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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Syrian army has achieved another important victory

The apparent success of the government troops achieved under Aleppo – they were able to break through to the defenders base Kouvaris, lifting the blockade, which lasted more than two years. Earlier, the army in two weeks made its way through the defense of ISIL in the village Sheikh Ahmad two kilometers from the base. Now ISIL would inevitably increase the terror, and the videoconferencing facilities of the Russian Federation it is necessary to strengthen the protection.

It is worth emphasizing that for real recovery of the message with the garrison necessary to stabilize the formed passage and to protect it from flanking attacks ISIL, which is inevitable. Syrian sources (like all Eastern) are prone to propaganda from rush, as it were, for example, takes Hadera and Gmama last week, and with the establishment of “full” control over the route of HOMS – Aleppo.

“Now we will go on firing crude rockets within densely populated areas, suicide bombings at shopping malls and public buildings, mining machines”

The restoration of the land supply database Queires is not the only target of this offensive. Through Queires Sharkey passes the strategic road supply all of the advanced parts of the ISIS in the area where the “big” Aleppo (until the outbreak of the civil war, the city was surpassed in population, even the capital – Damascus). If this road will be able to cut the large forces ISIS will be in the cauldron around Aleppo, in which they drove themselves, decided a week ago to seize the territory left by the militants of other groups. In the “big” Aleppo the ISIL militants initially fond of the unjustified expansion of the territory, aiming to break through to the Turkish border as quickly as possible.

At the same time, government forces were able to stop the offensive of the jihadists in the South of Aleppo and to retain the previously reclaimed area with a common center in the town of al-Khader. On the other hand, the rebels were able to restore the front, and under constant attacks by government forces the past three days fighting in the area took resistant in nature. Positive dynamics remains, but the Syrian army in principle, the characteristic “ragged” rhythm of the offensive. They can stay in the open field for entirely irrational reasons, or, conversely, somehow suddenly begin to attack head-on the enemy positions. Very often everything depends on commanders or moral state of a particular part. Thus large parts of the front held relatively small number of units.

The course of military operations in Syriana the South of the province of Aleppo, government forces have abandoned the tactics of head-on attacks and seek to form a traditional “boilers”. But the peculiarity of this theater of war, “al-jabhat al-Nusra”, which is operating in the area, as is traditionally used by small detachments in a large open space. So, the town of al-Karassi is a potential cauldron for jihadist defends only 600-700 people. Not much of a boiler, but such situation in the area almost on all fronts. Government troops in such conditions began to show some “recovery” tactics, seeking possibilities to circumvent the major fortified areas, for example, the same al-Khader.

But on another front – the North – the situation has deteriorated. A promising attempt to drive the jihadists in latnensky the boiler ran out of steam and turned into a heavy defensive fights, in which the government army lost some areas. Leaving town Morek has led to the fact that now about any latinskom the boiler already can not speak, and front lined.

It is customary for fighters of various factions, including ISIS, “tactics of ant bites”. Once the front begins to SAG on any one direction, they throw in all available reserves and even manage to agree with each other. As a result promising the onset of chokes that happened in Hama. Additional humanitarian problem may be that repelled the jihadists settlements inhabited mainly by Christians, with only one Christian city (Sadad, 100 km from HOMS) was retaken from the jihadists in all that time.

In General, over the past month government forces have clearly been able to find the strength and skills to put this tactic of the enemy to his advantage. So “Latinski pot” and temporarily give up – success in the Aleppo region appears to be much more significant.

At the same time on the Western front, government forces at the second attempt still took the city Gmem. This is a small foothill town that do not represent by itself a special interest, but allows you to reach heights from which you can control a strategic road that leads through Jesr al-Shughour in the Northern parts of the country. For two and a half weeks, a similar attempt was made a little to the East – through the town of Salma – with the active support of the Russian aviation. However, the specific terrain is not allowed during this time to master Zalmai, and the focus has shifted to Gmam. After the first capture of this settlement had to be abandoned, but now he seems repulsed if not forever, then for a long time.

Again, on this site Russian aircraft in recent years the most active, that is encouraging – the Syrian General staff managed to coordinate their major offensive effort and targeting for Russian aviation. In Game she used bunker Buster bombs that were very effective in foothill village, where the jihadists had built an extensive system of underground shelters and tunnels. At the same time Syrian aircraft periodically suffers losses, which is somewhat annoying, because it is not always clear what the funds hit their antiquated MiG-21.

The capture of Gmama, among other things, protect the interior of the province of Latakia from any front-line surprises. It is possible that this was predetermined by the barbaric shelling of the University in the city of Latakia, which killed more than 20 students and more than 50 were seriously injured. University “tishrin” is located on the southeastern edge of the city near the industrial zone, this is a very convenient target for such a terrorist army.

In principle, it is clear that as government forces advance on strategic parts of the front, the threat of terrorism will only increase. If before ISIS practiced suicide attacks right on the front line, destroying armored vehicles from government troops or strongholds, now it will go on firing crude rockets within densely populated areas, suicide bombings at shopping malls and public buildings, mining machines. Naturally, in such an environment will require enhanced protection of Russian military facilities, while the military action requires an increase in the number of group of the Russian HQs.

Not so widely covered ongoing offensive in the direction of Palmyra (Tadmor), which operate mostly in special units. Success there is fragmented, because in this area there are practically no large settlements, and operations are reduced to a gradual seizure of the heights and areas of the road. So, the other day was busy with the height of the al-Gial, which was defended by mostly foreigners, presumably, natives of North Africa. The government army does not have enough trained commandos and helicopter pilots to ensure a landing in the depths of the wilderness and the subsequent retention of this bridgehead, and the attraction of, say, Russian special forces is not planned.

“Tactics bites” means that virtually the entire front is exposed to continuous small-scale attacks ISIL, which has to respond in real time. So, for the past few days the ISIS tried several times to get through to the airport of the city of Deir ez-Zor, where the next positions of the extremists are in line of sight. Deir ez-Zor is one of the main points of application of forces of the Russian aviation. While here the “turnover” is quite high, because it is perhaps the maximum distance from the base Hmamin that limits the Russian planes in the selection of weapons. But in General, the situation in such remote parts of the front stable, ISIL no longer has sufficient logistical forces to endlessly move from one site of front on another, especially at the secondary direction.

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