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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The module Huygens saw the fog on Titan

Planetary scientists from York University, analyzing the images of the Huygens module, suspected the existence of fog in the atmosphere of Titan. Devoted to the study of the Preprint, the authors published on the website arXiv.org.

Scientists analyzed data collected by the scientific instrument SLI (Side Looking Imager) Huygens descent module after landing on the surface of a moon of Saturn. Only specialists have studied 82 image.

Analysis of the images subjected to calibration, has allowed scientists to discover six pictures of horizontal features (brightness change), the structure of which differed sharply from the more monotone images of the surrounding atmosphere.

With a probability of 95 percent of scientists believe that the appearance of the recovered structures are not random in nature. The most plausible explanation for the phenomena scientists think the hydrocarbon fog that module Huygens managed to photograph it near the horizon.

The mission Cassini-Huygens is designed to study Saturn and Titan. Station 1 July 2004, went into orbit of Saturn. December 25, 2004 from the satellite separated probe Huygens, 14 January 2005 landed on Titan’s surface.

Titan — the largest of the 62 moons of Saturn. He is one and a half times larger than the moon in diameter and almost twice the mass. In the atmosphere of Titan is dominated by nitrogen with admixtures of methane forming clouds. Titanium contains many reservoirs of these hydrocarbons.

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