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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The emergence of a Kurdish Federation in Syria to help cope with the crisis

The Syrian Kurds are preparing to declare the formation on Syrian territory of his Federation. About the separatism of the question: the Kurds insist on the territorial integrity of the country and Damascus recognize the role of the Federal government. Experts believe that in the current situation is the best way out of the crisis. Syria sample in 2011 and Bashar al-Assad is high time to accept that.

Syrian Kurds on Wednesday to announce the federalization and the establishment of autonomy in the territories in the North of the country that they control, said the Agency Reuters with reference to a Kurdish official Idris Hassan.

“The future of Syria is a Federal state with its centre in Damascus, which has a leading role in foreign and defense policy. Everything else should be resolved in other regions”

“Speech about detaching the no”

“Just the other day, perhaps today, the government of the three Kurdish cantons in the North will proclaim the establishment of the Federation,” said another Kurdish politician is the representative of the Kurdish democratic Union Party Abd Salam Ali.

“We hope that our example will be helpful for other nationalities and religions living in Syria. Our experience can be useful for alawites and Sunnis. Perhaps this is the key to peace in our country”, – said Abd Salam Ali.

The head of mission of the Syrian Kurdistan in Moscow Rodi Osman explained the motives of federalism that the Kurds were not invited to the talks in Geneva. “This means that the future of Syria and the Syrian society can be solved without the Kurds. We, in fact, push back in conservative, outdated system that does not suit us,” explained Osman.

“In that connection, we see one way out – to proclaim the establishment of the Federation. This will benefit not only Kurds but also Arabs, Turks, Assyrians, Chechens, Turkmens – all elements of the multinational society of Syria,” he said.

Kurdish politician stressed that talk of secession from the country. “It’s about removing Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) from Syria. We remain part of it, but advocate for the Federation,” explained Rodi Osman.

We will remind, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov stated that Moscow will support the federalization of Syria, if for it will vote the people of the Arab Republic.

Moreover, on 11 March, it was reported that close to the negotiations on the settlement of the Syrian conflict forces consider the possibility of federalization of Syria. The Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Ryabkov said that the specific model of the political structure of Syria in the future, which will derive from the preservation of its integrity, including the possibility of federalization, should be developed in the course of inter-Syrian negotiations.

In the right place at the right time

It is noteworthy that the news about the federalization of Syrian Kurdistan came during the inter-Syrian talks in Geneva, which resumed on 14 March and runs until 24 March. Participants in inter-Syrian negotiations during the next round of discussing a new government, the Constitution and future parliamentary and presidential elections.

An armistice became possible thanks to joint activities of Russia and the USA in the UN. All 15 member countries of the UN security Council endorsed the Russia and the United States a resolution in support of a ceasefire in Syria, which started on February 27. However, the Syrian Kurds were not invited to list the most important event for the future of Syria.

In the Northern Syrian province al-Hasaka is inhabited mostly by Kurds. Syrian Kurds engage in fierce fighting against terrorist of ISIL in the East and South-East of the country. In the Northwest the Kurds fight the militants “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra.” Many experts and journalists believe that success in the fight against the ISIL militants in the North and North-East were made possible thanks to the successful actions of the Kurds.

The initiator of the federalization of Syrian Kurdistan is the main part of the region – Democratic Union headed by Saleh Muslim. Recall that the Muslim in an interview with the newspaper OPINION stressed that the Kurds do not want to separate from Syria.

“We have always seen their future in the framework of a unified democratic Syrian state. As Syrian Kurds, we want to be part of Syria – this is our goal and our project for the future. South Kurdistan or Rojava never fought and never fought for independence from Syria. We fought for the democratic rights of the Kurdish people. We see ourselves as a component of democratic Syrian state together with the Arabs, the Turkmen and other residents of this country, if one is mindful of our rights,” said Muslim, answering the question of whether the Kurds want to separate from Syria and to declare independence.

From the cantons to the Federation

According to sources of the newspaper VIEW in Syria, it is about the transformation of the cantons of the province of Hasaka in the Federal region. According to Kurdish sources, in support of the federalization of the Kurds received from the United States and the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani.

Hoping for the emergence of an independent state of Kurdistan within the framework of the “reset” of the Middle East Barzani said in an interview with the daily newspaper the Philadelphia Inquirer that the need to stop the chaos and to revise the boundaries of the region. This, according to Barzani, should be done by world leaders, in coordination with the leaders of the middle East.

The Syrian Kurds have repeatedly made proposals for the future structure of Syria. In their view, the transformation of the country into a Federal Republic will reduce the tension between different components of Syrian society and will become a prologue to long-term peace. South Kurdistan had called on Kurdish political parties for unity and common requirements for future negotiations on the federalization of Syria.

This idea was supported by the famous Kurdish politician, former Deputy of the Iraqi Parliament Dr. Mahmoud Osmani. “The best solution for Syria would be the federalization. This would allow citizens with Kurdish, Alawite and Sunni origin to live in one country,” the Kurdish Agency Riataza.

The Arabs and Turkey against

Who of the major players in the middle East can be against this outcome? Perhaps the main opponent of the creation of the Kurdish autonomy in Syria is Turkey, which itself is experiencing difficulties with its Kurdish population. Against federalization is the Damascus. Of course, such an outcome is not beneficial and even somewhat dangerous to the Syrian authorities in General and Assad in particular. The Syrians-Arabs are concerned that federalization Kurdistan might trigger a chain reaction in the country and even to provoke the intervention of Turkey.

So, the Syrian Ambassador to the UN, one of the most influential Syrians, Bashar Jaafari, warned of “zero tolerance” to the Kurds, if they want “federalization or disconnect”, quotes words of the diplomat of the world the Kurdish Rudaw Agency. And coordinator of the Higher Committee on negotiations (WCP) of the Syrian opposition, the Arab Riad Hijab stated that the Committee rejects the idea of establishing in Syria a Federal arrangement.

Some experts believe that against the federalization of Kurdistan may make the Iranians who want to see a unified Syria. There are opponents and among the Kurds. So, an independent Kurdish parties are outraged by the decision of several other Kurdish parties to declare federalization in Syria, said the Secretary General of the Youth party for justice and development, Syrian Kurdistan barwin of Ibrahim.

“The Kurds anybody will not wait”

The President of the International Union of Kurdish public associations Merab Shamoev confirmed information about the upcoming announcement of the federalization of the territory under Kurdish control. According to him, the Kurds systematically went to it. “Federalization is the right legal form for the Kurds. In the future this provision should be enshrined in the Syrian Constitution, to avoid contradictions with the Basic law. This same form is correct not only in Syria but in Turkey, Iran,” said Shamoev the newspaper VIEW.

He argues that in the current situation such a decision is reasonable. “The Kurds control the territory and announce that the federalization on it. The Kurds drove all the Islamists from their territory. Kurds – the most successful fighters against these barbarians”, he stressed.

As for the lack of approved plans on federalization from the side of Damascus, then wait for it pointless, because now the Kurds have no status in the middle East. “The Kurds anybody will not wait. The Assad regime for many years oppressed the Kurds, promising all sorts of civil and political rights. But we note the role of Russia, which is positive. Lavrov and Bogdanov have repeatedly noted that the rights of Kurds must be protected in Syria,” he said.

As for the mechanism of realization of this idea, believes Shamoev perfect Russian variant, as implemented with the national republics: Chechnya, Dagestan or Ingushetia. “Some of the powers will remain in Damascus, but the questions of self-government, the Kurds will decide their own. But it will be within the territorial integrity of Syria,” – said Merab Shamoev.

Little Switzerland in Syria

The Director of the Center for the study of the Middle East and Central Asia semen Bagdasarov agree that such a scenario is beneficial for Syria and the Central authorities should support the decision of the Kurds. He reminded that the Syrian Kurds formally made a similar announcement last year, but this time they decided to approach the matter “in greater detail”.

According to him, this autonomy will be of a very peculiar nature as a system of self-governing cantons. This theory was once put forward by Abdullah Ocalan (Kurdish politician, is serving a sentence in Turkey) – a sort of mixture of Marxism-Leninism to anarchism and local nuances.

“Now they’re going to announce not just autonomy, but autonomy where you will be this system of cantons. It’s like Switzerland… There will be a population of about 2.5 million people. The basis is the Kurds, then the Assyrians, Turkmen, Arabs and Armenians,” Bagdasarov said the newspaper VIEW.

In each locality will be the municipalities where necessarily includes representatives of the main ethnic-religious groups: Kurds, Arabs and Christians.

“I believe the correct idea of federalism. The Syria that existed prior to 2011, there will be no more. Assad and his entourage should Wake up, drink calming pills and really look at the situation. They do not have full control over it. It’s too much different state. As a state Syria has existed since 1946. And before any of the state of Syria was not. They were part of the Ottoman Empire, Byzantine, Roman, etc. After world war I the French created six quasi-States, including the Great Lebanon, the state of Aleppo, state of Damascus, the Druze State and the State of the alawites… as for the current Kurdish territory, where they will declare autonomy, there was a somewhat different situation. To the French administration turned authoritative people from the Kurds, Assyrians and Armenians, too, gave them autonomy, but the French have not agreed to it, not to spoil relations with Turkey,” said Baghdasarov.

According to him, now say about the three possible Federal structures in Syria: the Kurds, the Sunnis and the alawites. “I believe that the future of Syria is a Federal state with its centre in Damascus, which has a leading role in foreign and defense policy. Everything else should be addressed in other regions. It’s like in the UAE has Emirates, where the Sharia laws are the liberal Dubai… They are different but live in the same country. We should strive to do, otherwise the war will last forever”, – said the expert.

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