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Saturday, January 20, 2018

American generals in vain complain of weakness of its own army

Neither the air force nor the Navy will not be able in the coming years to cope with possible threats. This statement was made by the head of the joint chiefs of staff, Pentagon General Dunford. Whether the combat readiness of American armed forces has fallen so low, as warn commanders during the discussion of the defense budget for 2017?

In the coming years, all branches of the armed forces of the United States will not be able to resist the threats that the country may have to deal with. With this assessment made by the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. General Joseph Dunford.

“Everyone’s asking for money and scaring Washington. On the other hand, of course, in the U.S. armed forces have a problem, and a considerable”

According to The Washington Free Beacon, speaking to the Commission of the house of representatives in the debate on the new of the U.S. defense budget for 2017, Dunford explained the problem of the readiness of a few years “precarious financial situation” against the background of high involvement of U.S. armed forces in certain military operations.

On the way out of this situation will take years, says a high-ranking military. Dunford argues that the Navy and marine corps will not be ready to confront threats at the required level until 2020 budget year, and the air force until 2028.

At the beginning of the hearing, the head of the Commission Mac Thornberry referred to other members of the American military leadership, including army chief of staff Mark Milly and General John Allen as saying that the combat readiness of the U.S. army far from the level at which American citizens are entitled to expect.

Thornberry reminded of the words of the Minister of the air force Deborah Lee James, who noted last week that “less than half of the armed forces of the United States ready for a high-tech battle”. The current U.S. air force she identified as “least prepared” troops in the entire history of the country.

Dunford agreed with the statements of their colleagues. “And I think that they accurately reflect the state of the armed forces of the United States as a whole”, – said the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

“No army in the world is not ready for the current level of threats”

To consider the statement of General Dunford is necessary first of all in relation to the fact that now there is a discussion of the U.S. defense budget, said in comments the newspaper VIEW, the General-the major in resignation, the Deputy Director of the Institute of USA and Canada studies Pavel Zolotarev. The expert sees no real military or operational reasons for such statements.

“If to speak about readiness of the U.S. army, you need to keep in mind that even in the 1990-ies, during the period of bill Clinton in American military strategies it was noted that armed forces are not ready for new threats, – said Zolotarev. – Rightly so, as no army in the world was not ready for the current level of threats, primarily international terrorism. Today, the U.S. army prepared and better equipped than it was in 1990-ies. Then in the ranks of the U.S. military attended rachelaziani as it disappeared, the threat from the USSR. Then the financial cost of the war have been cut”.

“Moreover, the United States has significantly reduced the number of its armed forces in the 1990s and early 2000-ies. Then followed 11 September. After that, the Afghan and Iraq campaign has seriously strengthened the United States army. The budget for the army has grown. In addition, operations in Iraq and Afghanistan has led to the accumulation of experience and qualitative growth level of the army. So I don’t think that today the U.S. army is facing big challenges mentioned by the chief of OKH”, – said the major-General.

Zolotaryov sees no threat for Russia in strengthening the military presence of the U.S. army in Eastern Europe. “U.S. increases military presence in Europe with the sole purpose to keep the countries of Eastern Europe into the orbit of its influence. Hence the pressure from Washington for Europe to increase military spending. USA, these States gradually moved away from them. To believe that the strengthening of NATO and the USA in Europe is a threat to Russia, not serious”, – said the interlocutor.

“Lost leadership in several regions of the world”

What is the relationship between the military capabilities of Russia and Atopology retired, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski said in comments the newspaper VIEW that the complaints voiced by American generals for a reason and not “suddenly”. Military expert agree with the point of view of Pavel Zolotarev is the main motive behind such statements lies in the fact that now in the U.S. military budget is minimized.

“Now the U.S. Congress is busy debating the defense budget. The Pentagon, CIA, NSA, RUMO and other military services of the USA are actively involved in this process. I am sure that the statement of General Dunford connected with the winding up of the budget of defense. All asking for money and scaring Washington. On the other hand, of course, in the U.S. armed forces have a problem, and considerable. There is a problem in technological fields, lost the lead in several regions of the world, including in Asia and in the East,” – said murakhovski.

A military expert noted that the U.S. calculation on light, expeditionary force is not justified. “Closed the program “future Combat systems”, a lot of money was spent on “walking robots”. The technical superiority of the U.S. army gradually lost in the regions adjacent to China and Russia. The U.S. air force can no longer act with impunity, as before. US ground forces almost completely lost the ability to conduct large-scale fighting on land. The emphasis on light mobile infantry brigades failed,” – said the military expert.

But despite this, the US remains the owners of the most efficient army the world, says the source. Victor Murakhovsky do not agree with Pavel Zolotarev and I am sure that in the 1990s the US army was stronger than today. “Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the U.S. armed forces in the mid-1990s were much more impressive. You may recall that they held at that time in Eastern Europe two army corps. Compared to 1990 they have substantially reduced the size of its army,” – said the source.

“On the other hand, they are considerably advanced in some areas, in particular in the automated control of troops and weapons and drones. Significant progress has been made in aviation. USA is the only country in the world with the fighter of the 5th generation” – said murakhovski.

More money does not mean better

Various rankings of military power countries of the world in some degree indicate the decrease in morale of the U.S. army. However, the country is still at the top of such studies. States are the undisputed leaders in terms of military budget. In November last year, President Barack Obama signed the defense budget for 2016. Its volume amounted to 607 billion dollars.

In mid-February, was published an annual index of Global military power (it is prepared by experts of the site Global Firepower). A leader has kept the Armed forces of the United States, followed by the armies of Russia and China. American sun by a wide margin ahead of competitors by volume of military expenditure, which was key to US leadership and in last year’s ranking.

According to experts GFP, Russia is almost two times more tanks than the Americans – 15 398 thousand to 8 thousand 848, but less aircraft 3 thousand to 13 thousand 547 444. China surpassed the US in number of fighting vehicles, but inferior in this respect to Russia.

The fourth position in the ranking has kept India, the highest place of the European countries occupied by the United Kingdom, the top ten also hit France, Germany and Turkey.

The counting methodology takes into account more than 50 factors, including defense spending, military power-air force and marine units, the volume of extraction of natural resources and logistics characteristics of countries, such as the number of existing seaports and airports, the length of the road ways. An important role in the play counts and human resources. The rating is not taken into account the nuclear potential of States, as well as the nature of military and political leadership ranked countries.

In October last year, analysts at Credit Suisse was the rating of the effectiveness and efficiency of the armies in the world. First they put the U.S. army, the second was the army of Russia, “bronze” went to the Chinese military. The rating is based on the calculation of a special index of military force based on the analysis of six indicators: the size of the armed forces, the number of vehicles, planes, helicopters, submarines and ships in the Navy. In addition, analysts take into account military expenditures. Characteristics such as the degree of training of troops, the efficiency of the system management and other factors, when calculating the index were not considered.

The superiority of the American army was largely associated with a high military budget of the country. He’s bigger than all the following rated ten countries combined.

US investment does not hit the target

At the same time, Russia and China stand to gain cost efficiency. They invest more in modern equipment. As noted by the Economist, in this regard, the U.S. advantage in technical equipment is gradually being eroded. America has focused on the production of armored vehicles and drones, while China and Russia are rapidly improving.

To weaknesses of the American military machine experts highlighted the vulnerability of ships before missile attack from the land, and planes and satellites before modern air defenses. U.S. aircraft harder to detect mobile missile launchers. In addition, the U.S. air base in the regions of inadequately protected from attacks. However, the U.S. is still very strong in the air and at sea.

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