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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Swedes want to put the blame on Russia the responsibility for their complexes

Charges of the Swedish intelligence Agency, according to which Russia is waging against the Kingdom of “psychological warfare” are due to not even paranoia, and the fact that aggravation of the international situation is forcing well-fed Swedes “out of hibernation”, what they don’t want to do. It remains to assign the guilty, and this is Russia. Well, upon Mature reflection, we really can take the blame.

The security police of Sweden (SAK) produced a report that Russia allegedly waging against the Kingdom of “psychological warfare” to manipulate public opinion and influence political decision-making. A tool of Moscow in Stockholm called the Agency Sputnik and RT. “We see that after the conflict in Ukraine, Russia expanded its influence to other States. Russia itself says about non-linear warfare. We believe this is a good term. Since it concerns not only military means but also economic, political, diplomatic or associated with information assets,” said one of the authors of the report analyst SAK Wilhelm the Ung.

“Cooperation SAK with Pro-fascist elements and their involvement in activities against the USSR and indeed forgotten. As the history of the arms trade on third markets, and is still not really investigated the murder of Olof Palme”

“Nonlinear war,” the Ung, apparently, meant hybrid, but says it is not Russia. The term was coined in the bowels of NATO. The authorship has not been fully determined, but the candidates for this honorary title or senior officers of the American army (bill Nemeth, John McKuen), or political scientists-analysts (David Kilcullen). And what is happening is called “hybrid war” only in the West, from there the term came to Russia and Scandinavia, where it altered the local mood.

But the main problem in this case is that the report of SAK – Swedish intelligence and counter-intelligence – is a set of platitudes that will be able to formulate any advanced student. It is not necessary to receive a Royal salary or analyst to be admitted to the data is “for official use”. In this sense, the especially attracts attention the statement that “Russia would like to exert influence” (on public opinion in Sweden) in the framework of the discussion on the Stockholm accession to NATO and for “creating divisions in the EU that could lead to a speedy decision on the lifting of sanctions”. Now paranoid of the same type covered and the Netherlands, where a referendum on Association with Ukraine may eventually destroy the last hope for integration in the EU. Although officials and the structure of the EU has repeatedly stressed that Ukraine in the next 20 years will not get in the EU no official status, the referendum in the Netherlands deliberately used to draw attention to “the activity of Russian special services”. Apparently, if the Dutch will vote “against” (which is predictable), CBP has the moral right to write it in the asset, although the “special operations” she is not involved, since no “special operations” there.

The same applies to the “increased threats” from intelligence activities. “According to estimates of the security police, for example, about one-third of Russian diplomats in Sweden are working under official cover. Looked like this in 2015, and so looked for many years,” said SAK. So what? Is it normal that since 1991 almost half of the membership of the Swedish Embassy in Moscow has been actively involved in the events in the Caucasus? Moscow didn’t protest, didn’t say about total involvement of the Three crowns in the case, separated from them by three thousand miles.

Wave of information attacks on Western media Rosewood, reporting on the work of Russian intelligence in Sweden has not changed since the cold war, and its specific period – the period of rapid growth of anti-war and anti-NATO movement. Behind the mass demonstrations of the population against the deployment of nuclear weapons in various NATO countries (but especially in the UK) Europeans always saw the “hand of Moscow”. The work of the KGB at that time was at the peak of professional decline. Normal became, for example, falsification of reports of intelligence activities: the casual meeting with one or another figure (politician, Deputy, journalist, political scientist or representative of the student movement) on paper turned into a “contact agent”. The person who “neither sleep nor spirit”, was assigned an operational pseudonym, and in the Center was turned into a cheerful relation type “agent “Beaver” in a confidential conversation said he was ready to support the peaceful policy of the USSR and General Secretary Brezhnev personally, as opposed to the aggressive plans of American militarism.” “Agent “Beaver” (in the world – bearded Professor of Uppsala University, a specialist in Finno-Ugric Philology at the reindeer sweater, my whole life, made up the vocabulary of the Ural proto-language) really believed that nuclear war is bad. And he said. And employee residency received a “pass” and maybe even “star” for the acquisition of a valuable agent of influence. If the Professor in a reindeer sweater and marked on the student strike with a homemade poster “Yankee go home”, it was already a complete victory.

The demonstration of youth in the same Britain is uniquely associated with the activities of the Soviet intelligence service and often gets the pie in the sky. In the KGB, not just the staffing resource to complete the introduction of the radical youth, hippies, and environmentalists. Rather, this was done by the Stasi, but there were postscripts. It was later revealed that the number of defectors and double agents supplied by Western counter-intelligence service of the unfiltered mass of documents, among which was an array of such fake reports. The task of the traitor General is not in production any special documents, and in the regular supply of the new owners of the maximum number of securities, of which counter-intelligence analysts themselves have articulated an important. But happened of aberration of consciousness, and rigging began to perceive as reality.

Same story in Sweden, despite the fact that the Kingdom is not part of NATO. Several major spy scandals have created around SAK an atmosphere of intolerance, she was accused of incompetence, and she snapped and established special departments that are trying to work on the territory of the once-Soviet Baltic States. Now dissent is perceived in Sweden as something “undercover”, and “a total penetration of Russian agents in all spheres of life” have become the norm of social consciousness.

For Stockholm – and it’s not always obvious – in the peculiar psychology of “besieged fortress”. The Swedes have forgotten when they last fought, and I think that being in a neutral status on the outskirts of Europe isolates them from the global processes so that military conflicts will never touch. After 1991, the descendants of the Vikings had relaxed completely, and the escalation of the situation found in the world public opinion by surprise. And then there was talk about re-equipping the army, again began to look for a Russian submarine in the archipelago (found, but only during the First world war), and intelligence system began to assert themselves at the first opportunity.

Swedish society is very inert. Yes, in the home of the Swedes called the “Italians of Scandinavia”, but it is a strong exaggeration, the reason for which gives the specifics of the Norwegian-Danish background. Swing of public opinion, the epidemic of crimes by immigrants that already almost happened, but not the work of the Russian TV channel or website. Sustainable position there – “our hut on the North”. In 2010, the Kingdom finally refused recruitment by conscription, after which military and intelligence components of the state turned into pure decoration (like, there must be a large independent countries such institutions). The total destabilization of the world situation hitting home, SAK began to emphasize their usefulness. For this case the exploration were ready to forgive the long-standing inadequacy, which included the odd behaviour in the Baltic States, and the so-called “anti-Communist work.” The SAK collaboration with Pro-fascist elements and their involvement in activities against the USSR and indeed forgotten. As the history of the arms trade on third markets, and is still not really investigated the murder of Olof Palme, the South African track which was blurred in time by the staff of SAK.

Sweden was not ready for the challenges that surfaced in recent years. The country’s involvement in international problems facing the Swedes automatically change to a regular life. Why even debate about NATO membership is perceived as something artificially imposed. The way it is, only we must speak not about “Russian influence”, but rather about the Anglo-Saxon. Until last year, the neutrality of Stockholm was not discussed, but Washington and London contributed to the fact that. Except that “advocacy information from Moscow” cannot “decide the outcome of the discussion in favor of Russia”. The Swedes and were not ready to “go to the next level”, giving yet another part of their sovereignty to Brussels.

The overall impression is that the report of SAK is nothing more than a rubber stamp with similar texts, which are now tumbled down the shaft from a variety of countries. Of course, Scandinavia has its own historical and mental characteristics, but this applies to any of the old States of Europe. And while Russian media were mean to SAK something important, and let. We assume that we are on the right track. Before Stockholm there was only one Soviet book store, and now there is a satellite TV channel that should be ordered for some money, and here it is already almost pull up the foundations of the Swedish state.

Also there is reason to believe that similar reports involving analysts now will be a succession. Their main position is: Russia is trying to drive a wedge between members of the EU and NATO, seeking a way out of the sanctions regime, has a significant impact on public opinion. OK, you win. We assume that they are trying. Well, what did you want? So we smoked bamboo, while you travel through the Caucasus?

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