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Saturday, January 20, 2018

“Returning from Syria, the pilots talked about the hardships of war”

The first group of fighters arrived Thursday from to the airfield in the region. Crews were met with a VC commander in chief Viktor Bondarev, relatives and friends of the pilots and the residents, who wanted to personally greet your fellow heroes. The meeting was attended by the correspondent of “MK”.

Photo: mil.ru/Ольга Balashov

Military airfield near Voronezh morning resembled a disturbed beehive. Hundreds of people with flags, balloons and flowers awaited the arrival in their native land multifunctional fighters su-34. Women and children did not hide emotions – I laughed and danced on the runway. The men behaved a little more restrained – the military parade lined up in boxes and waiting, and civil discussed the nuances of service in the hot spots.

Finally appeared in the sky a few dots. “Drying” began to come in for a landing, however before the landing aircraft passed over the airfield in front of air formation at low altitude, thereby welcoming greeters.

As told “MK” one of the greeters officers, air crews taking part in the relocation, the day before at the airbase Hamim began preparing the aircraft for departure. The aircraft carried out flight without ammunition.

Returning from Syria, Russian pilots are solemnly met in Voronezh (5 photos)

One by one the planes come in for a landing, taxied on the runway and stopped a few meters from the spectators. The pilots immediately hit the dense ring. A few of them with shouts of “hurrah” and “good fellows” began to throw into the air. Finally once on the ground, the pilots tried the traditional “bread and salt”, and then a little confused from the large number of people, shook hands with the colleagues and kept answering the journalists ‘ questions. According to the chief of the air group, flight was in staff mode, without incident.

VC commander-in-chief Viktor Bondarev with difficulty made his way through the crowd greeting, and hugged the officers. After such a stormy meeting at the airport the meeting began.

As Bondarev said, “Today we met the pilots in our native land – the main part of the aircraft grouping is the decision of the Supreme commander, and we execute it in accordance with the order in a timely manner.” Five months children performed the tasks in Syria, and formed a group was August 1, 2015 and almost after 1.5 months it has already started execution of the task.

He stressed that the work of the Russian pilots was well-calibrated, every object by which he was beaten, repeatedly tested means of reconnaissance.

“The task is executed with success, the most important thing that they are completed on time was not – I repeat – bombing not on purpose,” – said Bondarev.

Returning from Syria, Russian pilots are solemnly met in Voronezh (5 photos)

Commander recalled that due to the treacherous actions of the Turkish side, the Russian space forces have lost in Syria, one pilot – commander su-24 Oleg Peshkov.

“Of course, to make such a loss is impossible, but after that pilots with renewed vigor and energy he revenged for the life of his friend,” – said Bondarev.

He said that the pilots of su-34 arrived from Syria, after a short rest will be again ready to perform any assigned tasks.

“Get some vacation and will continue to train,” said the commander in chief.

In turn, the senior pilot of the air group of su-34, who returned to Voronezh, said that the pilots are ready for any combat service.

“It was hard, but we managed crews and aircraft did it. And we will fulfill any order at any point of the planet,” he said.

“Thank you for this holiday, because coming back home is always a celebration – especially the return with such serious results that have been achieved. We, like any other VC soldiers, will always honour and dignity to follow the orders of the Supreme commander,” said the pilot, addressing the gathering at the airport.

The first group of Russian aircraft, including Tu-154, took off from an airbase Hamim toward Russia. Video published on the website youtube.com user-the Russian defense Ministry.


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