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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Turkey has reached extreme methods of pressure on US

Advisor to the President of Turkey has actually made a blackmail against the United States. It’s all about the conflict around the Kurds, which Turkey considers terrorists, and the United States supports. And though Erdogan later softened the statement made by his subordinate, Ankara really is a measure of influence on Washington. However, how effective are they?

Turkey may put pressure on the United States because of their position on the Syrian Kurds, said on Friday in Ankara. So, adviser to Turkish President seref of Malkoch threatened the States by taking action against the air base in Incirlik.

“Incirlik is the only factor of influence of Turkey in the U.S., but Americans can do”

Erdogan calls Obama

“If the United States really are a friend and ally of Turkey, they must recognize the PDS – the Syrian wing of the PKK – a terrorist organization. If a friend behaves like an enemy, can be taken, and they will not be limited to only base in Incirlik, Turkey has opportunities. The U.S. in Syria now operate with Russia against Turkey. Can it be explained?” asks of Malkoch.

A few hours after the publication of this statement, Turkish President Erdogan criticized the EA for words in Washington, but did it in a rather soft manner. “I do not know, what was said by Malkoch and what it was based, but it is wrong to make such statements. His duties were clearly defined. Such statements can do, assessing the situation, the government,” he said.

Erdogan also said that the U.S., in his opinion, change your attitude to Syrian Kurds. “The United States in connection with their last statements, as I see it, began to understand something in connection with the Syrian Kurdish party “Democratic Union”. I’ll call today to U.S. President Barack Obama. I intend to discuss this topic. Also I will tell about Washington provided aid to terrorist organizations,” Erdogan said, hinting at the supply of U.S. weapons to Syrian Kurds and continuing a line of criticism of Washington.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu also said that the US must make a choice between Turkey and terrorist organizations. He noted that the statement by the US that MPD is not a terrorist organization, contrary to common sense.

What extremist groups are recognized as terrorist in certain States (infographic)Base special purpose

The decision to open a US airbase in Incirlik in Turkey was adopted in 1943 at a conference organized by the U.S. and its allies in Cairo. Air force base is located 8 km from the Turkish city of Adana and is the largest U.S. base in Europe. Initially, the U.S. military planned to use Incirlik for additional based medium and heavy bombers such as B-17, B-24 and B-29. However, in December 1954, an agreement was signed on the joint use of the United States and Turkey with a view to broader objectives.

This has become possible after accession in 1952, Turkey in NATO. In 1958, the air base was renamed Incirlik. The main purpose of the base until 1990 was the implementation of the military intelligence against the Soviet Union.

After the outbreak of war in Iraq in 2003, the airbase was used for reconnaissance and air policing in the Middle East and the Black sea. In addition, Turkey began to use American tankers Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker for their own purposes. About 70% of military cargo transported by U.S. in Iraq, passed through this air base. In addition, the Pentagon actively used during the operation in Afghanistan.

In 2014-2015 has entered a new stage in the use of Incirlik air base against ISIL terrorists in Syria and Turkey. In the summer of 2015 Ankara and Washington came to a mutual agreement on the joint use of the base for combat operations against terrorists. Later, at the airbase in Incirlik were placed dozens of American drones “Reaper” and “Predator”. February 14, Saudi Arabia mark on the base its combat aircraft.

At the same time the President of the country Recep Erdogan promised that the operation base will be limited to the strict framework and will be aimed at combating terrorism.

However, Turkey has imposed strict condition of the USA in exchange for use of the base. Then the representative of the Turkish foreign Ministry Tanju Bilgic said that Americans use involves the use of an air base in the fight against “Islamic state” and “does not include support for the Kurdish militias in Northern Syria”.

In November 2015, the U.S. sent six additional F-15 at Incirlik “to demonstrate our unwavering support to the sovereignty of Turkey and collective security in the region,” the report said of the U.S. military. The command of the army of the United States stressed that sending the planes was made “in response to the request of the Turkish government’s support in ensuring security of the country”.

“Turkey has no leverage over the U.S.”

Chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” retired Colonel Viktor Murakhovsky emphasizes that on the basis of Incirlik are a marginal force us aircraft participating in the strikes on Syria, and the main body are located at air bases in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In addition, U.S. combat aircraft based on aircraft carriers, which are rotated periodically in this region.

“At the time Turkey decided not to participate in operations against Iraq and did not allow the American authorities to create military forces on Turkish territory to invade Iraq from the North. Also Turkey is not allowed to use their airfields. Here they can also the government’s decision to prohibit the use of its airbase for U.S. aviation,” Murakhovsky said the newspaper VIEW.

With regard to the statement of Malkoca that Turkey supposedly there are other “opportunities”, Murakhovsky relates them rather to rhetoric, which is unlikely to be any real action.

This is the opinion of the Director of the Center for the study of the Middle East and Central Asia semen Bagdasarov, who did not exclude that Turkey can only try to become more active on the lines of Saudi Arabia, to try to convince them to present a United front against the United States, but such a scenario is negligible. Therefore, the real and only threat to ban Washington to use the Incirlik base, but for US it’s “not serious threat”.

“Turkey does not have a strong military-political leverage over the United States. Incirlik is the only factor, but without it, Americans can do,” said Bagdasarov newspaper VIEW.

As for the requirements of Ankara to accept the Syrian Kurdish party “Democratic Union” a terrorist organization, this, the expert believes, will not happen in any case.

“If the U.S. recognizes PDS as a terrorist organization, with whom they will work on earth? “Free Syrian army” is quite a mythical thing, and real self-defense units in Syria are groups of PDS”, said Baghdasarov.

USA between Kurds and Turkey

Despite claims by Ankara, the reaction of the American side to the actions of Turkey regarding Syrian Kurds remains quite hard. So, Vice-President of USA Joe Biden called on Turkey to stop the shelling of units of the MPD. The American press, who consider MPD allies in the fight against ISIS, also reacted negatively. The New York Times reported that Turkey has “challenged the authority” of U.S. President Barack Obama, accusing MPD in the attack. Later another newspaper – Wall Street Journal – wrote that, according to Washington, Turkey occupied the position regarding the Kurds is one of the main obstacles to the successful fight against the ISIL.

Turkish troops for several months, conduct artillery fire on the positions of the Kurds in the border area in Syria that are fighting against the ISIL terrorists. The U.S. repeatedly called the Kurds the most important allies in the fight against terrorists in the region.

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