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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Scientists have simulated the space at Baikonur”

Testing of large space vacuum began at the Baikonur cosmodrome. Recently there was completed reconstruction of a unique in the world of vacuum property.

As have informed “MK” in Corporation “Energy”, the camera was originally designed for testing the orbital spaceship “Buran” in the 80-ies of the last century. It has also been tested in ships “Soyuz”, “Progress”, the basic module of the ISS Russian segment “Zvezda”, communication satellites “Yamal” and other space vehicles. However, over time, many units of the camera are outdated, need replacement. Experts of RSC during the renovation replaced all the equipment of the complex, the total of which now stands at 1515 cubic meters, which is about a third more than the volume. Length – 10 meters height – 11 meters. The increase has been achieved at the expense of uvarivanie in the case of the new vertical camera horizontal 17Т523 the housing of the vacuum chamber WU-600G, never put into operation at another site. Also, now has new vacuum pumps, seals, elements of the cooling system, and the analog control unit is replaced by a complex electronic. The camera body and the cradle to download the products also passed the recovery procedures.

– After the reconstruction, the camera allows for leak testing of any products of space technology that can be created in the foreseeable future, says Deputy head of RSC Energia Eduard SHCHERBAKOV. – Including those that require high purity. These can be satellites of Earth remote sensing, space vehicles special purpose, automatic interplanetary complexes, manned ships, new modules for the ISS, etc. the products Range is very wide. Any suitable dimensions of the apparatus may be tested in this cell with high quality and without risk of contamination.

In the camera creates the same pressure on all elements of ship design, as in the present orbital flight. No leaks or other compartments, if available in the test device, is immediately recorded in the camera with special sensors. This allows to assess the mechanical interaction of elements prior to launch and to look, how to behave in this design, the vacuum of space.

A converted camera is already successfully carried out the first tightness test of the cargo transport vehicle of new generation “the Progress of the MC-02”, the launch of which is scheduled for the end of March.

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