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Friday, February 16, 2018

Homosexuals has split the Ukrainian government

The initiative of the government of Arseniy Yatseniuk to Ukraine to legalize same-sex partnerships a year later caused grumbling not only among the opposition but also within the ruling coalition, whose leaders first promised Ukrainians that the integration into Europe of the introduction of gay marriage would not require. However, Kiev’s leaders urgently need to regain the location of the EU, and options for this a bit.

The initiative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the legalization of same-sex partnerships and irrelevant splits in the society, said on Friday, “Ukrainian news” the first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on human rights, national minorities and interethnic relations Valerii Patskan (“Block Poroshenko”).

“As a father of three sons do not see the future of the country in which at the state level supported by similar European ‘stuff’

Patskan has not excluded new “wave of protests” about it. “Such sharp bills, as an example the amendment on the prohibition of discrimination in employment on the basis of sexual orientation, need a long time to speak at the round tables with the public, with all faiths. And only after all realize that there is no threat to our religious traditions and family values, can be taken,” he said.

On the eve of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine announced “an action Plan for the implementation of the National strategy in the field of human rights for the period till 2020”, which contains a draft law on the legalisation of civil partnerships, including for same-sex couples.

The sexual revolution of the 17th year

“To submit for the consideration of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the draft law on the legalization of registered civil partnership for different-sex and same-sex couples with regard to property and non-property rights, including ownership and inheritance of property, maintenance of one partner by another in case of incapacity, the constitutional right to refuse evidence against the partner”, – stated in the plan. The term is named after the second quarter of 2017. The document also promises to transgender people the right to adopt children, and that the decision of the Ministry of health should be commissioned in the fourth quarter of this year.

“The reaction of the Parliament will depend on the quality of the accumulated document. If it is to incite the mood in society, this issue never goes away – predicted Patskan. – If it will be some regulation, for example, property, rights, relations in civil law, we can pass”. Thus the Deputy has unexpectedly added that the EU never demanded that Kiev such legalization.

“The European Union we have nothing and does not require, confirmed the newspaper LOOK Director of the Kiev Center of research of civil society problems Vitaly Kulik. – He only “recommends”, but this recommendation is binding. In November this issue was one of the elements of the “big package” that truly was one of the conditions of the visa-free regime. Today we have a whole case of homework, which Ukraine has not yet fulfilled”.

Since there are obligations to the EU, the government could not introduce such a bill in his plan, explained Kulik. “But another question, whether his Supreme Council. Society is not ready, not ready and some political forces. But it is a question of tolerance so that society should be prepared. Therefore, political power can step on a throat to an own song and be forced to support. I think in the end, the Verkhovna Rada will fulfill all homework assignments and will vote even for such an unpopular decision, as same-sex marriage,” he predicts.

As explained Kulik, will not equate to marriage men and women with same-sex marriages, only allow gay couples to enter into a different, simplified version of the civil partnership. “Living together in civil marriage are entitled to equal share of joint property when partition, if there are witnesses and other necessary evidence, – said the expert. – That will remain current, customary marriage and added that this Institute”.

Yunkerova rebellion

We will remind, in November the Parliament and then President Petro Poroshenko approved amendments to the labour legislation prohibiting infringement of the rights of sexual minorities when hiring. In the Parliament during the voting for these amendments arose disputes and even fights. The law was several times put to a vote, but each time gleaning votes. To take it was only after promises of speaker of the Rada Volodymyr Groysman will never allow gay marriage. “If there are any fakes who say that Ukraine can be at least some same-sex marriages, God forbid, to happen, and we are never going to support,” he said from the podium.

As reminds RIA “Novosti”, the Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Onufry (Moscow Patriarchate) warned that “such innovations can become the first step to propaganda in Ukraine homosexual lifestyle and attempts of legalization of same-sex unions”.

But in early March, the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker suddenly announced that Ukraine in the next 20-25 years still can not log neither in the EU nor in NATO. In response Kiev, many commentators have suggested that the statement Juncker is designed primarily to calm public opinion in the Netherlands. It is known that on 6 April there are scheduled referendum on the fate of the Association of Kiev and the EU. Earlier the press reported that the EU decided to link the outcome of the referendum and the issue of visa-free regime for Ukraine. If the citizens of the Netherlands at the plebiscite will oppose, the government may reconsider its decision, said Amsterdam, who has already managed to approve the agreement. By the way, on Friday Poroshenko and Juncker on the phone “agreed on further steps” for visa-free regime.

The “Dutch disease” of Ukraine

As you know, the legalization of same-sex marriage was not a strict condition of Brussels with the introduction of a visa-free regime with other countries. So, Georgia has promised a visa-free regime this year, while the Georgian public opinion and Parliament strongly reject such initiatives.

Nevertheless observers do not exclude that the Cabinet of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, announcing the legalization of gay marriage, tries to play the public opinion of the Netherlands, where similar ideas are widely popular.

“I don’t know sexual orientation Patskan, but I do know that we have a desire to please all who can help – not Ukraine, and that the government and the President to remain in their posts. Today they will be jumping and to Holland, and to whom you want”, – said the newspaper VIEW Verkhovna Rada Deputy Yevhen Balitsky (“Opposition bloc”).

He doubts that the ordinary people of the Netherlands will approve the referendum on the Association agreement. “I do not think that my country – my beloved Ukraine is needed by someone in such a state. Sorry! They need us not the dead, but when the poor and needy, hence was cheap to pump resources,” said balitskii.

“As a father of three sons I do not see any future for the country in which at the state level are supported such ‘stuff’. In this case, with Europe to follow the example does not need us – Slavic countries. Not want in any way to offend anyone, but today we have far more other serious issues to deal with such garbage! – outraged balitskii. – This is just an attempt to divert attention from the real problems that sowed the current government that has brought the people to poverty, plunged us into conflict with our neighbors, made a split in society”. As such, the problem of homosexuality, according to the Balitsky, there is no.

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