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Monday, January 22, 2018

“To whom on a hand the terrorist attack in Ankara”

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has pledged to put terrorism “on the knees” in response to the brutal , which took place at the end of the weekend in . According to the Turkish Ministry of health, in the powerful blast, which occurred at the intersection of two traffic arteries of the capital, killed about 40 persons, injured over a hundred people.

photo: twitter.com

Local law enforcement officials believe that the attack was carried out by two suicide bombers with the use of a car bomb explosion. Vehicle was hit when passing the most crowded stop in the capital, through which routes are most coaches. Also nearby are shopping center and many shops. Turkish interior Ministry believes that the terrorists had specifically targeted the civilian population.

Local officials in conversation with the press has managed to blame the attack the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) — a group fighting, airstrikes in Ankara which deals on the North of Iraq. “Let our citizens do not worry: our state with the help of a wise Turkish people will bow to terrorist forces, who are fighting against the unity and brotherhood of our people,” Erdogan said, commenting on the attack. The Minister of justice of Turkey Bekir Bozdag wrote on Twitter that the explosion will unite the Turkish people.

“The electorate will rally around stronger Erdogan — says “MK” expert on Turkey Ilshat SAITOV. — He has two dangers from the point of view of electoral groups — religious Kurds, which it began to depart the last year or two, and Turkish nationalists, who because of corruption cases and the authoritarian tendencies of Erdogan lost interest in him. The war with the Kurds just makes them decide whose side they’re on. Religious Kurds, respectively, are forced to side with Erdogan, because the PKK is a terrorist organization of the Communist persuasion. They were in a hostile relationship. As for Turkish nationalists, the main point of their existence — a political confrontation with the Kurds. Thus, Erdogan rallies the people, and support is slowly growing. With the downed Russian plane was the same thing.”

According to the analyst, to blame Kurds and not, for example, the “Islamic state” (ISIS, a terrorist group banned in Russia. — “MK”) to the Turkish authorities now extremely convenient. “Blame someone profitable, — says Ilshat Saitov. At the moment Turkey has ISIS with cool neutrality. They are not fighting. Ankara needs now to rally the electorate within the country and to get some legitimacy for war with the “Democratic Union” (Kurdish party in Syria, which is recognized by the Turkish authorities, the political wing of the PKK. — “MK”). Interestingly, on the website of the U.S. Embassy in Turkey a few days before the attack was a warning of what could happen a terrorist attack. This is most likely reported by the Turkish authorities.” The expert notes that the IG assumes responsibility only for the attacks that can make him look. As for attacks in Turkey, the militants IG this at the moment.

“While Syria will not restore peace, to fight terror in Turkey will be very difficult, — said the “MK” political scientist, Professor of University of Economics and technology TOBB in Ankara, Togrul ISMAIL, because today the flow of arms just go from there. Turkey needs to prove that the branches of the PKK are not only in Iraq but also in Syria. USA, in turn, should act in relation to Turkey as an ally. You first need to secure international support, and secondly, to change the policy inside the country. That policy which was conducted in the context of the Kurdish issue, was erroneous in the sense that, on the one , there was a process of democratization, but on the other, leading such a policy, Turkey played into the hands of terrorist organizations. Talking with terrorists can be carried out. The error is that the terrorists gave to descend from the mountains to the cities. Impunity is bearing fruit”.


Terrorists “al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb” (an organization banned in Russia) attacked three hotels in the capital of côte d’ivoire. The gunmen fired at tourists on the beach, killing 16 people. Among victims — citizens of côte d’ivoire and other countries. Recently in Western Africa have been several major attacks. So, in November 2015, gunmen opened fire on a hotel in Mali. And in January 2016, the Islamists attacked a hotel and a cafe in Burkina Faso.

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