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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

“Caliphate” has launched a wave of terrorist around the world

The kidnapping of foreigners in the hotel in the capital city Mali became the next terrorist attack carried out in recent days in the world. In a special operation about three dozen people killed. And again the responsibility for the attack claimed by radical Islamists. Can the “Caliphate” to start the all-out terrorist war against their enemies around the world?

In the attack on Friday morning, militants in the Radisson hotel in Bamako took hostage about 140 guests and 30 staff.

“In Africa every day to organize attacks on “the Sheratons” or popular among Europeans restaurants”

Among the foreigners were Africans, and citizens of France, Belgium, the USA, Turkey and China – it was reported, however, that the terrorists had released those who were able to read passages from the Koran: so managed to get some of the Turks. The hotel was immediately cordoned off, after which began the operation on his release, which involved the French military, and even us special forces. As a result – about 30 hostages killed.

This is not the first attack on foreigners in Bamako this year – in March were shot by the visitors of the restaurant (were killed including employees of the UN mission) – and not the first terrorist attack in Mali in recent months. In March, fired at the UN mission in Kidal (three killed), and in August was attacked the hotel in the city of Sévaré, home to foreigners working for the UN, and during the release of the hostages killed 13 people. Then responsibility on itself took the Islamist group “al-Murabitun” acting in the countries of the Sahara – and this time, after the storming of the hotel, said about his involvement.

“Al-Murabitun”, formally considered to be Algerian, has grown from “al-Qaeda of the Maghreb”, but in may this year pledged allegiance to “Islamic Caliphate”. So we’re dealing not only with a purely Malian or Maghrebi history, but with the continued wave of terror rising in recent weeks. Can the “Caliphate” to start the all-out terrorist war against their enemies around the world?

As before, “al-Qaeda”, now the “Caliphate” has many allies throughout the Islamic world. Increasingly it’s not just an isolated extremist groups, and organizations that control specific territory. After the Declaration last year of a “Caliphate,” many Islamists have started to swear allegiance to the Emir al-Baghdadi – from Central Asia to Egypt, from the Philippines to Nigeria.

And it’s not just grouping. The same Boko Haram controls large areas in the Muslim North of Nigeria, the largest population of African country. And in the North of Mali three years ago by the Tuareg in General has been proclaimed Islamic State Azawad, it went to the establishment of an Islamist regime in Bamako, which, however, interfered with the conflict between various Islamist groups – and not to lose Mali, Paris went for a military intervention.

“Al-Qaeda” and “Caliphate” are fighting among themselves in Syria and Afghanistan – but even in Syria, various local groups, especially built on a clan-ancestral principle, sometimes change their affiliation. In other countries belonging to one of two ‘global projects’ are generally more dependent on power struggles within the leadership of Islamists and does not matter.

And in General there are serious differences between the “Islamists Zawahiri and Baghdadi Islamists” do not cancel that they have a common enemy. And beat it will the two organizations. And as the enemy are all countries non-Muslim world from the West, fighting against the “Caliphate” to Russia, “oppressive Muslims” and is at war with the Caliphate, or China, just “oppressing Muslims”.

This in any case does not negate the war between Islamists and the governments of Islamic countries actually, but now, of course, more attacks on “infidels”. Especially in those States where they, like the French in Mali, has recently distinguished military aggression. Given that it’s the same in West Africa fighting against the Islamists are in several countries, and everywhere with the greatest participation of France and the United States, designated for future attacks on foreigners easy to predict. This and the Niger, and Central African Republic, and Chad, and Nigeria. Problematiska Islamists in control of several areas in Libya and Algeria – but there has long been no foreigners, and attacks are possible only in the form of raids like the one that was two years ago in Algeria against Western oil workers.

For maximum effect the Islamists, of course, it is best to hit the West and Russia directly – but to organize terrorist attacks in Europe and especially Russia is not so easy. It is much easier to organize terrorist attacks in the Islamic countries of Asia and especially Africa. The Philippines and Indonesia, of course, a lot of foreign tourists but local army and police are fighting Islamists are exactly the same as in Egypt.

Therefore, in these countries we can expect more attacks on foreigners with the purpose of hostage-taking or mass murder, and attempts to organize terrorist attacks like Sinai – explosion in airplanes or hotels. And in Africa every day to organize attacks on “the Sheratons” or popular among Europeans restaurants.

If the “Caliphate” with the help of their allies and sympathizers will be able in the near future to organize a series of terrorist attacks in several countries of Africa and Asia, it will create a picture according to the degree of intimidation is not inferior to organised them “videoerror” executions of hostages. White kill in Africa is not just scare the Europeans from resorts or high-paying jobs in the former colonies, will influence Western public opinion against military action against ISIS, but also will raise popularity of a “Caliphate” among radical forces in the third world.

Many African States are on parole. To preserve its influence there, the West had simultaneously and to control local elites, and resist the growth of foreign influence – whether it be Chinese, or Libyan Islamist. Dissatisfaction with the behavior of the West in Africa is a complex character – and at some point, no really good things, like international aid programmes and development would not outweigh the accumulated claims.

With the increasing war with the “Caliphate” of its asymmetric terrorist the answer is to buy more sparsely distributed, being sprayed in the area from Sinai to Paris from Bamako to Bali. This should be ready – the already ongoing war will become increasingly global in nature.

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