moving and Belgian investigation. According to the portal lalibre.be in Brussels was discovered a computer with “interesting” content on IG. Employees Bruxelles Proprete, engaged in cleaning the streets, find the computer that contains some important information about the grouping is, perhaps, the terrorist attack.

The European Commission (EC) after the terrorist attacks in Brussels intends to propose to introduce control at the entrance to airports, told the newspaper Welt. “It makes sense, because then all visitors of airports will be checked before entering the terminal,” – leads the publication the words of an EC representative.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak saw a link between terrorist attacks and migrants: “We have consistently, at all meetings of heads the Ministry of internal Affairs of the EU countries draw attention to the fact that there is a link between terrorist acts and the influx of migrants to Europe. It cannot be questioned. Many of the countries of Western Europe, claimed otherwise. We see the consequences of these allegations” – leads his comment TASS.

On Tuesday in fact, there is a “Belarusian trail”. Media reported that the terrorist attacks in Brussels suspected three citizens of Belarus, allegedly recruited into the IG. Later two of them – Ivan and Alexei Dovbysh – contacted radio and declared their innocence in the bombings. The KGB of Belarus after checking stated that the citizens of this country are not involved in the crime.

As for the main version of the attacks in Brussels, it is the desire of the “Islamic state” to show the world his power. The militants have promised to participate in the anti-terrorist coalition against the Western countries new, “even more terrible terrorist attacks”. U.S. President Barack Obama promised to continue to attack positions of the IG, and after the incident.

In the United States believed possible terrorist attacks in Belgium, but specific data were not available, in turn, told Reuters the three government source in Washington.

According to Sky News, Belgium and its citizens are constantly mentioned in the documents of the terrorist group “Islamic state”. Among those mentioned in the documents of suicide bombers is registered and Algerian Belkaid Mohammed, killed Tuesday during a police operation in Brussels.

The newspaper reported that the terrorists in Brussels could distract attention from the more global concept.


On Wednesday in Brussels began three days of mourning for those killed in terrorist attacks. “The terrorist attack in Belgium, perhaps the most difficult and the most tragic in the history of Brussels and all Belgium,” said Prime Minister Charles Michel.

Belgium’s king Philippe said that Belgium “on March 22 will never be the same day as before”. “In the face of threats, we will continue together to respond with firmness, composure and dignity. Save the confidence. In this confidence is our strength,” said the king, an appeal which was broadcast on Belgian television.

The foreign Minister of Belgium Didier Reynders called on the Belgians to continue to live “almost normally” and after the terrorist attacks.

In a sign of mourning for the victims of the Brussels people lower flags and in some European countries, e.g. Germany. The authorities of Madrid and community of Madrid also announced three-day mourning in connection with the terrorist attacks in Brussels. The French government took the decision that as a sign of solidarity with Belgium on the country flags will be attached to mourning ribbons.

The Belgium flag was raised on Tuesday afternoon on the residence of the British Prime Minister. In memory of those killed in the explosions over the residence at Downing street was lowered the British flag.

At the Belgian Embassy in Moscow opens book of condolences in connection with the recent in Brussels attacks. On Tuesday, the actively Muscovites brought flowers to the Embassy of the European country.

Russian state Duma observed a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the attacks. The speaker of the Duma Sergei Naryshkin has sent a telegram of condolences to the President of the Belgian Parliament.

While Belgium did not respond to offered assistance in the investigation of the attacks, stated on air of TV channel “Russia 24” Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Sergey Zheleznyak.

A kind of “pointed” mourning for the victims of the Brussels terrorist attacks of neo-Nazis from “Azov”. The day before they came to the Embassy of Belgium in Ukraine with torches, although the torchlight procession was widely used by the leaders of the Third Reich.

The night after the incident took place in Brussels without incident. The only notable violation of the order Tuesday night steel searches in the Brussels municipality of Skærbæk, where, perhaps, spent the last hours before the attack the perpetrators.

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