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Sunday, February 18, 2018

A student from the United States to get North Korea to 15 years hard labor for torn poster

Wine students from the U.S. Otto Bombieri, sentenced by North Korean court to 15 years in prison, was “anti-state” breakdown of the poster. Indicative sentence American looks like part of a hard-line Pyongyang along with threats to use nuclear weapons and revealing tests. In fact, according to experts, North Korea conducts with the United States diplomatic game with elements of provocation.

The Supreme court of North Korea sentenced a student from the USA Otto Frederick Wambier to 15 years in prison in a reformatory for attempting “to undermine the unity of the Korean people”. The American student arrived in North Korea on December 25 from Beijing as part of a tour group. As it turned out, the night of January 1, he snuck into an office space meant for foreign tourists of “Engacho” and ripped off the wall posted there, the Korean political poster.

“By the summer, at the latest by the end of summer, but rather, much earlier, I think the student is at home”

In the same month, the student was detained. “Wambier with the connivance and at the behest of the American government entered North Korea under the guise of a tourist to engage in hostile activity against the Republic to undermine the foundations of the unity of Korea, but was exposed against him and an investigation is underway,” – said then the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA), which is quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

American fully admitted his guilt, yet at the end of February in the world media there is a video where he explained what he had done and added that it “made the worst mistake of my life.” The young man also said that he went on this crime by the order of the United Methodist Church.

The sentence “will surely increase tensions in relations with Washington,” said The Guardian. The publication pointed out that 21-the summer student of economic faculty of the University of Virginia accused of committing “serious crimes, he says, he tried to steal a political banner from service areas”, shortly after the UN security Council tightened sanctions against North Korea in response to recent nuclear test and missile launch, said the newspaper.

This is not the first case of detention of U.S. citizens in North Korea. One of the most scandalous cases was the arrest in 2009 in North Korea of two American journalists – Laura Ling and Yuna Lee. They were caught at the border with China while filming a television movie about refugees from North Korea. The reason for the detention, then the court in the DPRK was a violation of the border and that they have footage of anti-Pyongyang content. The court decided to imprison journalists to 12 years in labor camps. Through negotiations in the same year, the United States managed to achieve their release.

Last year in North Korea was arrested by South Korean student from new York University Wong Chu moon for illegally crossing the border from China. A few months later he was transferred to South Korea. In December last year to life in prison was sentenced pastor from Canada lim Hyun soo.

“Kim Jong-UN ordered the test”

A show trial over the young American, “had undermined the foundations”, comes amid increasing bellicose statements and gestures from Pyongyang.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have increased in recent weeks after the U.S. and South Korea launched the largest recent joint military exercises. Pyongyang responded with “a barrage of nuclear threats” against Washington and Seoul because the North sees such maneuvers as a rehearsal for invasion, noted The Guardian.

Earlier, North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN had ordered in the near future to conduct new tests of nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles. “Announcing the holding soon of a test explosion of a nuclear warhead and test launches of various types of ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, he (Kim Jong UN) has instructed the relevant departments to prepare,” said KCNA. “Kim Jong-UN… ordered to carry out tests to assess the thermal stability of the tip warheads, designed and manufactured by domestic technology, and the erosion resistant coating material,” said the Agency.

On March 4, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN gave the armed forces the order to be ready to use nuclear weapons at any time. Two days before the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on a significant tightening of sanctions against the DPRK. Extremely hard, by international standards, the document under number 2207 prohibits the importation from the DPRK of coal, iron ore, titanium, vanadium, gold and other valuable metals, as well as embargo on the country in all types of aviation fuel.

Also, the resolution obliges countries to check the cargo, following in the DPRK for prohibited goods and technologies. From now on, exacerbated by the embargo on the import of luxury goods to the DPRK, such as yachts, snowmobiles and watch. In addition, the decision to tighten the arms embargo and broader financial sanctions on the banking sector.

“Diplomatic game on both sides”

“Periodic attacks of citizens of Korean and non-Korean nationality but with American passports, some anti rights shares, calculated on the reaction of the North Korean authorities, have already become a tradition,” – said the newspaper VIEW head of the Center for Korean studies, Institute for Far Eastern studies, Alexander Jebin. He noted that this situation, “when the Americans come, there is something doing, then goes on the knurled pattern, there are any diplomatic contacts on this issue” has been in place for 15 years. Some came to rescue even former U.S. presidents.

According to experts, “this form of diplomatic game with elements of provocation from both sides.” He noted that the Americans could deny their citizens travel to North Korea, they declare the country of American citizens to travel is not recommended. However, in the DPRK there is no such prohibition, there the Americans, despite all the horrors that write in the media about the DPRK, riding including with personal goals is to become a famous civil rights activist who suffered at the hands of North Korean authorities. The North Koreans also could not let the Americans, the more that such cases occur rather often, the source said.

That incident happened in the current situation, the decision of the fate of this man is difficult, acknowledged the source. “I don’t think they are at this stage will send someone to rescue him”, but over time, through diplomatic channels, the American would be pardoned or released, says Jebin. According to him, the North Koreans also hope that the family will put pressure on American authorities, that they came into contact with the DPRK about its release.

The question of one or two months

“While such incidents were quite a lot. And always they ended with the fact that the perpetrator is a foreigner was released within a few weeks, maximum a few months”, – said the newspaper VIEW specialist on Korea, Professor of Seoul University Kunmin Andrei Lankov. He added that the only exception was when the liberation took about a couple of years, but there the detained foreigner has supported every illegal activity on the territory of the DPRK, namely the preaching of Christianity, which is only allowed in designated churches – they are under close supervision.

“Such stories, as with this student, the question of one or two months, when he will be pardoned and released,” – said the expert. In his opinion, the arrest of American is not so much a desire to stab US, but to remind foreigners that the DPRK has some things to do, for example, don’t need to distribute the Bible, to disrupt the political posters for the collection.

The current tensions, the sanctions are unlikely to affect the fate of a student and can only “make us less inclined to negotiate, and it slightly delayed the process”. “But the negotiations are already underway, they began even before the formal court. By the summer, at the latest by the end of summer, but rather, much earlier, I think that the student will be at home,” he concluded.

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