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Monday, March 12, 2018

Alexander Prokhanov: Russian Crimea was liberated spirit

Alexander Prokhanov about the Imperial essence of Russian history and the aspiration of divine justice

April 7, 2014, 09:01

Text: Peter Akopov

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“Crimea did not happen due to the national rise of Russia, and as a result of strengthening the state. Now, as a result of the annexation of Crimea, the boxes, where was concealed a Russian spirit, opened. And now, this resource should be directed to the development”, – said in an interview with the newspaper OPINION writer, the Chairman of the Izborsk club Alexander Prokhanov.

“Modern history of Russia is directly connected with the name of Vladimir Putin, but this does not mean that Putin is writing this history”, – said on Thursday, presenting a series of articles “Vladimir Putin in the mirror of the Izborsk club”, the chief editor of the newspaper “Tomorrow” Alexander Prokhanov:

“Not Putin creates that state, he adds, and the mysterious state forms and President, and his consciousness, at certain actions. It’s not Putin – the master of Russian history, and Russian history – the mistress with everything that is happening in Russia for centuries”.

On the eve of the presentation of a series of articles about Putin, published in two issues of the journal “Izborsk club: Russian strategy,” Alexander Prokhanov gave an interview to the newspaper VIEW.

OPINION: Alexander Andreyevich, the events in March 2014, associated with the Ukrainian crisis and the annexation of Crimea, have received the name “Russian spring”. Determination, Vladimir Putin, was a logical continuation of the course which he took, after returning to the Kremlin two years ago, or was determined all 14 of the Putin years? When did Russian resurrection?

Alexander Prokhanov: Russian revival began in October 1993, when Yeltsin’s tanks shot at the White house. Then Novodvorskaya said that these tanks sat they, the liberals. Shots of tanks destroyed the liberal myth in Russia. What exactly from this point began a Patriotic revival of Russia, I noticed only now. Then I didn’t see it, and a monstrous nineties, and the beginning of the two thousandth was perceived by me as a hopeless, black collapse. However, the exit happened, despite the efforts of the elite, as a Patriotic and liberal – it’s because in Russian history is inherently laid Easter Sunday. After black holes and the inevitable failures, as happened several times in Russian history, the state rises and the Russian civilization in the new robes, a new purpose rises from the ashes. It’s happening now.

There were a few stages when it was possible to say that the government found your recovery. From the number of stealth I said tank shots 93rd year. Was Yevgeny Rodionov, who during the desperate, disgraceful and losing the first Chechen made his Christian feat. Was the death of the submarine “Kursk”, which was supposed to signify the absolute and total collapse of the state, but instead rallied around the people, rich and poor – this was a consolidation in the mountain. It showed that the state and the people present.

When Putin came, were shown explicit, visible all political phenomena of the restoration of the state. Victory in the second Chechen, which stopped the disintegration of Russia. Ending the parade of sovereignties, which secured the space, the rest of the Russian Federation, – it was an absolute symptomatology that the state is present, which it intends to exist and not to lose territory. The defeat of the oligarchy, claiming political power, i.e. the lack of the state. There were a number of acts metahistorically Putin, linking the preceding period from the current, attempting to cross the moat of the 90-ies: the anthem and the flag of Victory, the whole terminology of the Victory of the 45th year. Was the 2008 war in Georgia, which I call the first Imperial war: the avant-garde, and not a rearguard, when Russia stabbed through the Roki tunnel and emerged in Transcaucasia, actually attaching themselves to Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Since then, the state began to return in all spheres, from where it went in the 90-ies and hence he was exiled. When it became evident real roll of the state towards the national-Patriotic values and elites? After 2011, when the middle class, nurtured by Putin, betrayed him, rose. Bolotnaya square was the point where Putin understood that the rate that he does in liberal circles, bit that they betray him.

OPINION: maybe Putin had refused this rate (if ever it did), because the liberal audience tried to prevent the return of Putin long before he announced his plans to nominate for President? They never considered him, but felt that he would return as a different, definitely illiberal Putin that put an end to their plans gradually to take full power in the country?

AP: This class wanted to change the government was trying to cut not just Putin, but the power as such. Because these layers are very sensitive to record increased state and how it only minimally increases, we still do not see, and they rise up against him and begin to chew. It’s like peasant superstitions: dew in the morning – it’s the rain, the liberal environment comes with the hatred of the regime means the state increases. We still continue to hate this mode, but they give us to understand that is enough to hate him, because he is associated with the strengthening of the state.

In 2011, began building a clear Patriotic front in all areas – it is symptomatic that then appeared Izborsk club. Work has begun on building the national-Patriotic ideology, the establishment of the institutions of power, the destruction of the “fifth column”, the pressure on NGOs to compact all that contributed to the orange revolution. The end result was the strengthening of the subjectivity of the state that it has found in itself forces and possibility to attach at the moment of the Ukrainian crisis, Crimea.

The Ukrainian crisis wasn’t predictable, it was spur of the moment, but in the depths of this impromptu, when a specified period has gone legal authority, the Constitution and the state as such, in a period of constitutional vacuum Putin made the lightning decision to join the Crimea. And that was done by the state, found themselves capable of it.

OPINION: Attaching Crimea, Putin was only thinking about the return of the historically-owned land, about the strengthening of Russia or considered it as merely the first move in the new round of the struggle for Ukraine?

AP: apparently, when he was looking at developing Ukrainian crisis, when he considered the Russian and Ukrainian potentials, the potential of individual regions of Ukraine, he realized that under these conditions, the Crimea is the most available. And he did what was possible. Later he probably realized that Russia is now not tough for the accession of the South-East of Ukraine. But perhaps this is not required, because it is not just a mechanical connection, this is a concussion throughout the geopolitics, not only European, but also world…

OPINION: But Putin has already shaken her…

AP: you Can fight and for California to move the capital to Los Angeles. But estimates of the resources and opportunities they say that the Crimea will have to stop. And now on Ukraine between the Americans and Russia is a complex political game of compromise. I don’t know how it will end – requirements Lavrov to hold a referendum and to federalizing Ukraine is unlikely to be acceptable to the Americans and Kiev. So, most likely, will be prolonged bargaining. When elections are held in Ukraine, does Russia recognise the results? Probably, partly recognize. In any case, it is clear that the Ukrainian state has not held and will not take place in the future.

Sharp banderitza the South-East is impossible – we can see how squeezed “Right sector” and how the radicals in Kiev in retreat, including in the Russian language. But if mobilization is impossible to integrate the South-East, it will be constantly bubbling up and bubbling and no synthesis of state will not work. If the decay and the rot will continue and the Ukrainian state itself will cease to exist once again, then Russia will make a military-political conclusions, and I do not exclude that among Putin’s aides will be a new General Sudoplatov.

OPINION: does it make sense to negotiate with the West about a certain fixation of the intermediate state of Ukraine – to hang the situation for a year or two or three, to desist from attempts to drag her to his side?

AP: If you hang Ukraine on a thin web or our – or your, East – West, then in the absence of state of synthesis and not of the Institute, the entity which will implement in the history of the will of the Ukrainian people, to contribute to the creation of the Ukrainian nation. If instead of the synthesis would remain the same porridge, the fractionality, sagging, it will inevitably lead to continued decay. I don’t think that Russia will help Ukraine this rotting, rather, it will seek to strengthen this decay to this abscess, the tumor soon burst.

OPINION: Can Russia in principle to accept the partition of Ukraine, in which not only the Western region (also Russian, but has long been Catholic and Europeenne), but also the center of Ukraine can go West? It is possible to adopt such a loss, to abandon forever the reunion?

AP: Nothing is forever. Borders in Europe will be repeatedly reviewed. Influenced by a variety of factors: the EU itself is an extremely old phenomenon. The moderate processes of integration that occur in Europe, is what lies on the surface, and meanwhile, Europe passiruete, and the creation of several fascist States is not a utopia but a reality. The emergence of these fascist States at the time would destroy the concept of a United Europe. And then you may experience a synthesis process under the auspices of the major fascist States, especially Germany. So everything is so indefinite and uncertain that the word “forever” is impossible.

In Russia there is the Russian factor, and the annexation of Crimea was largely associated not with Imperial but with the Russian factor. The concept of the divided Russian nation, formulated by Putin – he took it from our mouths and made doctrine. The task of reunification of Russian very important. The connection by means of special troops, columns of tanks and armies are not necessary and not very efficient – the 21st century has many other ways of integration. The idea of the Eurasian Union, the Customs Union, the idea of the allied powers, the germ of which exists between Russia and Belarus, is one of the ways of connection of the Russian world. It is more soft and refined way to restore the generality of the people. Not necessarily to erase the administrative boundaries – you need to create a system of States that would not be competed and would have been in a symphonic relationship with each other. Now, any possible form of organization.

OPINION: the Eurasian project is now beyond doubt Putin becomes the main tool of the reconstruction of the historic Russia…

AP: Crimea was spur of the moment for Putin himself. Of course, I would like all of Ukraine to include in the Customs Union, to unstick it from the West, such attempts have been taken last December, when agreements were signed with Yanukovych. It could not have any reaction, and the spring recoiled to the other side, the crisis erupted and fell off the Crimea. If there is integration of Ukraine into the Customs Union, the issue of Crimea would not be as acute. Then integrate the whole of Ukraine.

OPINION: IN March days people experienced a feeling similar to the mind that experienced people may 9, 1945 and April 12, 1961 – delight and victory. An unprecedented upsurge of national spirit, unity of government and people, the return of faith in the power lost over the past quarter century. The significance and consequences of this, I think, many times greater than even the fact of joining of Crimea. Will we be able not to lose this huge energy charge?

AP: It will depend on how long this feeling will last, whether it will be picked up by government, whether it is aimed at the development. By itself it can no longer exist – you can’t celebrate forever, need to get up and work. Working, need to know about these fireworks. Crimea did not happen due to the national rise of Russia, and as a result of strengthening the state. The state was strengthened, not using the Russian factor, it is even feared him. He was not made manifest, the state didn’t want him to be. If the state started the development of it to this day and not the beginning, he would have needed to open these chests, where lurked the Russian spirit, because without passionary rise development is impossible. Now, as a result of the annexation of Crimea, these chests opened. And now this resource must be channelled into development.

I think this resource will be spent in two directions. First, begin a difficult time for Russia – pressure on us, both external and internal, will grow, and Russian resource will be used to enable a defence of self-consciousness, the good and the right shape national identity. And the second is the consciousness of the new Russia, updated society.

LOOK: IN Russian society as a matter of fact there is agreement on the fundamental things – the rejection of unfair capitalism, the desire to restore national cultural codes. Now Putin can move in this direction, using a huge popular support, which will ensure him success in the implementation of these national aspirations. But is he ready for such a radical change, does he understand that they were inevitable? He crossed the Rubicon in foreign Affairs, but whether it will be equally strong in internal arrangement?

A. P.: I don’t think he went that way dramatically and radically. He prefers the slow and evolutionary changes. After Crimea will be claimed and registered by authorities intellectual and Patriotic community two obvious formulas – Imperial essence of Russian history and the aspiration of the divine justice. Both of these formulas will be somehow embedded in postcrisis period. And if the Imperial formula is more or less clear and the Eurasian project one way or another it implements, the formula of divine justice, of course, shocking for establishment and Putin. Although it, too, will have to understand and accept.

Putin has already proclaimed the idea of deoffshorization of the economy and of power “haves” and the fat cats will be provided with hard pressure, so that they transferred their wealth to Russia and sent them to its development. This is the first step – the nationalization of oligarchic system, they must become a national rich.

OPINION: Make oligarchs rich national cosmopolitans, of course, a step forward, and it will lead to the strengthening of the state, but will not have much impact on changing society’s attitude to unrighteous mammon. This is too small for the path to divine justice and to eliminate social inequality, which is the main threat to Russia’s future.

A. P.: Threats in Russia very much. One of the most terrible – destruction of Putin. The world is full of conspiracies. And recent developments will lead to the formation of anti-Putin conspiracy, covering a wide scope: it is oligarchic circles, which are essentially Westerners, and that part of the managerial elite, which was formed in the 90-ies and is very close to the throne, and the liberal intelligentsia, which through a network of NGOs is in direct communication with the West. So anti-Putin conspiracy is the main threat to Russia, not the social revolution…

OPINION: But such a conspiracy can only be successful in the form of attempt, i.e. physical destruction. Because the forces to carry out the Maidan or to arrange something like apical coup (similar to the Khrushchev CPSU Central Committee Plenum) groups dissatisfied with Putin but not yet.

A. P.: But Yanukovych did not removed the Plenum of the Central Committee – it used a long legal and organizational procedure: was made by Yarosh, he objected Tyagnibok, then joined in this discussion Yatsenyuk, a legitimate process expressed Sashko Bily…

OPINION: so you think that orange, the use of force in Russia still possible?

AP: anything is possible. If it is true that on the Maidan were shot by snipers of the SBU, it means that Yanukovych was deposed by the SBU, or rather the oligarchs who control it. As in Russia, the FSB is not a holistic organization, and the oligarchy feeds, nurtures and controls. Anti-Putin conspiracy is the main threat. And I think he feels it should feel, but he has snake’s intuition. A problem of elites becomes very sharp.

I think that Sergei Yuryevich Glazyev will be needed in the near future as an alternative to the economic bloc of the government, which is terrified of what is happening now and promises to Putin stagnation or even the collapse of the economy because of the sanctions. Putin is not going to listen to this bird the bittern and will be updating the administrative elites. Ideological elites already eyes changed and almost changed.

And, of course, Putin should meet people’s views (not only of the Russian people), and the consolidation of power and the people must be at the expense of reduction of social divide.

The oligarchs will socialize, and the money will be allocated to development, meaning they will not leak and will go to schools and universities, Oncology centers and roads. And in many respects it would suit society as it is arranged by the German society after 33 years, when the German capital has become national, became involved in the industry and roads. Either way, it’s going to happen. But if this does not happen, the anti-Putin conspiracy will be a powerful component, which will break the entire Crimean success, the entire climb.

OPINION: Putin’s Rejection of a large part of the current elite, cosmopolitan, formed in the 90-ies, i.e. the rejection of Stalin, which was much of the Soviet elite, formed during the civil war in the spirit of serving the cause of world revolution. But to the cleaning of the elite Stalin decided only after 1934, after the murder of Kirov. Putin started cleaning in 2012, obviously hoping for a few years, but now the time is obviously compressed…

A. P.: Stalin by 1934 was apparent inevitability of war. And for him this was the main modus of all its activities. Under this imminence of war he created in the five-year plans of the military-industrial industry. Under the industry he was looking for workers so engaged in the collectivization, the destruction of villages. Under this imminent threat of war, he created the collective, in order to free the grain resource for the rapidly growing cities and future wars. Under this threat he eliminated the fifth column, which prevented him to realize his pre-war plans offered by other projects and threatened to kill him. And most importantly, what he did and what was his genius – he understood that all these acts cannot be implemented with the help of the NKVD, which required a takeoff, a giant breakthrough.

So he has launched two technologies. Technology fear through terror, death, shootings and violence. It was necessary to mobilize society. And at the same time he created the technology of sublimation heroes. And these two technologies are operated simultaneously – technology fear helped to consolidate fractured, shattered society, and technology heroes helped to win the war, because these heroes threw themselves into the breach. And they won the war, dying at 80 percent in the course of it. And 20 percent survived and then for three years rebuilding the economy and flew into space.

And most importantly, what did Stalin, he returned in the culture of Pushkin. That is the basic representation of Russian culture. Returned to art that connected the people with its underlying, deep cultural and historical codes. Classical music, folk songs, Pushkin as the most popular Soviet poet – all these were opened and returned to the people, which thus are connected to these keys and wells. Hitler used the Ahnenerbe, and Stalin – Pushkin. During the Second world war were fighting two forces – “the Rhine Gold” and “Eugene Onegin”. Stalingrad, Moscow and Leningrad came Wagner, and the Victory banner on the Reichstag together with Kantaria erected Pushkin. That is the genius of Stalin – he opened a neglected, littered, clogged to death during the Communist wave and civil war codes hooked up to them people’s consciousness. Do it Putin or not – I don’t know.

OPINION: What should be the basis of economic development of Russia?

AP: Two or three very powerful project. The first is the weapons. Modernization of the military-industrial complex will cover an enormous social sphere – not only those cities where the construction of submarines or aircraft, and science, and the philosophy of the common cause. The second project is agricultural. The return of people to the land, the development of national agriculture. It’s a Russian idea – the transformation of Russia into a giant Belgorod region Savchenko, using all his technology. A new peasant.

OPINION: Russian people working on the ground, and Russian engineer in a munitions plant – the two main forms of employment of our people…

AP: And the third project is the East. It is very relevant, because the complication of our relations with the West is pushing us towards China. And Siberia, and the far East – this area of our joint and very large acts, economic and military. Conclusion military-strategic Alliance with China is not a utopia.

OPINION: is it Possible to transfer the centre of development of Russia on the East? Whether, for example, Khabarovsk be temporary, for 50 years, the administrative capital of Russia?

AP: Moscow remains, sacred place. Transferring, renaming is a dangerous imitation, they replace the real deal. But the significance of the East is enormous. Besides where East, and the Arctic.

OPINION: from Nicholas II, from time to time our leaders talked about the importance of the Eastern part of Russia – and for these hundred years, the East is really in a number of techniques had been mastered. But still it is considered as an appendage to the principal, the ancestral territory of Russia. Can radically change our relationship to it, or Kiev, Moscow, Novgorod and St. Petersburg will always outweigh?

AP: a Lot will depend on how will develop Russian historical consciousness. If the realization of the idea of divine justice, mystical ideas of cosmism will grow stronger and will prevail, if rapidly developing Orthodoxy really filled with that fire and desire to bring heaven to earth to build the Kingdom of heaven on earth, then, of course, all our sacred places of Russians are precious. And in Siberia less. But this does not mean that the East will continue to be the periphery towards the center. All economic and military expansion to the East sooner or later it will change. The second Christianization of goes along with the second industrialization – all I see now in Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, connected with this process. Industrialization and altars. The defense industry and the Church.

OPINION: Vladimir Yakunin, recently proposed to establish a TRANS-Eurasian belt of development that unites economy and culture of the Eurasian continent, connecting via Russia Europe and the Pacific. Meanwhile, China is actively working on the reconstruction of the Great silk road, which pursues albeit less ambitious, but similar in some trade and economic objectives. This is a historical choice?

AP: the TRANS-Siberian route from Nakhodka to Brest and on to Europe is not going anywhere. This is not just a communication way around it, especially around the Baikal-Amur mainline, a huge number of deposits: copper, tin, bauxite, anything else. All this will require the development and transportation, and it will not go on the silk road. These two projects will compete, but in the depths of the Eurasian Union can strike a balance and they complement one another. There is after all, the Northern sea route.

Now it’s hard to talk about geopolitics – the contradictions are getting more and more difficult and painful. Many believe that we stand on the threshold of a big, global war, and this threat is pulling the state into groups and unions. Therefore, the economic geopolitics may cost nothing compared to the geopolitics of future war.

VIEW: does our Alliance with China based on principles that are above the economic and even geopolitical community – can we be together due to the proximity of our understanding of justice?

AP: the Russian understanding of justice is rooted in Russian understanding of the absolute, of deity. And Russian ascension to the Tabor light, our Orthodox way will ensure the uniqueness of the Russian sense of justice. And this understanding of fairness that will arise in Russia, then it will be adapted and offered to the rest of mankind. In the form in which it can comprehend Chinese or Arab. Such adaptation is, of course, the task of dukhovidtsa, including the Russians.

Now we don’t work – we have to get ourselves to heaven. The goal is set – but it is not implemented. Not implemented neither in the Church nor in the culture or in the home. The task is huge and delicious and no less, and maybe more important than the creation of a new industry or a new Russian geopolitics. Russian civilization in its new guise, in the guise of the fifth Empire, of course, have to produce this exquisite product divine. The idea of justice must turn from the social to the divine.

I do not exclude that at the same time with the Russian breakthrough will be implemented the Islamic breakthrough, breakthrough Chinese. The work of humanity in 21-22 centuries will be aimed at the obtaining of this divine resource that will become a life-giving source, and fertilize the noosphere and the biosphere will transform the Earth.

OPINION: It will replace the idea of globalization, which gave rise to the Euro-Atlantic civilization, the idea, which is based on the denial of the fact that the needs of the people in divine justice, on the denial of the existence of such a resource.

AP: Western civilization in its medieval incarnation was a mystical civilization, she talked to the sky. But she never set the task of transferring down to Earth, she’s been putting off the creation of the Kingdom of heaven, saying that it is impossible in earthly life, and perhaps only there, on the other side of life and death. And as this civilization developed, how it grew liberal component, the task of building the earthly Paradise postponed more and more on then, and the posthumous heavenly life was more and more questioned, and, in the end, was forgotten. Paradise meanings were at first forgotten, and then not just rejected, but altered.

And there was contractee, satanic meanings. And Europe, as Dostoevsky said, beginning with the ideal of Madonna and came with the ideal of Sodom, what we are now seeing. The spiritual component of the Atlantic liberal project is, of course, the Prince of darkness. It is the absolute freedom enjoyed by a smaller and smaller number of people, producing a growing number of power and wealth – and ultimately one man ruleth over all.

* Organization, in respect of which the court accepted inured decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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