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Monday, February 19, 2018

“Putin has warned the interior Ministry about the alcoholics, migrants and criminals in the government”

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke on Tuesday at the expanded meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of internal Affairs. He stated that in 2015 the number of crimes increased by 9%, and stated that the Ministry has not yet reached a qualitatively new level of work. He called to prevent the arrival of the criminals in power at the time of the autumn elections, to pay attention to the issue of migrants and to take control of alcoholism and drug addiction.

photo: kremlin.ru

“As before, remains unsolved almost every other crime”, – said the GDP MIA employees. According to him, increasing the number of crimes committted by 3.8%. The number of street crimes have also increased by 9%.

One and a half times increased the number of offences committed in a state of alcoholic and narcotic opania, disappointing data has led Putin. He called on the police to keep such people in the risk zone, in the field of view.

On the other hand, the President noted that law enforcement officers have reduced the number of grave and especially grave crimes – murders, rapes, robberies, assaults. The clearance rate for such crimes has also increased, Putin said.

He noted that while the Ministry of interior have not reached a qualitatively new level of work and basic task that was put on the Board last year, has yet to be resolved, the correspondent “MK”.

The President demanded to regroup forces, to strengthen the application of technical tools and rely on the assistance of the public in the fight against street crime.

The head of state asked to focus additional efforts on the detection and investigation of economic crimes, in particular, raiding. “Your task is to reliably protect criminals from the state’s interests, interests and property of citizens, including those who are honestly does business,” he said.

Putin has set the task to police officers at the enlarged meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of internal Affairs (7 photos)

The next task set by the head of state at the Board — to ensure public order during preparation and carrying out of uniform day of voting. Meanwhile, Putin demanded to identify and hard to block any attempt by criminals to get into power.

In addition, GDP has warned that Russia could sharply rise to the problem of migrants, which in our country millions. He demanded not to allow that in Russia something similar has happened, what is happening at the EU borders.

Also in his speech the President noted the subject of corruption, stating that statistics show a decrease in such crimes. Putin warned that if it’s a real picture, thank God, but if it is the result of reduced activity in this area, it is not the goal to which we aspired. “On the contrary, work in this direction should be strengthened,” – demanded the President, explaining that it is necessary to improve the situation in the economy and enhance confidence in the authorities.

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