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Sunday, February 18, 2018

In Moldova, planned the destruction of the country by 2018

The press got a plan “simultaneous” accession of Moldova to Romania no later than 2018. It happened two days later after ex-President of Romania Basescu requested the Chisinau Moldovan citizenship. It is possible that in the end, Basescu will try to become the President now Moldova and thus to find a way to its accession.

Became public on Monday, the plan for the elimination of the Moldovan statehood provides to 2018 “instantaneous, without transition periods, the inclusion of the territory between the Dniester and the Prut part of Romania, the EU and NATO”. It was a former Advisor to the Prime Minister of Romania, expert of the Fund of the University of the Black sea, the Romanian Academy of Sciences Petrichor Puu.

“Intensified unionist organizations – both public and political. Such sentiment is”

“The only way to accede to Euro-Atlantic security structures (NATO) and the European political structures (EU)” – the transfer of territory between the Prut and the Dniester under the full control of Romanian laws, believes Petrichor Puu.

Quota “Transylvanian”

According to the plan, no referendum is required, the merger just approved by the parliaments to be elected to the legislature of the United Romania. In Parliament and the government proposed to retain for the representatives of Moldova the quota of 20% within 20 years. Living in the former Soviet Republic’s national minorities are included in Romanian society according to the model, applied to living in Transylvania to the Hungarians.

We will remind, according to the polls in Romania, the number of supporters of the merger of the two countries makes up almost 68%, in Moldavia – only 21% of the population. Nonetheless, in the Moldovan opposition drawn script not found fantastic. “Neither the IMF nor the external partners of the money the current government will not give. A couple of years, citizens can declare that “better a horrible end than horror without end”. As “horrible ending” will offer the unification with Romania,” predicted the leader of the Pro-Russian “Our party” Renato usatyi. “To keep Moldova as a state can, if it will be possible to change power in the country until 2018, but this is possible only through mass protests”, – wrote in social networks by the opposition. According to the politician, Bucharest convinced the EU and the US to support the oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, who, in turn, “promised to Bucharest to attach Moldova to Romania”.

“Trajan” horse

As if by coincidence, the plan appeared two days later after ex-President of Romania Traian Basescu and his wife Maria formally requested citizenship of Moldova. Basescu is known as a supporter of a reconstruction of the so-called greater Romania within the borders of 1939. A few years ago Basescu promised that after the expiry of the authority will request the citizenship of Moldova, in order to fight for reunification. He left his post in December 2014, the ex-President headed the party “people’s movement” whose aim was the reunification.

“Basescu is associated with Moldova two wins in the presidential election. And at last the residents of Moldavia with Romanian passports and ensured his victory, reminded the newspaper VIEW former Ambassador of Moldova to the UN and the Council of Europe, political analyst Alexei Tulbure. – He has the right to a nationality, but does not have the right to participate in presidential elections, because you have 10 years to live on the territory of Moldova”.

However, the expert did not rule out that before the may presidential elections in Moldova, the authorities can cancel the 10-year residency requirement, preventing Basescu to run. “Here is the logic. Plahotniuc has apparently enlisted the support of Bucharest, because plahotniuc promised to provide some stability. And the background of the conflict with Russia over Ukraine is important for the West. In exchange, they forgive him but not take away the stolen. Plahotniuc has managed to put together there are different methods of controlled constitutional majority, and the Parliament can vote for anything. The population won’t even ask” – the analyst believes.

“While the majority of Moldovans still against merging. The leaders of the unionist organizations and public and political. Such sentiments are amplified, because the situation is deteriorating, the state remains “captured” by the oligarchs, the case of the theft of a billion Euro not investigated. The last time the unionist sentiment also grew during the Transnistrian war of 1992. Then, too, many said that it is better to unite than to continue this fratricidal war,” said Tulbure.

“If the state of degradation continues, some such plan might be implemented. Allow no one to slow down the process. Brussels is such a development does not want to, but here the main role, of course, will play the Washington” – political scientist predicted.

Forget Transnistria

“The tactics of the unionists has now changed. They no longer speak the language of notions of the 19th century – “cleanliness of blood”, “historical unity” and so on. Now we are talking just about the fact that Moldovans can subsequently function and govern itself, that political institutions are insolvent, and the Union automatically solves a lot of issues: increased standard of living, the entry into the EU and NATO. That is, the slogans have changed, and the backdrop of devastation they sound more convincing,” he warned Tulbure.

“Even now partly Russian-speaking inhabitants of Moldova are beginning to listen to them. Like, join the current state where the law works, we have something that. After all, the situation in the Baltic States, we did not have. No one is discriminated against because of ignorance of the state language. The Russians were at the level of Vice-premiers and Ministers, though only slightly. But still we cannot say that Moldova was an example of integration of different ethnic groups or a melting pot. In Romania too there are the minorities who were once considered second class people – Hungarians and the Germans. But now there is an obvious “ethnic progress”: the German became President,” – said the expert.

Meanwhile Puu already recognized the “most sensitive points” of the reunification funding and the Transnistrian problem. Funding of the Association, the author of the project calls for a budget increase of Romania to the sixth part, from the current 60 billion to 70 billion, Half the required amount, says POU, can cover the EU funds, and the second is to seek foreign investments and the bond issue.

As for Transnistria, Pow willing to sacrifice this territory de facto. For this purpose he proposes to move to the “2+1” (Romania, Moldova, Russia) and “to negotiate directly with Moscow.” The plan also stipulated an exchange of populations with Transnistria, during which it is proposed to take from the unrecognized Republic about 100 thousand people who wish to live in the European Union.

“Ideas such as “population exchange” with Transnistria, is very recognizable. Romania such experiments conducted in the interwar period, justifying all this with the idea of “ethnically pure” States. It was proposed to expel the Jews, Hungarians, Serbs, Bulgarians from “the great Romania” and to bring in return those who are in Bucharest believed their own members, for example, aramini from Northern Greece,” said Tulbure.

The Position Of Tiraspol

The Foreign Ministry of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) the newspaper VIEW recalled that this rhetoric “in recent months, the sounds increasingly, as in the Republic of Moldova (RM) there is a wide breeding ground for such initiatives”.

“Choosing the path of development is purely an internal matter of the Republic of Moldova. We think, however, that the increase in such requests, implying the definitive loss of Moldova’s sovereignty, deserves the close attention of the international community, since it is obvious that this scenario would entail a radical change in the regional balance of power and the reformation of the security system in Eastern Europe. Such a development inevitably modifies the underlying position of the participants of the international negotiating process in the format “5+2”, – said the foreign Ministry of the Republic.

Tiraspol state “system unavailability” of Chisinau to dialogue and “chronic lack” of motivation to normalize relations with the PMR. This, according to the Foreign Ministry, the expert community gives reason to consider the scenario of unification with Romania as “very likely”.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry said that the plan POU appeared just before the April visit of the delegation of foreign mediators and observers in Tiraspol and Chisinau. At the same time representatives of the Republic of Moldova “continued to demonstrate the actual absence of a coherent position on practical proposals for Transnistria settlement” of relations.

“Reiterate that the decision of any quality does not correlate its strategic vector of development with the aspirations of Republic Moldova, – said the newspaper VIEW in the Foreign Ministry. Course of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic independence and maximum integration with Russia and incorporation into the Eurasian Association enshrined in the Concept of foreign policy, determined by the people of Transnistria in the free expression of will at the referendum of 2006”.

According to Tiraspol, such appeals confirm “strategic uncertainty” and the General “state instability” of modern day Moldova, which is regularly shaken by crises. On the contrary, “projectarchive” attempts to decide the fate of the Transnistrians for themselves clearly confirm the validity of the chosen Tiraspol strategic ways, stressed the foreign Ministry of the Republic.

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