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Monday, February 19, 2018

Why I hate Hillary Clinton

Speaking at his first campaign rally, Hillary Clinton promised to protect America from “Russian threat” and deal “with the growth of new forces like China”. Now Clinton looks an absolute favorite in the presidential race, many are betting on her victory. However, many in the US and those who will go to elections with the thought “anyone but her.” Why hate the former first lady?

If the primaries the Republicans promise a colorful show with a sharp struggle for the role of candidate for the US presidency, then the Democrats all predictable, as in the popular sitcom “How I met your mother”. In fact, the finale told us from the beginning: although the elections are still a year and a half, almost no one doubts that the Democratic party would be represented by Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. In the view it does not need, according to the polls, her name is known to 98% of Americans, and in which bin the last quarter of a century spent the remaining 2% – science is not known.

The Queen is never late, delayed a Queen

“A “modest sum” of several million dollars, the Clintons helped Rosatom to control the fifth part of uranium reserves of the United States”

The “fire” rival Republicans started ahead of time, and in this case “year” is not a figure of speech, but it is a real period of time. So, last summer has started a PR company with the slogan “Another Clinton in the White house is nonsense”. Intern, passing practice in the National Committee of the Republican party, clothed in a giant squirrel suit on behalf of the HRC Squirrel (the first letters of the initials of the former first lady, squirrel – squirrel) and went to the George Washington University, where Clinton was made to distribute flyers. The image of a squirrel appeared from behind the play on words in the slogan – nuts can be translated as “nuts” and as “nonsense”. At the same time appeared and the account thereof, proteins in Twitter, issuing humorous comments on behalf of former Secretary of state.

In fact they were biting fine, for a real attack all eagerly waiting for the official nomination. That April 12, at exactly 12 o’clock in new York, Clinton will officially announce their ambitions, all warned in advance. Yesterday in one of the oldest satirical television show Saturday Night Live on NBC on former Secretary of state was fairly ottoptali, Recalling its dryness and arrogance. Then in The New York Times published Maureen Dowd’s column titled “Grandmama Mia!”, where “Granny” in the blame were put “paranoia, secrecy, scandals and the disappearance of emails at a time when she was Secretary of state” that “has spawned an avalanche of comparisons with Nixon”. In column was cited and infamous Patrick Buchanan – he’s also compared Clinton to Nixon. The favorite Democrats remembered that she actively starts hands in his charitable Foundation, accepts donations from distant from democracy Arab sheikhs, and in General: if Clinton really wants to help someone, let him spend to charity the $ 2.5 billion, which plans to launch a campaign. This is, incidentally, a record budget for the presidential race in the USA.

Very interesting that NYT and NBC are considered to be media that are close to the Democrats. In 2013 the Republicans threatened to boycott presidential debates on NBC if they did not cease openly “rooting” for Hillary. Thus, these messages can be considered “crossbow” – the desire to pour out in advance on Clinton all the negativity to the election date, he had forgotten. However, “the crossbow” is only partly – Clinton really is extremely strained relationship with the media, even the most loyal. Yes, towards the end of the campaign, they (NYT and NBC) will become more friendly, but until they have the time to wash the bones of the main candidate of the Democrats – and they are happy to use.

By the way, when noon new York time finally arrived, new messages in the “Twitter” Clinton has not appeared. But there were a lot of messages from external users on the topic of that business, apparently, very bad, if Clinton can’t even tweet in time to send. The headquarters of Clinton, located in a good area of Brooklyn, the mysteriously silent and no comments were given. But after two hours the official nomination did take place: the Queen is never late, the Queen is delayed. In this episode – everything that Clinton does not like the American media, including quite liberal. As formulated, the same Maureen Dowd – “arrogant, boring and unnatural”. And besides, “grandma”.

In the event of his election to the highest administrative position she will not only be the first female President in the history of the United States, but will take second place in the list of “most senior presidents of the United States at the time of election”, second only to Reagan. That at the time of inauguration had already hit 69, and Clinton will be 68 years and four months. The presidency of Ulama Henry Harrison, whom Clinton will move to third place, took only a month from 4 March to 4 April 1841. Harrison caught a cold in the pouring rain while reading a two-hour inaugural speech in which, in detail, described exactly where to lead America in the next four years.

Since then, speeches have become somewhat shorter, and in case of rain over the presidents trying to hold an umbrella.

Golden words

However, over the past 175 years, medicine has gone far ahead, while Mrs. Clinton looks very good. But the fact that it is often referred to simply by name – Hillary, clearly shows that advanced age favorite Democrats still try to ignore. In General weaknesses of the former first lady is the sequel to her strengths and Vice versa. So, as mentioned above, her victory in the primaries is almost a foregone conclusion in the Democratic party at the moment is not seen no one who could give her a call. In the end, most of the attention of observers will be focused on the Republicans. This will inevitably lead to distortion in the information space – disputes among members of the “Grand old party” will be given much more airtime and newspaper space than the “tea with the Queen Hillary”.

Do not forget that the current Republican “young”, which is actively trying to break through the dominance of the Bush that grew not on an empty place. His appearance is a direct consequence of disappointment of Americans in the traditional party elite. The presidency of George W. Bush towards the end was the worst in U.S. history. Obama was elected under the slogan “President of hope” and “President of change”, however, by the end of your stay in the White house it more appropriately be called “the President of disappointments”. According to some polls, he’s already pushed Bush in the “worst presidents.”

All this creates a serious request for renewal of elites, electors go to the party’s periphery in search of young leaders. After the electorate go to them and sponsors. Moreover, the request to update the elite have not only the right of the electorate, but the left (according to the American classification). But Mrs. Clinton, who is a brilliant political future predicted another Jimmy Carter in the late 70’s, extremely difficult to call a new face in politics.

In addition, the background is quite formal primaries more attention is paid to the scandals surrounding the names of the Clintons. In may he published a book by Peter Schweitzer “the Cache of the Clintons: the Untold story of how and why foreign governments and businesses helped create the wealth of bill and Hillary”. According to the materials, bill and Hillary got millions of dollars of donations to his charitable Foundation, while only a small portion of that money actually went to charity. In addition, the couple claimed to be unreasonably high fees for their lectures – several hundred thousand dollars for one performance. Past books are unable to pass and The New York Times that found in the work of Schweitzer mentions about Russian trace. The author claims that a “modest sum” of several million dollars, the Clintons helped Rosatom to control the fifth part of uranium reserves of the United States. The money came through various schemes, for example, in his speech in Moscow, bill Clinton has received 500,000 dollars from the Russian Bank “the Renaissance the Capital”.

Retired Sepp Blatter on this background looks an innocent child, whom the devil has beguiled me to steal candy from the store. It seems sheer trifle, and scandal around the fact that Secretary Clinton sent a message with a working email, as requested by secrecy rules, but on my own box. Thus, there is a fear that most of the primaries, Clinton would be corny to fend off allegations of corruption, while her opponents from the Republican party – and to argue constructively about how to build America.

The chances for the throne

On the other hand, the presidency of bill Clinton reminded Americans of honest nostalgia. In time the opened Soviet market led to a very marked increase of well-being, so what if the 90 “dashing”, but for Americans they are definitely “blessed”. And it is very possible that in this case the Clinton political strategists will be able to explain to the voter that all new is well forgotten old.

In parallel, Clinton was diligently trying to distance itself from the existing party leaders – primarily, of course, from Obama but from others too. It does not support the native party in the recent midterm Congressional elections, though by all the laws of PR as a leader of public opinion should have been actively riding in the country with less eminent party members, and flashing white-toothed smile. Meanwhile, the current campaign is based on the principle “I with the people.” Clinton always appears in public together with Housewives, businessmen of an average hand, workers and other representatives of real sector of economy, although these people would have been more appropriate at a meeting with Republican “tea party” than with the former democratic Senator from new York. Receiving bribes from Russia still prove necessary, and here is the link Clinton with wall street are quite obvious to all.

But, despite all the accusations, at the moment Clinton’s chances look good. But in the later stages the Republicans will try to impose her a temp, which will be difficult to cope already quite elderly policy. The question is only whether the Republican-finalist to unite a very fragmented electorate “Grand old party”, or these voters will stay home, put on the ballot a different name (American law allows you to enter any name) or even voting for Clinton. This is possible if the Republican candidate, for example, will be overly conservative.

Of course, none of the “elephants” are not interested in this leak votes. Immediately after the nomination of Hillary on the homepage of the website “Grand old party” has the banner “Stop Clinton”, which in translation is not needed. Immediately began collecting signatures under the petition to the White house – to prevent Hillary Clinton to run for elections. And the team of Ron Paul posted a video that spread across social media with the hashtag #DefeatHillary (Boraginaceae) and began as follows: “Which path will America? This will be a way in the past? The road to yesterday? In the place where we were before? Hillary Clinton is the worst manifestation of the Machine of Washington. The arrogance of power. Corruption and cover-up. Conflicts of interest. Poor management, leading to tragic consequences. Machine Washington destroyed the American dream”. Paul actually bases its campaign on continuous attacks on Clinton and even catapulted to the masses the slogan “Freedom, not Clinton”. And many gladly took up, not just the Republicans: Half sympathetic, even some Democrats, and it is especially popular among young people. With this category of voters of the former first lady particularly hard: the way the arrogant and hypocritical “grandma” was so high sometimes can be considered settled.

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