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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Turkey will not be able to push their version of reform of the UN security Council

“It’s sort of a gesture of despair Erdogan is a typical feature of the Turkish leadership”. These words experts the ideas of the President of Turkey to radically reform the UN Security Council. The proposals of the Turkish leadership is not only directed against Russia but against the United States, and therefore is unlikely to be something more substantial than the usual political rhetoric.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for reform of the UN security Council by expanding it to 20 countries to the exclusion of the permanent members. His idea he explained the situation in Syria, “where killed 500 thousand people”, and before “the brutal Assad, who has created a terror state”, “rolls out the red carpet in Moscow”.

“Many people say that to add to the list of permanent members of the security Council new presenters of the state. Turkey is not one of them”

“How is that possible? What is this world? What is the UNSC? So I say that the world is bigger than the five permanent members of the UN security Council. The fate of 196 countries in the world can’t define only five countries. They have no right to do this,” said Erdogan. He was confident that the security Council in its present form was relevant during the First world war (when, recall, did not have UN – approx. OPINION), but today the situation is different. In SB “not the representatives of all continents”, and is “only three European States”.

Explain that in accordance with article 23 of the UN Charter as permanent members of the Security Council are USA, Russia (as successor to the USSR), Britain, France and China. Apparently, under the three European States Erdogan implies Russia, Britain and France.

The non-permanent members of the UN security Council are elected according to the principle of equal regional representation. Member States of the UN are divided into five groups, each of which has a certain number of seats in the Security Council. The “group of States of Western Europe and other” (28 countries) – 2 seats (plus 3 permanent members – Britain, France, and also one of the “other” – USA). The Eastern European group (23 States) – 1 seat (plus one seat in Russia, a member of this group). The Asian group (53 States) – 2 seats (plus one seat to the PRC). The African group – three seats.

“Turkey has no historical merits before the United Nations”

Director of the research center “the middle East – the Caucasus”, the expert on Turkey, political scientist Stanislav Tarasov said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that Erdogan’s statement about the exclusion of permanent members of the UN security Council directed against Russia and the USA.

“The Turkish leader is not the first time declares war on the UN. And who is he to do? The creation of the UN was the result of the outcome of the Second world war. Turkey only thanks to the patronage of great Britain was among those States – founders of this organization. Turkey actually did not participate in the Second world war. Moreover, the Turks were a Nazi sympathizer. Turkey had about 20 divisions on the Soviet border and was ready to attack us. Ankara has no historical merits before the UN,” – said Tarasov.

It is noted that the UN must be reformed, but it must be done not Turkey. The expert believes that Erdogan’s statements have a pronounced anti-Russian character. “Turkey has no political right to declare the reform of the UN. There are more influential and important Nations of the world. These are such countries as Japan, Brazil etc. And Turkey has a huge number of domestic and regional problems, it was not to reform the UN,” he said.

“Reform is overdue, but not from giving Turkey”

Chief editor of the magazine “problems of national strategy” of the Russian Institute for strategic studies (RISS), a political analyst Azhdar Kurtov said the newspaper VIEW that the UN reform in General and SA in particular have long been on the agenda of world politics. Many called for. Erdogan is not the most influential politician in the world who ever called on to reform the United Nations.

“The main controversy surrounding the UN reform are underway regarding the ratio of permanent to non-permanent members. Many people say that to add to the list of permanent members the new landmark of the state and not to remove the institution. Turkey is among those countries not included,” said Kurtov. According to the interlocutor, the UN reform needs to occur with the filing and with the participation of countries such as India, Japan, Brazil, Germany.

“Erdogan’s statement is clearly made with motivated and biased. Of course, these words are directed against Russia and USA, as these are the most iconic and important members of the Security Council. It will be apprehended “in bayonets” and Moscow, and Washington. It’s sort of a gesture of despair Erdogan is a typical feature of the Turkish authorities. We see continuous demarches. For example, France took action on the Armenian Genocide. What did the Turkey? Organized short-demarche”, – summed up the expert.

Erdogan is not the first “reformer”

The current system, which formed the security Council, formed following the results of the Second world war. The five permanent members of the country relating to the anti-Hitler coalition: the USSR, USA, Britain, France and the Republic of China (meaning the government headed by Chiang Kai-shek, in 1949 it actually controls only Taiwan and surrounding Islands, 1971 place of the Republic of China in the UN security Council was occupied by China, which controls mainland China).

The last time the Security Council was expanded in the 1960-ies. Originally it consisted of 11 countries, including the five permanent members. Then the number of permanent members remained, but the countries became 15 who find it difficult to “negotiate sometimes, but at 25 or 27 it is difficult even to conduct a discussion”.

Proposals to reform the UN security Council sounded repeatedly. Recently about this openly expressed the French President Francois Hollande. However, his proposals were not as radical in which Erdogan insists. Paris offered only the refusal of the members of the security Council to use the veto in the case of considering mass casualties.

But the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on this occasion pointed out that “throughout the 70 years of existence of the veto power have always been used”, including France. However, Putin expressed their readiness to discuss changes in the organization, without a doubt how it works.

Last autumn, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe announced Tokyo’s desire to transform the UN in the organization of the XXI century “to make the power of Japan has become a force the UN”, that is, have the veto right.

The last eight years under the intergovernmental negotiations on the possible reform of the security Council, which was preceded by 11 years of informal consultations.

There are two major camps. The first group of countries wants to get the status of a permanent member, and the second categorically does not want. Some aspirants for permanent membership, is ready to renounce the veto. For example, Germany. But African countries want them to have veto power. It remains one of the most complex issues.

Another group of States proposes to establish a new category of “semi-permanent members”, which will be elected not for two years, and 8 years with the possibility of re-election. But none of these models is not gaining necessary for the approval of 129 votes of the General Assembly.

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