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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Americans will help Ukraine to finish the defense industry

Forum on defense and security in Kiev, which brought together influential representatives of global manufacturers of weapons, was designed to attract investments in the Ukrainian defense industry. I told the U.S. Ambassador on the translation of local representatives to NATO standards. In fact, behind these big words costs nothing, except final finishing of the Ukrainian “defense”.

The U.S. Ambassador in Kiev Jeffrey Payette said that Ukraine could become an “important player in the field of defence”, but only if further reforms and fight against corruption. “This requires a paradigm shift in the Ukrainian defense industry and the shift away from old thinking and state enterprises”, – said the Ambassador. According to him, the us defense industry will be the Ukrainian partners and provide them with the necessary technology. Moreover, in 2016 the United States will help Kyiv to implement NATO standards in the defense sector. “This year our goal is to go beyond emergency relief. That is, concentrate on providing assistance to Ukraine to build institutions and forces in accordance with NATO standards”, – concluded the diplomat.

“Maxim Glushchenko under the chamber acknowledged that “Ukroboronprom” does not produce any new technology, but only repairs and returns to the old system of Soviet designs”

All Payette is formulated in the framework of his speech at the Ukrainian forum on defense and security in Kiev. And was there not the highest-ranking representative of the United States. In addition to his readiness to begin active cooperation with Ukraine in the military sphere undersigned member of the Committee on defense and national security of the Congress, Loretta Sanchez. And even held a special joint press conference with the head of “Ukroboronprom” Roman Romanov under the title “U.S. Military aid for Ukraine: status and prospects”.

According to Sanchez, the U.S. are closely watching the aggressive actions from the Russian Federation and to strengthen the position of Ukraine, Kiev will give not only the necessary equipment, technology for the production. “We support Ukraine in conditions where she is holding the Eastern front. In the U.S. defense budget has funds for defense technology and equipment to Ukraine. Ukraine needs to get its territory back. We will provide a system of control over the border, but it is important to help Ukraine to make the right things independently,” she said. Novels in response said that the American system of border control is one of the most modern.

This forum was conceived solely as an investment and no political component is not included, but the tone was set by the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov, who told the audience that the Russian aggressors threaten not only the freedom-loving Ukraine, but also worldwide, and therefore we must help Ukraine, starting with honoring the heroes of Maidan moment of silence. After that, each next speaker talked about how he personally is going to help Ukraine to cope with the invasion of Eastern barbarians.

In the Kiev hotel “InterContinental” was attended by representatives of Boeing, Airbus, Thales International, Microsoft Corp., PCO SA, Dеfense Sеcuritе Sagem, Elbit Systems, Caterpillar Inc, Renault Trucks Defense, Honeywell Defense and Space Int., Orbital ATK, STC Delta and some other companies, known in the arms market. Oversaw the magnificence of the Deputy assistant NATO Secretary General for defence investment Ernest Herald, as well as two ambassadors – the familiar Geoffrey Pyatt and the canadian Petro Vashchuk.

The bar for future achievements asked Roman Romanov, who said that Ukrainian military industry must be among the top five largest in the world, than picked tumultuous applause. But from a practical point of view, was able to verify only some agreement about “systems of control over the border” name Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. According to Romanova, it’s a mysterious equipment is a multifunction radar system that “sees” at a distance of over 40 km and is equipped with a special camera that is able to automatically detect and track a target. The agreement on cooperation between the “Ukroboronprom” and the company Aeroscraft were signed six months ago, and now in Ukraine complete the necessary installation work.

“Cooperation “Ukroboronprom” and Aeroscraft outlined three main stages of implementation. The first is delivery, Assembly of necessary equipment and training of personnel for its maintenance. The second practical production complexes in Ukraine from American components. The third – maximum localization of production and technology transfer,” added the press service of the Ukrainian concern.

That is, in fact, this is the screwdriver Assembly from American parts. If Ukraine, as Ambassador Pyatt, “moves to American standards”, is quite logical. But another explanation for such a broad interpretation of the speech of the Ambassador (“the transfer of Ukraine to NATO standards”). In General, the forum was held under the patronage of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine and was designed to attract investment to the military-industrial complex, because it is soloed mostly Novels, of which this role was carried to the sky-high given. “Now the whole world is watching the revival of our defense industry, which became one of the major shields on the protection of the world” is still not the most pretentious statement of the head of “Ukroboronprom”.

It is remarkable that exactly one week before the forum, Deputy Romanov Maxim Glushchenko under the chamber acknowledged that “Ukroboronprom” does not produce any new technology, but only repairs and returns to the old system of the Soviet samples. Moreover, the statement that was made in relation to the widely publicized armoured personnel carrier “Dozor-B”, the first batch of which was made in Lviv in December 2015, but the troops never came. “We are busy patching the holes,” said Glushenko. He’s still not fired.

This utopia turned out to be and plans to create a Ukrainian tactical UAV, “unmanned tactical multifunctional complex”. On the implementation of this plan working literally the entire Ukraine: “Antonov” as the underlying enterprise, as well as SJSHC “Artem”, SE “Izyumsky instrument plant”, state enterprise “Orizon-navigation”, GP “Zaporozhye machine-building design Bureau “Progress” named after academician A. G. Ivchenko”, PJSC “Kyiv plant “Radar” and others. In addition, the participation of enterprises subordinated to the State space Agency – Central design Bureau “Arsenal” and PJSC “Hartron”. All these organizations and people are willing to develop a drone to the end of the year and start to supply it to the troops in 2017. But with a caveat. The UAV can only perform intelligence functions. The official release States that “the team is conscientiously working on the first example”, but it is not clear, why do we need the word “faithfully”, because the end result is a balloon, not a “multi-function air complex”. Everything else “Uroborosa” postponed long ago Thailand paid for the supply of tanks “Oplot”, because its not enough.

“Ukroboronprom” employs about 80 thousand people – from the designers to the workers. It is reasonable to assume that “the transition to American standards” (i.e., “screwdriver Assembly” of foreign designs) will retain some production capacity and of employment, but finally finish research component. She’s scarcely alive: all of last year the Ukrainian research Institute “converted” and “modified” the MI-8 is without doubt the most common helicopter in the world, but also one of the most outdated.

They heroically planted aluminium stock on a sniper rifle in 7.62 that looks, shall we say, curious. Snipers – people with a peculiar psyche – use other expressions: sniper rifle under the old Soviet submachine gun cartridge of the sample served as the “latest development”, is not even nonsense, and something on the edge of black humor. Yes, the stocks of Soviet ammo for old machines need to be taken care of, and just a little bit easier to alter the design of the SVD (which was initially created on the basis of Kalashnikov, which was fine for the USSR) than to come up with something modern. But now all the modern samples, for example, the Russian sniper weapons built or pistol cartridges 9 mm, or on reinforced 12-gauge – and this is a global trend. And Izhmash underway to develop new ammunition even for those samples that have historically focused on the old Soviet system. Ukrainian “sample ВМ2 MP-SLD” is a cheap plastic surgery produced in Uman over the SVD (they are even more threads on the muzzle cut).

All this carnival does not commend Ukrainian military-industrial complex to “NATO standards” or individual States, but only successfully kills the remnants of the Soviet industrial system, yet not finished for years of independence. Ambassador Pyatt can plenty of talk about the need to start its own production of modern weapons in Ukraine, but in reality we are really talking about CKD Assembly.

Congresswoman Sanchez also cannot offer the Ukrainian army, what she really needed. She is famous because during one of the election campaign in his native California, placed the staff on Fund-raising in the famous mansion of Hugh “Playboy” Heffner and refused to move even after the requirements of the party’s leadership. In the end Sanchez suspended from fundraising, but the residue remained.

And oversees all the submission of the main person in NATO on investment he said nothing at all in the genre of “believe, love”. I can understand him – he came to NATO from IBM and money, and risks, to consider used.

All of this is the case when Americans pronounce words in Kiev understand or literally, or with exaggerated train. Pyatt is not going to pull Ukraine up to American standards (by the way, what is it?). On the contrary, it was about an artificial coma for the rest of the Ukrainian defence industry as a strategic plan.

While there is evidence that already at least one large industrial Association – NTK ZTM (the former Factory of precision mechanics) – has held talks with potential investors from South Korea and Germany on the replacement of equipment. This is strange, because the company, though part of the “Ukroboronprom”, but belongs to transnational Russian-Belarusian-Ukrainian group. Plant in Khmelnytsky achieved record production figures in 2015, and as usual rivet belts, machine equipment and parts of belts for automatic guns. They have where to use. Cartridges no regrets.

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