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Monday, February 19, 2018

Elite USA decided to fight not with trump, and with its voters

Despite an unprecedented campaign to discredit and comparisons with Hitler Donald trump won another series of victories in the primaries. How shameless was antitrombina propaganda at this stage, is worthy of separate consideration. How and why these methods do not work, although accusations of racism and fascism in the US are very serious.

According to preliminary data, the results of the second “super Tuesday” series of primaries in crucial States – Hillary Clinton won over Bernie Sanders five wins out of five. In Ohio, North Carolina and Florida it was a confident victory, and in Illinois and Missouri – with a margin of just 1%. Now Clinton 1412 votes of the delegates of the forthcoming party Congress that is essential for promotion in presidents 2383, and Sanders just 638. He almost lost the chance to catch up with Clinton, though made significantly better than expected.

“His voters are white Americans without education, they see in trump weapon, which can destroy the existing political system”

In turn, billionaire Donald trump won a victory in Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Florida. The only state he had to give, – Ohio, where the winner became the Governor of this state, John following keysik, and trump won the second place. Another candidate for Governor Marco Rubio after losing to Trump in his native Florida, announced his withdrawal from the presidential race. In similar circumstances following keysik would have done the same, but the voters of his estate was to his Governor more supportive. However, this is nothing more than a goal of prestige: Kasika just 127 votes from 1237, 574 trump, his nearest rival Ted Cruz – 365.

Few in Democratic party doubt that the trump will win the nomination from the Republicans to participate in the final presidential race. So, Bernie Sanders is trying to build his campaign against Hillary Clinton that he is “the only candidate who can stop trump”. In turn, the liberal press is actively billionaire compares with Hitler, Kim Jong-UN, and many other figures, who in the United States (and not only in the U.S.) symbol of global evil. But basically all the same with Hitler.

For example, CNN highbrow draws Parallels between how the developed pre-election struggle in Germany of the 1930s, and how it develops in the U.S. today. And humorous program The Daily Show entertains the audience with the mnemonic “mnemonic” that is fascism, examples of statements of trump. Trying to keep up and other publications, sometimes maximizing thrust: stand up, great country, fascism will not pass!

Two more examples from the same series, showing that in the field of political technologies “Godwin’s law” is not valid. During one of the campaign activities of the billionaire asked his supporters to raise their hand and swear allegiance to his beloved, and most importantly – to return America to true greatness. Although the flash mob participants clearly recalled his youth, when he brought the boy scout oath, all without exception democratic press saw in this gesture the Nazi salute (liberal journalists, apparently, scouts were not). But Birgitt Peterson, a fan of trump from Yorkville, really “threw the ina,” but not as a political gesture, as it were, “on the contrary” – in the context of polemics with the opponents of the candidate. Being a native of post-war Berlin, she truly resented the comparison of trump to the führer, after which the opponents have provided a brief historical guide to “trump not fascist, and fascism is very scary.” To the credit of the Chicago Tribune, where it was published the picture, the situation there presented adequately. But who cares as it was actually, if there is a “hot photo” – Sigulda old girl in a t-shirt in support of trump. The photo instantly spread across social media, not everyone found it necessary to clarify that Ms. Peterson is not a Nazi, and Vice versa.

Politicians aspiring to the post of President of the United States (infographic)Perhaps only The New York Times remains almost the only “democratic” media, who needs to stop “temporaliy” and you start to fight the true evil in the face of the neocon – supporters of “planting democracy” in the world at any cost, a brilliant representative of which is George W. Bush. Spicy detail: some of the neocons now considering to flop in the camp of Hillary Clinton is so unacceptable for them trump who believe that military adventures overseas, as well as the RAID of another kind cost too much for America.

Wrestling with an uncomfortable candidate has not even spared TV series, good comments “on the topic of the day” gives them confidence. So, in one of the last series of the popular detective series “castle” the main character, bestselling author, plunged into the world of illegal immigrants, in order to unravel another crime. In the series finale, he invited them to his home in an expensive apartment in Manhattan and fed dinner. The mother of the hero – old actress and socialite – said-music is the speech on what immigrants make America great, playing thus the main slogan of the campaign trump – hard opponent of illegal immigration. In this obvious scene, linking entertainment TV and the current political propaganda in a single unit, is not enough unless the song U2 “The Hands That Built America” (“the Hands that built America”), which would soften a stone.

With all this antithrombosis campaign there’s only one problem – it doesn’t work. Over the past few months the billionaire all of a sudden has earned the reputation of politics, to which dirt does not stick. On the contrary, if you abuse the mud to discredit him, it is very easy to get dirty yourself. The candidate himself, in the usual manner, commented on their “teflonovoy”: “I can shoot the person right on Fifth Avenue and will not lose a single vote” (The Daily Show this statement illustrated the “aggressiveness” already known “napominalka” about the signs of fascism). Before the final election, but trump already demonized to an extreme degree, and in many respectable families, including the television in the family castle, will his name scare naughty children. And with this task perfectly coped themselves Republicans, ditching on debunking inconvenient candidate a lot of effort and dollars. Ratings of a billionaire from it only grew.

Taking into account similar experience of competitors, political strategists the Democrats are now trying to change some tactics. In mid-March on the capital mouthpiece of the liberals of The Washington Post published a column by Michael Gerson titled “trump the demagogue, who was afraid of the founding fathers”. The essence of the text that billionaire skillfully indulges baser feelings of the people, his constituents – white Americans without education, they see in trump weapon, which can destroy the existing political system. While the Republican party itself is to blame for the fact that actively attracted these politically immature citizens under its banner, so now, feeling their responsibility before the country and the world, Republicans have roughly “prokinut” trump at a party Congress, putting forward any other candidate, contrary to the opinion of their constituents. That is sacrificing democracy for the sake of higher considerations. In General, not Mature enough yet the American people to democracy, has played – and will suffice.

It is significant that such a scenario was first seriously discussed in the Republican party, but at some point they realized that this is going beyond the “red line”, and anti-democratic the idea was rejected for obvious reasons. Gerson tactfully does not mention that such an act will result in the collapse for mired in internal contradictions “Grand old party”. But in the end it’s not his problem: WP – publication-friendly “donkeys”, not “elephants”. And hardly anyone seriously expects that the Republicans will rush to commit political suicide in Congress. Even if trump becomes a candidate for the presidency, the establishment parties and the “tea party movement” will remain opposed to his figure – the control of Congress, and frankly don’t care about the opinion of their voters, then it does to lose in the next election.

Thus, the meaning of WP in another column. Technologists Democrats took the logical decision: to fight with trump is useless (he allows himself statements that would have destroyed any other American politician, but so far feels fine), so it is necessary to struggle not with trump, and with its electorate. Namely – to try to convince everyone that the charismatic billionaire vote solely “white trash” and other losers with whom the elector would not want to associate oneself. To this end, and multiply the theses that the disgusting is not so much the trump, but his fascist supporters.

Similar story with the word “racism”, which too often try to use in the same sentence with the name trump. Then you need to see a fundamental difference with the totalitarian ideology of fascism, which is still German and Italian, whereas racism is a vital issue in the United States in the relatively recent past. Including why the charges of racism in America is among the extremely serious. An attempt to show the likes of Trump, who never gave reason to think that puts whites higher than blacks or Indians, inevitably, you’ll get into a lawsuit with him. So billionaire in don’t blame racism. But clearly say that they voted for him racists, and to be in the same campaign with racists very ashamed. Popular satirical show Saturday Night Live even released psevdohaotichny a movie in which ordinary Americans talk that trump is the man who will again make America great. Toward the end of the movie it becomes clear that they are all Nazis or racists. The final slogan – “Racist for trump”

This is an obvious ploy from the false logic, but Democrats can understand: their traditional “Scarecrow” in the face of religious conservatives, or, as they would say in Russia, “obscurantist”, in this case will not help. The fact that a number of positions, including on issues of critical importance to the religious part of the electorate (e.g., abortion rights), trump is much more liberal than his closest pursuer Ted Cruz. Including thus, there is a likelihood that the billionaire will support even those who normally vote for Democrats, but tired of the established politicians, or negative personally for Hillary Clinton (and grounds for this).

From the fight for the “fluctuating electorate” are derived and the frequent provocations on the activities of trump. For example, at his meeting with voters at the University of Illinois on 11 March, the opponents of the billionaire brought the posters, in which the politician appears in the image of Hitler (it is on this background there was an incident with Birgitt Peterson, described above). Ultimately, those in favor of trump, and those who opposed it, tried to clarify the political stance with the fists, and fighters have to break in to the police. Democratic press and of the Republican immediately raised a cry about “the brutal beating of students” transtime, the cause of which was named the “toxic atmosphere”, distributed by politician around. Trump countered, saying that his event is a “celebration of love”, which try to prevent a variety of terrorists, but the fact remains – the picture for tranportation have been extremely successful. Because the policy causes rejection of Muslims and migrants from South America, the conflict looked exactly how he should look, when it comes to racism – mostly white voters were opposed by a variety of minorities.

The scandals continued, and the next day: during a rally in Ohio a “fighter against fascism” tried to attack a candidate, but was twisted by the guards. Similar provocations were at the meeting in South Carolina. The calculation is that eventually the voter will want to stay out of this and they will not understand, who from whom the coat was stolen.

But this step is rather risky – this tactic can not only scare away the voters from the trump, but also to rally them around him. Russian non-systemic opposition, who went on a similar path in 2011, ultimately are driven into marginal plane does not supporters of Vladimir Putin and herself. It is unlikely Hillary Clinton will want to see yourself at the head of the “party superior fur”, but apparently other options in its headquarters currently do not see and are afraid to “miss the moment”, as did their Republican colleagues. That is, to endure to the time when the trump will be amplified so that the most sophisticated political technology will be powerless. VIDEO

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