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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Washington responded to the ultimatum Erdogan

The hostile attitude of Turkey to the Kurds interfere to resolve the Syrian conflict, according to the United States. The Kurds were and still are the most effective allies of Washington. So the Americans reacted to claims of Erdogan, actually put them before a choice: or it, or the Kurds. The Turkish President has become a political problem for the United States, experts say.

USA dissatisfied with the policy pursued by Erdogan. Turkey’s stance on the Kurds prevents the settlement of the Syrian crisis, according to Washington. “The increasing hostility of Turkey to the Kurdish fighters in Syria – the most effective allies in the fight against ISIS is undermined efforts to more intensively carry out military action against this extremist group,” he told us officials the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

“Turkey is becoming a hotbed of tension and Erdogan is a political issue, particularly for your teammates.

“Ready to bomb us allies”

Ankara has repeatedly said Washington’s Kurdish allies in Syria, transferring weapons to the representatives of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK, declared a terrorist in Turkey), and those, in turn, use it in Turkey. However, the American authorities believe these allegations are unfounded, the newspaper notes.

This topic was once again raised during the visit of Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden in Republic in late January. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and his advisers showed a map of the Syrian-Turkish border marked on them the places where the Syrian Kurds allegedly giving up their weapons to the PKK. “In meetings with Turkish leaders, Biden made it clear that they considered the smuggling of weapons is unacceptable,” said The Wall Street Journal.

U.S. officials responded by saying that their intelligence is closely monitoring the situation – no evidence of arms smuggling is not fixed, or the smuggling unit, which once again proves: the Syrian Kurds are concentrated on the fierce fight against ISIS. However, the Turkish leaders remained unconvinced, the newspaper notes. Moreover, “after these meetings, Turkish officials told The Wall Street Journal that they are ready to bomb us allies in Syria, if the supply will continue.”

“A number of key US officials say that Turkey’s position has become one of the biggest obstacles to a political settlement which has been ongoing for five years of conflict in Syria and an effective military campaign against ISIS,” stressed the author. The newspaper recalled that on Thursday representatives from the U.S., Russia, Turkey and other countries again agreed to meet in Munich in an attempt “to revive the Geneva negotiations”. However, escalated tensions with Turkey cast doubt on these hopes.

We will remind, on Sunday, President Recep Tayyip erdoğan has actually called US to make a choice between cooperation with the Turkish authorities or the cooperation with the Kurds. In particular, Erdogan expressed his indignation over the visit of special envoy of U.S. President Bret Makhorka, who has met with Kurdish militias in the Syrian city of Kobani. “And how can we then trust? Who is your partner – I or terrorists from Kobani?” – resented Erdogan. Kurdish sources, meanwhile, confirmed that “the military delegation of the international coalition” held talks with representatives of the Kurdish “Democratic Union”. According to them, Mcgurk spent in Syrian Kurdistan in two days.

Earlier Ankara has threatened to boycott peace talks if they are invited by the “Democratic Union”. In response, the UN special envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura assured that the party of the Syrian Kurds not invited to Geneva.

However, continuing to threaten to boycott Erdogan no longer wants to remain on the sidelines. Operation, when Turkey many years ago refused the offer of the USA to join the coalition to overthrow Saddam Hussein, he called a mistake. “We don’t want to repeat that same mistake in Syria. We must see the horizon” – said the Turkish President, who was quoted by Bloomberg. The Turkish military is ready for any eventuality, added Erdogan. Talk about a ground operation in Turkey, but there are situations when “doing what’s necessary,” he said. The government forces of Assad, not without the help of the Russian VKS, come to Aleppo, reminded Bloomberg: “What are you doing in Syria? You are, in fact, the occupier,” said Erdogan, referring to Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, the U.S. media, speaking about the results of partners of the United States in the fight against ISIS, more often mentioned not Turkey, namely Syrian Kurds and their people’s defence units that “conduct effective military operations”, previously recognized The Independent. Over the past year, the Kurds managed to take control of half of the territories on the border of Syria and Turkey and to interrupt the supply lines of militants. The Kurds moved in all directions, covering the Northern part of Syria from Turkey in the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, stated the release.

The Kurds strengthen the position

Ankara is actually waging war against the Kurds living in South-Eastern regions of Turkey, on the border with Syria. The situation is substantially increased from the beginning of 2016, when the detention and so-called counter-terrorism campaign have been held by the Turkish military on an almost daily basis.

In the province of Diyarbakir, the unofficial capital of Turkish Kurds, is always heavy military equipment. On 6 February there began fierce fighting with the use of machine guns artillery. In a number of settlements curfew.

Active combat operations are going on in Cizre – here just a few months was killed about 800 people, recognized supporters of the PKK. February 8, the military carried out another special operation, during which destroyed 60 PKK supporters.

Western partners of Turkey are trying to ignore what is happening inside the country, but even they are unable to respond to one of extremely violent incidents that occurred recently in the Southeast, when the Turkish military shot a peaceful funeral procession of the Kurds. Video footage of this incident reached the United Nations high Commissioner for human rights Zeid RA’ad Hussein, who demanded from Turkey to investigate the incident. The answer, however, was not followed.

Protests against the actions of Ankara against the Kurds are not only in the country but also abroad. So, the other day a protest rally was organized in Iraq. The protesters called the actions of Turkey against the Kurdish genocide and asked international community to immediately stop them. Hundreds of people came to the UN office in the Iraqi Irbil with flags of the PKK and affiliated organizations, as well as pictures of PKK leader Abdullah öcalan. The purpose of the campaign “tell the whole world, all human rights organizations about attacks by Turkey against the Kurds in Syria, Cizre, in Silopi, in other places”, said the participants of the action the correspondent of Euronews.

Experts note that the increased pressure on the Kurds by Ankara linked to the political strengthening of their positions, including record performance in the last parliamentary elections, where Kurdish peoples ‘ Democratic party managed to get enough votes to pass in the Majlis.

Not less Turkey is concerned about the growing role of the Syrian Kurds – both militarily and politically. It is known that almost all Kurds living in Syria, Ankara will be automatically populated in the lists of supporters of the PKK. Erdogan repeatedly attempted to take control of the territories occupied Syrian Kurds.

In this case the Syrian Kurds enjoy the support of major international players such as Russia and the United States. So, on 6 February it was reported that the Kurdish troops managed to take control of the province of tel Al-Sankoh near the village of al-Arab in the North-West of the city Adnan and move in the direction of the village of At-Tamura in the Northern suburbs of Aleppo, replacing these positions of the militants. With air cover the Russian Kurds and Syrian forces. In Washington, as in Moscow, has repeatedly said that they believe that Kurds are one of the most important military forces, fighting against ISIS on the ground. The U.S., as you know, the Kurds carried out the supply of weapons. The Kurds themselves have also expressed the intention to continue to cooperate with the United States and Russia.

Russia also protects the interests of the Syrian Kurds and the negotiations on a political settlement, which began recently in Geneva. Moscow expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the Syrian Kurds were not invited to the negotiations. A similar position was voiced in Washington. “The Syrian Kurds fight successfully with IG and thereby save his homeland of Syria – from a terrorist threat, – said the representative of the Russian Federation to the UN in Geneva Alexander Borodavkin. – The political opposition, the ranks of which consists of Syrian Kurds, is a legitimate participant in the talks, especially since they participated in the Moscow and Cairo conferences. They have the right to participate in the negotiations and from this point of view.”

On Sunday it became known about the imminent opening of the Moscow representation of the so-called Syrian Kurdistan. Such representation is valid, for example, in Iraq. The Kurds do not intend to stop Moscow: they will open offices in Washington, Berlin and France.

Erdogan is becoming a problem

Americans continue to note that will support the Kurds, despite the dissatisfaction of Ankara, said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Deputy Director of the research center “the middle East – the Caucasus” Stanislav Tarasov. According to him, States “act pragmatically”. He recalled that the U.S. and Israel supported the Kurdish movement in Iraq, contributed to the establishment of autonomy, and Turkey have long known. However, in the Syrian factor she took solace in the hope that, as a NATO ally, backstage will agree with the West.

The expert has reminded that Moscow showed restrained attitude towards the Kurds, while Turkey has shot down a Russian fighter. He reminded that Erdogan “make available to the public that cannot communicate with Putin. Previously unable to contact Obama. Spoke to him only through the Prime Ministers, foreign Ministers”, – he reminded.

The expert noted that at the moment determined by a clear Russian-American tandem on the future conversion of the Middle East. The parties note that adhere to territorial integrity, but “to sustain this principle it would be very difficult, if not impossible,” the source specified. According to available information, Assad in the future Constitution intends to grant the status of autonomy to the Syrian Kurds, Iraqi Kurds in fact have independence. According to Tarasova, the Geneva process on Syria may be transformed into the Kurdish process that do not like Turkey. “In the future the Kurds will make a historic step towards the formation of its statehood. The process has already started”, – said Tarasov.

Turkey, meanwhile, continues to pace in its foreign policy and takes hasty decisions one after another. Americans against this background played in tandem with Moscow, the expert believes. “Erdogan has driven himself into a corner. Turkey is becoming a hotbed of tension and Erdogan is a political issue, primarily for its allies”, – said Tarasov.

The expert does not exclude that in the attempts to break the deadlock, Erdogan may cause some local armed conflict. “But without American support it is unlikely to be resolved, and the Americans are unlikely to give him sanctions,” he concluded.

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