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Sunday, February 18, 2018

“A socialist with a human face”

Oh how I live in — the worst, in my opinion, President Jimmy Carter, and I do not remember it, at least do politologists on a regular basis by publishing in local journals its analytical actualce. Judge for yourself: the fight for the White house in full swing, and among the favorites of Republicans and Democrats — not establishmentin the candidates nominated and approved by particratie, and in person. In our opinion, two white ravens. Despite the fact that both are two complete opposites. One to the left of the political mainstream, socialist Scandinavian bottling Bernie Sanders, and the other quite the opposite, right: extravagant billionaire narcissist Donald trump. Here it is: the discreet charm of socialism — and indiscreet charm of capitalism. And as with trump I the reader “MK” nodding already acquainted, we will talk about a socialist with a human face, which breaks into the White house to make a revolution in America and lead her to the gaping heights.

photo: AP

The candidate for US presidents from Democratic party, Bernie Sanders.

The pied Piper from Brooklyn

Does he have a chance? What’s more, if your fiery speeches this passionary leads the American masses, as when the pied Piper — pied babies. Something infantile in the Americans really are. Even Bernie Sanders reminds Russian revolutionaries — and not just because odnovremennogo with them origin. Only if they were first-generation small-town “people of the air”, he is the second born in a family of Polish Jewish immigrants and still didn’t get rid of the Brooklyn accent. And then say: international ideas put down in it national feelings. Several months of work in the kibbutz did not affect his Outlook, and he went there not as a religious Jew, staunch Zionist, or neither in one eye nor one nor the other, but only to look at socialist device. As not made him a fan of the Soviet system, a honeymoon spent with his second wife Jane O Measure in Yaroslavl, the twin city of Vermont city of Burlington, VT, where Bernie was three times elected mayor and by the prestigious magazine U.S. News & World Report listed as one of the best American mayors.

In Vermont he is still the legendary status of a folk hero is the defender of ordinary people and Herald of social equality. Vermont was several times elected Congressman, and then Senator as an independent MP with a socialist bias. In the Democratic party he joined only last year, and we are forced, Willy-nilly, targeting the White house and continuing to adhere to their socialist ideas.

At first, Communist party leaders, no one took his candidacy seriously, especially since it was a reliable and proven candidate Hillary Clinton, and she’s already visited the White house two full terms, albeit in a ceremonial role as first lady, and then another, a 4-year term in the Obama administration, as Secretary of state. On this experience she and her supporters and cited as a major plus in her biography, but her opponents are headed Bernie Sanders put it, on the contrary, in the negative, because the concept of “WA” (not as topographic and as a political concept) is now for the majority of the American electorate, regardless of party affiliation, negative. Even its main trump — husband Billy Clinton, the former President, who is actively involved in her campaign — the perceived benefits became apparent disadvantage: first, as a speculation, secondly, as an anachronism and naphthalene, thirdly, finally, we’re still a Republic, and the dynasty we are not so desperately.

The challenge to the political mainstream

Both people from the side — a Republican businessman Donald trump, and without, the week, the Democrat, who does not hide his socialist views of Bernie Sanders — a benefit that was not part of the Washington power and behind them stretches the loop to the inevitable errors. Their popularity — including the nasty and reflects the disappointment of the electoral masses at the tops of both ruling parties — the senators, the congressmen, belogolova, including presidents. Here: the lower classes do not want, and tops can’t. A kind of low-level Allergy if you wish, on the tops. No, not on politicians and on politicians. And our heroes, let some people and they seem to be anti-heroes, — give them their due: not politikistoj. They defend their right to say what they think, and think what they say, let their thoughts and words are counterintuitive (Sanders) or the political correctness (trump). Both challenge the political mainstream of America.

In a democratic pair b. the first lady and b. top diplomat Hillary Clinton represents the past, while socialist Bernie Sanders for its revolutionary slogans calling for the future. They appeal to different parts of the body: it is to the mind, it is to the heart. What stronger call? Yet 74-year-old Bernie Sanders returned the interest in politics among young people, for which it is the undisputed leader and idol. In the first Caucuses and primaries they voted for him almost totally. For comparison: even popular among young people Barack Obama 8 years ago and was ahead among young voters (18-29 years old) in a primary election in new Hampshire the same Hillary Clinton 43%, but Bernie Sanders in the same “granite state” has broken all records and in the same age group won with a score of 92 to 8!

However, blue-collar, hard workers, labor America, regardless of age, most of them for Sanders. Even women who were supposed to vote for a hypothetical first woman President, was able to talk this septenary breed of fiery revolutionaries, and they went over to his side: young, up to 30, totally, but after 30 more than half for him, and only the ladies over 61 years, that is, in the age of Hillary Clinton, kept her faithful. In the whole state not just victory, but the triumph of the overtaking in a two-digit number. Then he lost a couple of States Hillary Clinton, and for the last few days she won four consecutive state!

The idealist or utopian?

Well young people: Bernie Sanders believes that all Americans have the right for education and College tuition should be free. The mongering? Yes, thoughtful proposal — by taxing transactions of banks. Very specific in their promises: an idealist but not a utopian, not don Quixote. Well, of course, Bernie Sanders is a principled and consistent defender of the interests of the working and middle classes from corporations and wall street, against social, labor and civil inequality.

On the televised debate with Hillary Clinton he is very energetic and, I would even say, aggressive falls on wall street as a whole and in particular on the “Goldman Sachs”, naming several Ministers and secretaries of state, including Hillary Clinton, appointees of the Firm, as they call this financial conglomerate in America and in the world. Not only that, the Company has invested multi-million dollar donations to the campaign of Hillary Clinton, but she paid 675 thousand for the three lectures for their employees, but the request to submit the transcript record of these expensive speeches Hillary never gave consent. In other words, accused the influential Ministers — including Hillary Clinton — that they take bribes hidden, and for that, after coming to power, defending the interests of corporations and fat cats.

Being a man of principle, he refused to Finance his campaign with large capital, in order to eliminate any dependence on contributors and lobbyists. Where did he get money then? Exclusively from private donations from individual voters. Not lost: collects “on the bench”, or rather, $27 with the nose and accumulates. Money flowing into his campaign and he is ahead of other applicants. Here is an example. “Goldman Sachs” donated to the campaign of Hillary Clinton $ 5 million and change, and billionaire philanthropist George Soros is more: 6 million. Mad money is our hero neutralizes easily with the help of individual contributions: one day on average 3 and a half million dollars. Even the financial issue is no one behind him to keep up. “That means a political revolution!” — proudly says Bernie Sanders. Well, he has every reason to be proud.

Exactly Bernie Sanders sets the energy and tone of polemic in the debates and wins them, judging by the reviews and polls. Needless to say, wall street — his horse, his diatribes against this political omnipotence of the global financial octopus have the support of the electorate.

As for his foreign program, two things struck me as deserving if not full agreement, at least attention and discussion. Bernie Sanders insists that the fight against Islamic extremists led the moderate Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, for which ISIS is a deadly threat: they have enough resources, and the cards. This, of course, given the tragic experience of running America’s overseas wars from Vietnam to Iraq. Not that nostalgic call to isolationism, but, in fact, why without a big need again to turn Americans into cannon fodder?

As if responding to the mantra of Donald trump’s “America will be great again”, Bernie Sanders strongly opposed the return of America on the world stage as an international policeman. I interpret this point of his political concept of expansion, not only in military terms. Let’s say, the obsession of America with the export of democracy, which does not really Muslim countries, but quite the opposite. I’m not saying that Libya under Colonel Gaddafi or Iraq under Saddam Hussein was much more stable formations than at present, and no “al qaid” and “ihilov” there was no trace. No, not a pacifist, if he supported the bombing of Yugoslavia and voted for the war in Afghanistan, but against the Iraqi adventure. In the absence of patriotism couldn’t blame him, but he’s intelligent patriotism, not mindless.

Lower the mounts to the address of Bernie Sanders, he too left. Well, first, no to the left of Barack Obama when he was elected President, and the White house to anyone Boca snag — I mean, will move to the center: that Lefty Obama that right-hander Ronald Reagan. Secondly, leftism Bernie Sanders — more in household chores, like free College for all Americans was education. And, finally, third, I already proved to the readers that judge the presidential candidates over ideological barriers by publishing this newspaper is quite priznannoy an article about Donald trump, and he to the right of the Pope any longer!

Why not submit that to the finish line ahead of all the others, two people come by, two antipodes — billionaire Donald trump and socialist Bernie Sanders? What a contrast, what a drive, what a drama!

New York.

Vladimir Solovyov — American writer and political analyst of Russian origin, the author of many books translated into 12 languages. In the Moscow publishing house “RIPOL classic” in April he published his new book “Donald trump is the mirror of the American revolution. How do presidents in America.”

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