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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Latvian police have arrested a journalist over a question about fascism

The annual procession SS Legionnaires in Latvia over the scandal. Police detained the well-known British journalist Graham Phillips. He tried to ask the marchers uncomfortable questions, which, as considered by the authorities, dangerous for Latvia. Observers believe that Phillips would have stopped anyway, because the country “lost it on the grounds of hybrid war”.

The police of Latvia during the procession SS Legionnaires and their supporters in Riga detained the journalist Graham Phillips.

“I was surprised that he was let in Latvia. The whole problem of the police, which guarded the procession was to isolate the journalist”

Dangerous journalist

Latvian edition Delfi reports that Phillips first tried to lead a column of legionaries and their supporters in old Riga, but the guards did not allow him to do it. Later at the monument of Freedom Phillips, which was the orange vest of a member of the press shouted: “Why do you glorify fascism?” and tried to persuade the marchers answer my questions.

The Latvian press notes that in most cases attempts of Phillips had been ignored. Some older people refused to speak to him in Russian.

Colleague Graham Phillips from Latvia, an eyewitness of the detention of the journalist, told the newspaper VIEW the details of the incident. “Graham was covered sanctioned by the authorities of Latvia rally against the rally SS. Filmed, asked questions to the participants. On it were markings representative of the press. He was approached by police and without any explanation pulled him,” said an eyewitness.

“He asked not ashamed to glorify fascism? The police felt that the issue is dangerous for Latvia,” – said the source.

Recall that part in the procession SS Legionnaires and their supporters, which began on Wednesday in Riga, took about 1 thousand people. Every year on 16 March in the Latvian capital, there is a procession of participants of the Latvian Legion Waffen SS and their supporters. This annual event causes a sharp discontent of the anti-fascist forces in the world.

The head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia of the city hall Kozlovskis said that Phillips stay in Latvia is undesirable, but it decided not to include in the black list.VIDEO

“Before the police had originally been tasked to isolate it”

The leader of the Latvian party “For the Russian language!”, politician and social activist Vladimir Linderman is convinced that local authorities “completely crazy motivated hybrid war”. Therefore any activity, including journalists, they may be regarded as a hostile state activity. “Phillips was originally going to be screwed together. I was surprised that he was let in Latvia. The whole problem of the police, which guarded the procession was to isolate the journalist”, – Linderman said the newspaper VIEW.

Linderman believes that the journalist worked professionally during the procession and asked the participants “uncomfortable questions”. He did not rule out that against Phillips power can bring an administrative case. However, he expressed hope that in the near future the journalist will be released without presenting any charges.

“Phillips has worked in the Donbass. He was a brilliant journalist and British acts in an energetic and professional manner. How would he any led, it still would delay”, he said, adding that the authorities had no formal reason not to allow Phillips to the coverage of the procession SS Legionnaires and they “needed something to hold on to”.

Moreover, not to let the country of a citizen of another European country is not so easy, says Linderman. “Although it is possible. I, being a citizen of the European Union, not allowed to enter Estonia. And many of these cases. But still it is quite difficult bureaucratic point of view. It is desirable that the operation, which can be interpreted as a violation of the law”, – said Vladimir Linderman.

Shameful procession

Russia has repeatedly criticized the Latvian authorities. The Russian foreign Ministry considers the procession of shame. Earlier, the Commissioner of the Russian foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov said that the resolution by the Latvian authorities of marches of veterans of the SS contrary to international law and the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

Moreover, at the rally, was seen the flag of the Ukrainian neo-fascist battalion “Aidar”.

The mayor of Riga nil Ushakov said that the number of people wishing to participate in the March of legionaries SS is decreasing every year. Now it was attended by about 800-900 people, in the past – about a thousand, in 2014, fifteen hundred, and in 2013 – three thousand. “Thanks to the residents for this development!” – wrote Ushakov on his page on Facebook.

Neo-Nazi marches in the capital of the European countries have condemned and international organizations. So, the President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor expressed outrage at the procession of legionaries Waffen SS in Riga, urging the President and the Prime Minister of Latvia to publicly condemn anti-Semitic actions and statements.

“The inaction of the Latvian authorities with regard to open manifestations of anti-Semitism and the growth of neo-Nazism in the country opens a Pandora’s box. The education of future generations of Europe is impossible without an open condemnation of the glorification of Nazism… Directed against the Jewish threat and the inability of governments to defend them are forcing Jews to leave Europe… It’s a long and conscious religious massacre, which slowly but surely kills the Jewish community,” said Kantor.

The discontent of the Jewish community is understandable. The other day the Deputy of the Latvian Seim from the “Green party” and the representative of the parliamentary Commission on national security Karlis Sergeants publicly accused the Jews of sedition in Latvia.

Cantor called on the President Raimonds Vejonis and the Prime Minister of Latvia Maris Kucinskis publicly condemn the statements of Sergeants. “The Jews of Latvia are Latvian citizens, just like everyone else. They have the right to expect that their President will show zero tolerance against open manifestations of anti-Semitism on the part of senior party members in which he is”, – said the President of the EJC.

According to the official interpretation of the history of the country, Legionnaires of 15th and 19th SS divisions fought against the Soviet occupation Latvia’s freedom. Their composition consisted of about 140 thousand people.

Note that in the procession was attended by about a thousand representatives and supporters of the radical organization Daugavas Vanagi, established by former Latvian SS legionaries. This fascist unit was established in February 1943, and on March 16, 1944, it joined in the fighting against Soviet troops in the area. opočki the river Great.

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