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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Turkey in Iraq ignores calls USA

Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden reassured Iraq urged Turkey to withdraw from this country “any force whose presence is not allowed” Baghdad. But it seems that Ankara does not take into account the opinion not only of a weak Iraq, but “the senior companions” from Washington. Turkey, risking to remain in “splendid isolation”, plays his game, including with the Kurds, some of which it suppresses, and some supports.

Washington has finally decided on an official position and urged Turkey to withdraw its troops from Iraq. As noted earlier, the state Department in his comments, refused to give a definite assessment of the presence of Turkish troops on Iraqi territory.

“The United States understands: Ankara turns them into hostages of their activities. But Americans have a slightly different scenario”

As it became known on Thursday, Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden in a conversation with Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi “stressed that the recent sending of Turkish forces to Northern Iraq took place without the prior consent of the Iraqi government”. “Both leaders welcomed the preliminary data on the withdrawal of some Turkish forces and agreed that this should continue. They reiterated that any forces can be present in Iraq in coordination and with the permission of the Iraqi government,” – quoted by his press service of the White house.

The Ministry added that “the Vice President supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq and called on Turkey to do the same by withdrawing from Iraqi territory any forces whose presence is not authorized by the government of Iraq”. We will note that representatives of the Iraqi leadership were assessed by the Turkish troops on the territory of the country (made without coordination with Baghdad) as the invasion and occupation.

“From the point of view a demonstration of our immense power -“

But Ankara is adamant. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Thursday stressed the need for Turkish military presence in Iraq and recalled the attack of the “Islamic state” on Turkish military camp of Basica.

“Unfortunately, one Iraqi officer was killed and four Turkish soldiers were lightly wounded. They reach Turkey, they provided the necessary medical assistance,” he said. In his opinion, “our armed forces gave an adequate response, the positions of the IG destroyed. This is very important from the point of view a demonstration of our crushing power. Our presence there is necessary until the Iraqi government has not established legitimate authorities”, – said Davutoglu, according to which Turkish military presence does not threaten the sovereignty of Iraq.

“From this comes the threat of Turkey, we warn possible risks. Military presence is part of this policy. Our armed forces have every right to action consistent with the real situation,” – said the Turkish Prime Minister.

Earlier on Monday, Prime Minister Davutoglu stated that his country will not only retain a military presence in Iraq, but will send reinforcements.

And although the Turkish NTV TV channel reported citing military sources that the Turkish military stationed in the camp of Bashika in Northern Iraq, left the camp and move North towards the border with Turkey, but the Iraqi government has not confirmed the withdrawal of the Turkish troops.

According to media reports, Turkey hopes to agree on the transfer of training camps of the Kurds in Iraq, where its troops are based, under the auspices of the international coalition against terrorist group “Islamic state”.

On Saturday, Iraq submitted to the UN security Council a letter asking to demand that Turkey immediately withdraw troops. Turkish President Erdogan called unfair by-step complaint by Iraq to the UN security Council regarding the invasion of Turkish troops into Iraqi territory. Note that the complaint was transferred to the U.S. representative to the UN Samantha Power. Ankara says that Baghdad itself has agreed to send troops, and to dissuade at the same time the Turkish regime can’t even Americans.

Note that the region in which Turkey is going to place your base, rich in oil, it is from here that ISIS is smuggling Iraqi black gold.

“Turkey condemns himself in proud loneliness”

“Americans have joined the positions of Moscow and Baghdad to demand withdrawal of the troops, seeing this as an act of occupation. This suggests that for some items in the abolition of the chaos in the middle East positions of Washington and Moscow becoming closer”, – said the newspaper VIEW Director of the research center “the middle East – the Caucasus”, Turkish studies expert Stanislav Tarasov.

He explained that the US was trying to force Turkey to fight against ISIS according to the rules.


In Baghdad held a rally against the Turkish invasion of Iraq – December 4, Turkish tanks and troops have entered Iraqi province of Ninawa. The demonstrators gathered in Central Baghdad, burned Turkish flags and chanted “Erdogan, you’re a coward”Statement Biden said that “Americans understand: Ankara turns them into hostages of their activities. While Americans have a slightly different scenario,” he said. Calling for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq is a step the USA in order to put Ankara on the right track. Turkey is isolating itself not only from Russia and cooperating with Iran: “transforming NATO and its Western allies hostage of its adventurous policy, Turkey is doomed to lonely pride in relation to the West,” said Tarasov.

In any case, Turkey will have to hear the call of the United States, “she will go nowhere.” “Another thing, it will be to negotiate some conditions, will use the methods of secret diplomacy, to enter any secret agreements,” concluded Tarasov.

Double standards for the Kurds

But the Turks, instead of playing by the rules, under the guise of participation in the coalition created by the Americans, preferred to attack the Iraqi Kurds and carry out their tasks, says Tarasov.

In addition, engaging in separate negotiations with Erbil (the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan), bypassing Baghdad, they led to the collapse of Iraq. “At one time Americans looked at this situation through your fingers, assuming, apparently, that the Iraq issue has already been resolved – it is about the fragmentation and dissolution of that state. However, this time they are inclined to view the need for preserving the statehood of Iraq,” – said the expert.

Who’s friends with who and fighting in Syria and Iraq, In his opinion, it is not excluded that later the US will speak about the territorial integrity of Syria. In this case, they hinder the maneuvers of Ankara, who uses the card of the Syrian Kurds in the effort to establish a buffer zone there, as well as its desire to strengthen action against Damascus through the Turkomans – all these actions are aimed at the destabilization and fragmentation of the country.

In addition, the interaction of Turkey and Erbil, the arrival of Turkish troops in Mosul – “this is an attempt at the collapse of Iraq to take control of the oil region”, the source said. He recalled that during the Ottoman Empire, this territory was a part of Turkey, and after the First world war, it was Iraq and the oil-bearing zones have been disabled from Turkey. As a result, “Turkey has almost no energy reserves and is forced to export them from Russia, Iraq and other countries,” said the source.

Note that “interacting” with the political leadership of the Iraqi Kurdistan region (or part thereof), Ankara continues hard violent suppression of “their” Kurds and their positions in Northern Iraq. As reported in Thursday’s Wall Street Jounal, “thousands of soldiers of the Turkish security forces being transferred to the centre of the village and the Kurds in the region (Turkey) for what the government calls a “decisive” military campaign against militants fighting for autonomy”.

The military operation against the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), declared by the government of Davutoglu, a clear “sign that the ceasefire and return to peace talks is unlikely to be possible in the near future.” As reported TASS with reference to the Turkish Agency, the operation provides for “the complete destruction of all shelters, camps, and firing points of terrorists inside the country and abroad”. Only for last night was “neutralized” 23 militants of the PKK. Note that the operation actively conducted including in the shirnak province, bordering Iraq and Syria.

“Erdogan listens Yes eats”

Director of the independent research center “Middle East Institute” Yevgeniy Satanovskiy, in an interview with the newspaper OPINION noted that “Americans should have or continue to support Erdogan in his absolutely boundless aspirations to develop a “new Ottoman Empire”, not thinking about anything and spit on Iraq, or to listen to Baghdad. Because it looked very strange: that Erdogan has sent troops to Northern Iraq, where he and then wants to send troops and where will this lead?” – the expert said. In addition, he recalled “disgusting relations of Erdogan and Obama” and that Iraq is still technically a U.S. ally.

“If Erdogan introduced these to us troops, for example, in the Crimea, the Americans would have rejoiced and would speak about historical justice,” he said.

Question, will respond if the Turkish President to call US, for expert is unequivocal: “Turkey is not only able to ignore, it will ignore everything that she wants to ignore”, – said Satanovsky. He recalled that Turkey, as a NATO member, has categorically denied U.S. involvement in the operation against Saddam Hussein. “Turkey is a NATO member, does what she wants, where wants and when wants. She got used to it. Americans can in this case to show displeasure. And that showed,” added the expert. He agreed that the U.S. does not want to become hostage to politics of Turkey, but indicated: “the Americans all the time don’t want no one to go on about, but always go on about Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan… It’s a dog, it wags the tail, – said the expert. – I don’t want – so what? Erdogan listens Yes eats in accuracy on Krylov”.

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