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Thursday, January 18, 2018

“Why Putin ordered to withdraw troops from Syria: experts named the reasons”

Vladimir Putin to from , the Russian military grouping: this process will begin March 15. The President made the corresponding statement at a meeting with foreign Minister Lavrov and defense Minister Shoigu. About what are the for the decision of the President, we talked with analysts.

photo: kremlin.ru

Before the announcement of the withdrawal of our military from Syria spoke by telephone with Bashar al-Assad. On the Kremlin website reported: in conversation, the talk was that the Syrian truce to radically improve the situation in the country, the actions of our pilots has dealt a heavy blow to the militants, so the tasks set before the Russian HQs can be considered solved. Bashar thanked Putin for the help and hoped that the upcoming talks with the opposition, which will be held in Geneva, will be productive.

Hmamin the Russian air base in Syria will remain, for the purpose of monitoring the implementation of the truce.

At a meeting with Ministers after the report, Sergei Shoigu about the success of participants in the operation in Syria, Putin also said he believes “the Syrian problem” Russia “in particular”.

Foreign policy has not yet commented on the decision of the President, however, according to reports from the US, expected a phone talks between Putin and Obama.

We asked the experts about how they view the decision of Vladimir Putin.

Boris Makarenko, a political analyst, Chairman of the Board of the Center for political technologies:

The first parallel that suggests itself, is Mikhail Bulgakov, “Master and Margarita”: “a Session of black magic with its subsequent exposure”.

When brought in to Syria — the tasks that were assigned, was explained very vague, probably because they were a military secret. Now we learned that they are made — and again, don’t know why.

LIH (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization – “MK”) was and is, the territory controlled by the troops of Syrian President Assad, like increased not very significantly… Relationships in the U.S., if improved, are not yet very clear how, but the relations with Turkey, our nearest neighbour, spoiled for a long time and turn here not yet in sight.

Military expert, Colonel Viktor Murakhovsky:

– The decision of the President I support. The main tasks of the Russian group performed. Namely, let me remind you that when our troops entered Syria, the Assad regime was literally on the verge of falling. The fighting had been going on in the suburbs of Damascus, and was fired and the Russian Embassy.

Now under the control of Syrian government forces is 80 — 85% of the country’s territory. Also, just started the first since the war began humanitarian assistance to the population. Russia has sent about 700 tons of cargo, also in this process specialists joined the UN. Previously, they couldn’t do elementary, because shot. Besides, during the military operation, Russia has managed to reach several agreements with the U.S. on anti-terrorist activities in the world, and in particular, to exchange lists of terrorist groups.

Political Analyst Alexei Makarkin:

– First, it will not give our troops get bogged down in the Syrian conflict and not to become the bayonets on which Assad remains in power. We literally saved him, but now the Syrian President will need to take some political action to assign a part of government or any other positions with the opposition, to remain at the helm.

Secondly, the military presence will remain, as it is planned the withdrawal of most troops, but not all.. will Remain the point of the Navy (naval base in Tartus is “MK”), a number of aviation, which will outline our position in support of the current Syrian government.

But our troops will no longer have to engage in major operations of Assad. Such as the capture of Aleppo (this could lead to an escalation of the war, drawing in Turkey and other countries).

And thirdly, it’s a sign of the Arab countries – the more so that Russia now leads the complex negotiations on the freezing of oil production. And the situation is rapidly changing. For example, if earlier it seemed that with Iran we have similar interests, but now the country supports the opposition, Saudi Arabia and Vice versa is coming with us on contact. And with the Arab countries Russia relations are not simple, and such a step as the withdrawal of troops will allow them to start something new to build.

Read the material on “the Withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria revealed military secrets to Putin.”

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