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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The power crisis in Latvia is likely to result in the triumph of Russophobes

The President of Latvia, 49-year-old Raimonds Vejonis, brought out of medically-induced coma, but by the performance of his duties he will be able to return soon. If at all you can. While governments in the Republic since December, to approve a change in the power concentrated in the hands of the speaker of the Sejm – one of the most radical nationalists of the country.

The head of the Baltic States was urgently hospitalized with acute viral infection in a clinic “gaiļezers” on Monday, but his condition has continued to deteriorate dramatically. The next day he was moved to more modern clinical University hospital Paula strazdinya, and on Wednesday he had a complicated heart surgery, which lasted 4.5 hours.

“Former journalist and translator, she is not hiding his Russophobic views and personifies all of extreme that grew and flourished in Latvia in the last 25 years”

Latvian officials and the doctors did not specify what kind of infection has struck the President, but the clinical picture indicates a rapid development of viral diseases, causing serious complication. For example, a flu has led to the development of septic infection, which in record time struck the heart. The chief physician of the hospital. Strazdinya Arnold veinbergs the Atis believes that the state of the high-ranking patient is stable with a positive trend. Other physicians emphasize that at least another two months Vejonis will be in the intensive care unit.

Further political fate of the President of Latvia foggy. According to the laws of Latvia, persons with prosthetic heart valve has a lifelong disability that will not allow to hold public office of high responsibility.

In this case since admission Vejonis his administration acted too not adequately. Initially they said that the President will continue its work, although it has cancelled all events, which was to be the head of state (24 January). Already in the hospital Vejonis has delegated some of its powers to the speaker of the Latvian Parliament Inara Murniece. 52nd article of the Constitution (the Constitution) in such cases provides for the devolution of responsibilities for the whole period of incapacity of the President or to his special orders. It’s pretty vague wording, because you have not defined criteria for “capacity” and it is unclear whether the incapacitated President to issue a “special order” and as to this order relate. The current state of Vejonis after operations on open heart testifies to his disability in accordance with the Latvian normative acts. Therefore, it is unclear whether he ever hold a post of the head of state, even nominally.

In this case, all the same the Constitution does not provide for the direct transfer of all the powers of the President by anybody and do not know the procedure of replacement of the President other officer on the condition. The idea is that the speaker of the Sejm becomes a “Locum Tenens”. But a number of public functions in any case remains the responsibility of the President, in whatever state he was in. For example, only the President has the right to promulgate laws or, conversely, to delay the proclamation for two months, if requested by two-thirds of the Sejm. Thus, the powers of Inara Murniece as acting President are greatly reduced. While the legislative activity of the Sejm and completely paralyzed.

Not legally registered and the approval procedure of the government in such cases of force majeure, because the approval of the new government – a law, too. Without an effective President, he cannot be proclaimed, which means that Latvia will continue to be without a working Cabinet.

7 December Vejonis has sent in resignation the government of the party “National unification” headed by Laimdota Straujuma. Some experts believe that the President “ate” the nationalist government by the hands of his party “Unity”, and now the influence of the “national Association” will dramatically reduce. All Christmas and new year holidays Latvia survived at all without government, almost without realizing it, and before the sudden hospitalization of the President was assigned to form the Cabinet of the personnel intelligence officer and Minister of internal Affairs of Latvia Richard Kozlovskis. Kozlowski is a member of the reform Party and then the Pro-presidential “Unity”, is considered the “silent professional”, more of a performer than a leader. It is not a public figure, not inclined to give interviews and is considered to be a team player without far-reaching political ambitions. His press Secretary Daiga Hill to the last tried to deny the possibility of individual political career of his boss, emphasizing on collective decision-making.

Former Prime Minister Straujuma herself has created around herself an atmosphere of intolerance extremely unpopular steps and childish errors of a PR nature. At the same time, Kozlowski was not the main candidate for Prime Minister, given his lack of experience in solving economic issues. But a severe economic crisis – the main thing that plagued Latvia. The main achievement Kozlovskis at the moment is the security of the NATO summit in Riga, for which he was awarded the order of Viesturs. And there is no reason to believe that his candidacy will have the support of even his faction of the party “Unity”. The leader thereof, Solvita Abolina itself claimed the post of Prime Minister, taking over the functions of the main criticisms of the previous government.

In any case, legally in Latvia the government is not – and can not be as long until the President regains all public functions. And any action that will now take Vejonis, may be declared null and void. There was a stalemate. Activity diet blocked, the functions of the President are executed only partially, and the Cabinet does not exist. Not even determined whether the former Prime Minister Straujuma to continue to perform their duties.

There are reports that the speaker of the Sejm and acting President Inara Murniece trying to take advantage of the situation and de facto concentrated in the hands of basic state functions. In particular, it held an urgent closed consultation with the head of the office of the President of Guntai Pukish, which discussed the possibility to restore the state at least in terms of graphics, which was recorded in the schedule of the President. How do they intend to issue it legally – is unclear. The main result of these consultations was the statement that still seems to be Straujuma to continue to carry out the duties of the head of the government. At first glance it looks logical, but only at first glance. Yes, the Seimas may not consider the candidature of the new Prime Minister, but legally this does not mean that the former Prime Minister should return to his office. After all, the President Vejonis managed to make a candidate Kozlovskis for consideration of the Seimas, and theoretically, the Seimas may review and approve Kozlovskis at least acting Prime Minister. And then the President Vejonis or someone else in this position would declare this the law.

The speaker of the Sejm Inara, Murniece, this situation is obviously not satisfied. It is considered perhaps the most radical nationalist of all who occupy the highest public office in Latvia. In Parliament Murniece got on the list of “All for Latvia! – For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK” radical associations almost neo-Nazi. Former journalist and translator, she is not hiding his Russophobic views and personifies all of extreme that grew and flourished in Latvia in the last 25 years. Murniece a supporter of all-out confrontation between Russia, and in domestic policy advocated the complete closure of Russian schools, the tightening of segregation and squeezing the Russian-speaking population from all spheres of life.

President Vejonis is half Russian (mother), was born in the Russian city of Pskov, began political career in Latgale the Russian-speaking provinces. For Murniece, it is not a figure on a post of the head of the Latvian state. His sudden illness has opened for nationalists and personally for the speaker the way to a complete seizure of power in Latvia, what for all time of existence of the “second Republic” was never. And despite the fact that in Riga all stronger calls for the elimination of the shameful status of “non-citizens” and the return of the Russian-speaking population in the political life of the country. Many experts have motivated it’s not so much humanitarian as economic considerations, as the country loses annually about one billion euros only because of the limitation of the rights of non-citizens. It’s possible that, if not ill Vejonis, in the current year would have begun the process of eliminating segregation, and there – you never know – restore civilized relations with Moscow.

Now in Riga formed an amazing matriarch. Some presidential powers was adopted by Inara Murniece, the government returned Laimdota Straujuma, for the Protocol functions is responsible Gunta of Pucisca and the largest parliamentary faction chaired by Solvita Abolina. Conflict, of course, is Nordic, if we consider the Scandinavian country, but a dead-end for Latvia. The legislation was so ill-conceived that public administration is essentially paralyzed, and the basic functions in times of economic crisis is simply no one to do it. There is constitutional and governmental crises, out of which the country yet as none of the actors are simply unable to articulate the principles necessary to solve the problem. President Vejonis will be removed from power for health reasons that are not spelled out in the Constitution, the Seimas must disband, or all at the same time.

Some political parties in this situation can just fall apart, including the Pro-presidential “Unity”. Then the political crisis will only intensify. All on this is superimposed the problem of migrants. Latvia allotted quota of 16 thousand people, and has calculated that it is a whole population of cēsis region. Even if all of them evenly throughout Latvia, a year later they will be in Riga (approximately near the railway station and Central market). This prospect has caused the rejection from society and the position of the Prime Minister Straujuma, who agreed on a quota, not added to her popularity. It was assumed that the specialist security Kozlowski could have something to do with it, but to break through the “matriarchy” him now will be extremely difficult. The only way to remain the re-election, but until this happens, Latvia will be in a chronic state of crisis.

Perhaps Raimonds Vejonis was the first European politician, who was struck by swine flu with severe complications. Another thing is that Latvia as a state since 1991, affected by many viruses, which can kill only a radical revision of the very foundations of the existence of the Latvian state. But it needs something more than just a medical solution, even surgery.

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